Why is BMW testing an X6 xDrive35i with the X6M bodykit?

Spy Photos | October 25th, 2010 by 12
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It took us a few minutes just to come up with the title for this article since looking at the photos below, we were even …

It took us a few minutes just to come up with the title for this article since looking at the photos below, we were even more confused about this test mule spotted in South Carolina. Our friend and spy photographer Palbay spotted an interesting X6 prototype near the Spartanburg factory.

At a first glance, the car looks nothing more than an X6 with an M-body kit, but at a closer look reveal some interesting details and quite confusing. At its core, the X6 seems to be the xDrive35i model, with the dual-exhaust setup, the branding on the sides and the standard wheels. But on top of this bodystyle, BMW placed some aerodynamics and branding elements from the X6M.

The front-end sports the aggressive bumper with large air intakes, the side gills give the car the M look and the X6M badge slapped on the trunk takes our confusion to a new level.

bmw x6 m xdrive35i 7 655x400We are probably reading too much into this and this could be simply a funny joke by the engineers at BMW,  but nonetheless, it is worth acknowledging that BMW is famous for disguising their cars when they are just looking to test a drivetrain.

Maybe someone from the plant will chime in…

[Photos by Palbay ]

12 responses to “Why is BMW testing an X6 xDrive35i with the X6M bodykit?”

  1. Andrei says:

    How do you guys know the car is owned by BMW and not by some guy that put an X6M kit on it ? So what that it was seen near the Spartanburg plant ?

    • Laszlo says:

      that’s exactly what is it. It does not have a manufacturer plate like all BMW test mules, it has a private plate. It is most likely a worker who purchased the car with damages and put the M parts on it… or just simply bought the stuff and installed it on the basic 3.0. not a rocket science, many people did that. The //M emblem makes it tacky a bit.

      But the rest of the world can usually purchase a basic car with the //M body kit. I think that’s good for them and I wish we could do the same.
      I drove a E60 520d with the M sport package a few years ago. Sport suspension M body kit the whole thing, looked like an M5 and it was a 163HP 520d.

  2. anosios says:

    i think it is the facelift test…………………………………..isnt it?

  3. hhhp1 says:

    has to be a poser with a 35i and put M badges!

  4. ///M5Manny says:

    I saw this car on Friday when I was at the Performance center. The brakes are not the X6 ///M Brakes. There’s no way this is a M under development. It reallyis a 3.5.

  5. sutheshkumar says:

    This is part of the BMW Performance Package. Opting for that gives you the X6M bodykit.

  6. Murph says:

    Whoever owns this thing please replace your front tires before I end up on the same road as you!

  7. Parker says:

    I bet its a personal car. BMW wouldnt put badges on if they were testing, either take them off or cover them up.

    Plus the severly worn Dunlops up front prove that again.

  8. Murph says:

    I agree with Parker. However, H is right with this post. I was at the Spartanburg plant a few weeks ago and even at the front gate of the plant( I was dropping a press car with security over a weekend) they had a handful of very lightly disguised X6 test mules with covered badging. Each had a special serial number that corresponded to large, labeled binders/logs on the front seats so it was clearly some sort of test vehicle (albeit not outwardly obvious as to its modifications).

    It’s pretty common to see these sorts of cars floating around near production facilities.

  9. BIMMER1 says:

    This car has to be a factory worker. There’s no way BMW would go through the effort of putting the fenders/body kit/M badge/incorrectly placed 3.5 badge on a mule. Obviously this person eiother knows nothing or doesn’t care about BMW’s history and class. This is one ghetto ride, which the worn out tires alone prove. He’s probably got some Nankang tires on order from China as we speak. Way to go!

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