New Spy Shots: BMW X1 with M-Sport Package

Spy Photos | October 29th, 2010 by 8

A week after the first spy photos hit the web, an BMW X1 prototype with the M-Sport package comes back to focus. Building on the …

A week after the first spy photos hit the web, an BMW X1 prototype with the M-Sport package comes back to focus. Building on the great momentum gained in Europe, BMW will offer an M-Sport Package for the entry-level SAV, similar to the one found in the other X models.

The new package is scheduled to be available to customers by the end of this year.

Ahead of its unveiling, spy photographer managed to capture some shots of a blue X1 test mule carrying the M-Sport Package. The package includes the usual aerodynamic kit and M-elements such as M-front and rear bumpers, M Sport Wheels, M-suspension, M-steering wheel and other M-branded interior components.

New Spy Shots: BMW X1 with M Sport Package

The M-Sport kit will also be available in time for the US market launch of the X1 next Summer.

In the U.S., BMW will initially launch two models, X1 xDrvei28i and the twin-scroll turbocharged xDrvei35i.

[Source: MotorAuthority ]

  • Murph

    I actually like the X1 M Sport over the new X3.

  • viper

    there is no doubt that this car looks better than the x3


    This is definitely a huge improvement over the X3 by far. Glad to see it’s receiving a sports M tech package.

  • Alan

    Damn, the US will get the x1 35i, lucky bastards! :P
    Wish BMW will eventually bring it to Aus. :)

  • ed

    Where is X1 made? Is it made in Austria or US?

  • BMWfan

    X1 is made in Leipzig , Germany

  • Woo Hoo

    I suppose that for you ‘enthusiasts,’ this is a ‘throwback’ to the 2002 as well?

    Another downmarket vehicle. This anchor is going to bring the ship down with it.

    So long ‘ultimate’ and ‘exclusive’.

    X1M is next. Entry level urban cruisers

    • BIMMER1

      X1 is taking over where the e83 X3 left off. Since the E70 X5 grew so much to incorporate a 3rd row seat option, the new X3 is moving up market to fill the mid sized SUV void created when the e53 X5 went out of production. I know where you’re coming from, as I to am very frustrated with BMW completely ignoring their loyal enthusiast following. I’m very concerned about the “model bloat” that is going on. What’s next, a 4 door Mini sedan based on the 3 series? then the 5 series? Then another Sav built on the X3 platform? Then the next thing we know there will be 30 different Mini models and Mini won’t be so Mini anymore. If things continue on the same path BMW may find themselves to be the next GM 10 years from now. Many companies have tried to build a car for every comsumer in the world, none of them have succeeded.