BMW 3 Series GT comes back into focus

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After months of disappearing in the ocean of BMW rumors, the BMW 3 Series GT comes back into focus. Courtesy of the same restless BMW …

After months of disappearing in the ocean of BMW rumors, the BMW 3 Series GT comes back into focus. Courtesy of the same restless BMW insider, Scott27, more information come to surface.

As we reported before, BMW sees the 3 Series Gran Turismo as an entirely separate model from the 5er Gran Turismo which means the emphasis will be more on the dynamics and performance of the car rather than space and luxury.

Although the 3 Series Gran Turismo will share the same philosophy as the 5er GT and it will have a distinctive design when compared to the regular 3 Series model. As seen in the new 5 Series family and the 5 GT niche model, the bloodline will be there, but the details will be different.

The 3er GT is much lower and sleeker than the 5er GT. Customers for the 3er GT are entirely different from the 5er GT, especially with the car being a 3 Series in which the customer expects the best premium entry-level Sports sedan.

3gt rendering 655x344

Just an adventurous rendering

Quoting the same insider, the front end is expected to be somewhat similar to the 5GT, except the GT bloodline allows the headlights to follow the form of the 5er GT and turn upwards at the corners. The overall shape is said to be more flattering and angular.

The car has a high belt line that completely wraps around the car, therefore allowing the roof to be lower and sleeker.

The 3er GT build on the success of the 5 Series GT which has sold over 20,000 units since its introduction at the end of 2009. In the US, the 5er GT has already eclipsed over two-years combined sales of the 5 Series Touring.

While we find hard to believe that there will be any resemblance to the highly-acclaimed and then canceled CS Concept, BMW insider states the following: “Think of the CS Concept shrunk down for the premium entry segment and you get the BMW 3er Gran Turismo.”

On contrary to the report by Scott27, we learned that internally, the 3GT is referred as the “Progressive Activity Coupe” rather than the “Progressive Sports Coupe” labeled reported by the insider.

11 responses to “BMW 3 Series GT comes back into focus”

  1. Badger says:

    Makes sense. a longer bmw 3 series

  2. Vaybach Khan says:

    now thats a render ….:)

  3. Giom says:

    A shrunken down CS shape makes sense to me. The emphasis remains on luxurious long distance cruising. The more sporty nature, too, makes sense. Compared to the 5GT which is catering for the ultimate in comfort and space, the 3GT will be leaning over more towards sportiness.

    If any of this is correct, I believe BMW has another winner on their hands.

    Boy, I can’t wait for the Autocar thread: Whats the point of the 3er GT?! Like the thread thats still going: It’s still going after years of dissing the X6. They just can’t accept that it is a huge success for BMW (and prooving them wrong) – the same that will happen to the 3er GT!

  4. Andix says:

    If it is true, it should be called 3 series Gran Coupe instead :).

    • Laszlo says:

      its 4 door hatchback, not a coupe.

      “…A coupé or coupe (from the French verb couper, to cut) is a closed car body style, the precise definition of which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and over time. Coupés are often hardtopped sports cars or sporty variants of sedan (saloon) body styles, with doors commonly reduced from 4 to 2, and a close-coupled interior (i.e., the rear seat placed further forward than in a standard sedan) offering either two seats or 2+2 seating (space for two passengers in the front and two occasional passengers or children in the rear). Before the days of motorized vehicles, the word referred to the front or after compartment of a Continental stagecoach…”

    • Doug says:

      that would be a good idea. A height reduction back to E46 and prior generations, and ideal to base the next M3 on.

  5. FreudeKing says:

    They need to make the rear end of the current 5GT more dynamic instead of making it look like it has been chopped off.

  6. Kenee says:

    The 5 GT is the most talked about car amongst car specialists for what it has done. It has made every one think about designs and how to break the rules governing what is “normal”. I know of many who simply admire the 5 GT for being that different but still perfect BMW. the 3 GT will most certainly follow its path but will aim at the younger and less wealthy market. It will be the mainstream GT for the every day market. Why not given that there is always room for such an addition to the to the BMW growing family.

  7. kaleb says:

    so its pretty much a 4 door 6 series..

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