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BMW X3 | October 26th, 2010 by 11
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BMW’s Joy campaign continues and this time, the lead actor is the new 2011 BMW X3. Courtesy of BMW UK, we have a first glance …

BMW’s Joy campaign continues and this time, the lead actor is the new 2011 BMW X3. Courtesy of BMW UK, we have a first glance at a TV ad showing thew new, redesigned and reclassified X3.

Along with the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept, the new BMW X3 made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show. With an overdue design and lessons learned from its first generation, BMW began working on the second generation F25 X3 back in 2006. The winning design proposal went to Erik Goplen, Director of Creative Design at the California-based design shop, Designworks, the very same designer that penned the beautiful E46 3 Series Coupe.

Starting from the idea of designing a Sports Activity Vehicle with a family-oriented approach, Goplen penned the new X3 with his own family in mind and also as an owner of the first generation X3.

2011 bmw x3 m package 151 655x438Functionality, efficiency and dynamics are the core elements of the second generation X3.

This car caters to a more general audience, but still being true to the BMW heritage – handling and sporty dynamics.

Starting with the design and continuing with all the aero dynamics elements and the more fuel efficient engines, the marketing for the new X3 will focus primarily on EfficientDynamics, coupled with increased performance and a higher level of luxury, three important facts that BMW hopes will steer away customers from the Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLK.

To learn more about the new X3, please see our “First Look: 2011 BMW X3” article.

11 responses to “The new BMW X3 TV Ad”

  1. Russell says:

    I think this ad shows exactly what is wrong with the Joy campaign. You could have exactly the same ad with a Kia Sportage or a Hyundai SantaFe in it, and it would be exactly the same. There is nothing in that ad to compel a potential buyer to pay the extra bucks for a BMW. It is an ad for ALL SUVs. At least Sheer Driving Pleasure refers to why BMWs are better than GM or Ford products, just like Vorsprung dur Technic does, and “Engineered like No Other Car” did for M-B.
    If they’re making the Ultimate Driving Machine, then tell people so they might want to buy one!

    • Laszlo says:

      I agree 100% on this. The JOY campaign is a failure imho and does nothing to separate BMW from the rest of the crowd. I hope the decision to pull out of the current marketing firm and go with an another one will change this as well.

      This ad is particularly bad in the aspect that it does not show anything about the driving pleasure but the comfort. It tells people that if they buy this car/sav they will be comfortable and can have heat/cold still could be smiling. As Russell pointed out this is perfectly what Kia, Hyundai, Suzuki, etc. SAV makers advertises in their ads.
      BMW has been about the driving pleasures, it was THE drivers car. In this ad the driver is completely shadowed, you can not even see him/her. Its all about the passenger and the rear seat passenger.
      I’m sorry but this is not a good ad for a BMW. For me the best ad for a SUV is the new Cayenne ad. The guy wakes up and takes a morning drive in his SUV/SAV and arrives back to teh garage with a huge smile on his face. He has no passenger, no back seat driver and still smiles. It tells me he had fun even when he was driving the family SUV/SAV. The neighbor kid across the street fixing his bike and looking at the porsche with envy.
      Thats the ad about a driver’s car, not a family hauler which will give you heat and cold when and where you need it. In that aspect a Honda Minivan will do better.

      • Mark says:

        Ditto. I don’t think the JOY campaign is a bad idea, but I do think it’s been poorly executed in the case of this advertisement. Where’s the joy?

        If I were marketing this product, I’d want to show where the JOY is in driving a typical SUV. What is it that makes the X3 special? As I was watching this, I was saying to myself (like most of you) “this type of ad has been done SO many times before.” I’m not impressed. Someone should be fired for this one (and someone else for approving it).

