New Rendering: BMW 1M in Red Color

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In less than three months, BMW will unveil one of their most hyped and awaited vehicles in the past decade: BMW 1 Series M Coupe …

In less than three months, BMW will unveil one of their most hyped and awaited vehicles in the past decade: BMW 1 Series M Coupe or 1M, as many of us call it. 1M will join the M Division lineup and will replace the M3 as the company’s entry-level M model.

As seen in this rendering by AutoBild, the new 1M receives the LED treatment as the upcoming 1 Series Coupe and Cabrio facelifts. Interesting enough, this rendering shows a carbon fiber roof and even the magazine mentions the possibility of being offered as a factory-option.

Despite its looks closer to the 135i Coupe model, the new 1 Series M Coupe is almost an entirely different car. Almost every suspension part is different. The springs are stiffer and the dampers have less travel, the bushings of the trailing arms are changed from rubber to joint balls and some rubber ones are stiffer.

The suspension cannot be adjusted – also to keep the cost down. The front axle carrier is the same as in the 135i, but in the rear the one of the M3 is used.

1M AB CF 655x298

The body is lowered by 10 mm (0.4 in) and the track is approximately 30 mm wider up front and between 30 to 40 mm wider at the rear. The brakes are completely different from the 135i Coupe with M Compound brakes.

BMW 1M is powered by an engine based on N54 twin-turbo delivering 340 horsepower. Engine is matted to a six-speed manual. The new M makes its world debut at the 2011 Detroit Motor Show and it will be available in three colors: Alpine White, Jet Black and Valencia Orange Metallic.

3 responses to “New Rendering: BMW 1M in Red Color”

  1. Billy says:

    This is a new rendering? hasn’t the actual bumper been revealed already? they look pretty different to me

  2. txdesign says:

    Yeah this is a pretty dated rendering. The parts of the car that have been revealed look different and every pic so far has shown the CSL style spoke wheels instead of these awful turbine versions.

  3. Rob Evans says:

    Dear BMW:

    Congratulations on a very beautiful coupe. I love the red as it is my favourite colour. At 340 hp what features can anyone else ask for. On ny two previous BMWs I had a sedan but after a close look the coupe it looks very exciting.

    What is the time for 0-60 mph and what kind of mileage would I get in the city and on the highway? Remember that the Canadian gallon is larger than the U.S. gallon.
    Does this car come with adaptive tailights, adaptive front headlights, Bluetooth, and something similar to the GM special accident device that uses the satelites? Is it much smaller inside than the sedan. How much difference with respect to performance does this BMW 1M differ from the BMW M3? I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and would appreciate the rough cost of each to provide me with some idea of the difference. Please do no call my closest BMW dealer as I am only at the dreaming stage.

    Rob Evans November 20, 2010.

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