        • FreudeKing says:

          At least I got to see the exterior of the X3, which is not great in any case – I think they would have done much better with the white X3 with the Sports package. The only glimpse of the interior made me feel like it is very cheap – which is not far from the truth, although the ad made it look worse. The only views that I remember were: the far right had side of the front facia full of black plastic with a piece of wood trim in the middle (absolute lack of taste and no effort on good colour combination like adding a trim between the brown and black – these two colours just don’t go together!!!) and the second snap was the view of the inside from the rear door, looking at the back of the front seats, which has a big piece of black plastic – I mean, not even the 1 Series hatch with beigh interior has a black plastic panel at the back of the front seats! These cost cutting people must all go and work for VW! BMW is about quality and style!

          • Marko says:

            That’s really disappointing to hear. I hope my opinion of it is different when I get to see one in person because I really want to like this.

  2. Giom says:

    On the set of the moon landing…lol. That was funny! (Fyi, I believe they did land on the moon…)

    Can’t argue with Russells remark. He’s got a point. At least, the song is good.

  3. Steve says:

    I don ‘t want it all, all I want is a small rear wheel drive two saloon with no traction control, and a lean forward nose with two kidney grilles, two round headlights and a hoffmeister kink, and two orange lit instrument clusters with an mpg meter. JOY isn’t having it all, JOY is having a simple dynamic beautifully crafted ultimate driving machine!

  4. Marko says:

    I have never liked the “Joy” campaign, simply for the use of the word in the marketing (“At BMW we don’t just make cars, we make Joy”…ugh, seriously?!) It somehow gives the brand a neutered identity. If I were to summarize the brand, its mission, and its drivers with one word, it would be “Passion”. I’m not suggesting the campaign should have been “Passion”, but to the enthusiast, it makes better sense.

    Honestly, the visuals of the commercial are captivating. They are demonstrating the versatility of the vehicle as well as variety of target demographics of the X3 in a go, go, go sense. It’s done in the same vein as the X1 and Vision ED Concept commercials which I like. To me, that is like seeing the same design language between the current lineup; you can see similar characteristics (short overhangs, Hoffmeister kink, Corona rings, etc.), but each vehicle remains distinctly unique. I very much like this and feel this was well executed.

    If you forget for a moment this is part of the Joy campaign, you’ll notice all the intricacies of the commercial and how it attempts to cover all the bases:

    – Winter to Spring: Suggests this vehicle is meant for all seasons.
    – Dad with young girls in upper middle class suburbia: Suggests you don’t have to drive a minivan when you have kids.
    – Mardi Gras girls whisking away business man: Suggests you life (read “car”) doesn’t have to be all business, but can be fun.
    – Young architect/engineer unloading trunk: Suggests young white-collar professionals should aspire to this vehicle.
    – 2 ladies shopping: Suggests it’s not just a man’s car, but a woman’s car with ample stowage.
    – City driving w Rain while passing by others (passed by BMW F800R): Suggests it is not intimidated by inclement weather or other drivers.
    – Drive along a lake beside bicyclists: Suggests the X3 is the means of escape from the hustle and bustle of the City.
    – Desert with no gas: Suggests this is a fuel efficient vehicle.
    – Lunar landing: Suggests the vehicle is “out of this world” and will take you over any terrain, even lunar.
    – Mountains with jumping skier: A nod to Xdrive and an active lifestyle. Full circle with the opening snow scene.

    If there was a smooth baritone-voiced narrator saying something like “Why live within the confines of automotive dogma? The new BMW X3: The Ultimate Driving Machine.” and lose the “Joy” tagline at the end, suddenly this commercial isn’t half bad.

    My question to everyone is this: What would better demonstrate this as the Ultimate Driving Machine? Speed? Hard-cornering? Highlight its technological superiority? Show off the vehicles quality fit and finish?

    • FreudeKing says:

      I would have preferred having a complete view of the dash and steering wheel, zooming in on the beautiful light elements and elegant styling (or try to convince me!) together with some shots on the quality of teh materials. Afterall, what BMW is advertising here can be done with any other 4X4’s like the Kia, Hyundai. And you certainly won’t feel happier just because it is a BMW, you will hawever feel happier becasue of well known features that BMWs have, and they are the things that I mentioned before – style, quality, good handling and this car certainly need to convince a huge majority of buyers in this market in my opinion.

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