Yet Another Rumor: Next BMW M3 Sedan Replaced by Hatchback M3 Gran Turismo?

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BMW M3GT 0222 750x500 Yet Another Rumor: Next BMW M3 Sedan Replaced by Hatchback M3 Gran Turismo?

Roundel stirs up debate in the BMW world. In the latest issue of the magazine, an article around the BMW M3 Sedan being replaced by …

Roundel stirs up debate in the BMW world. In the latest issue of the magazine, an article around the BMW M3 Sedan being replaced by an M3 Gran Turismo has already begun to create controversy in the BMW world.

Following the same principle as the 5 Series GT, the designers are looking to create an M3 Gran Turismo vehicle that would be able to compete with cars like the RS4 Avant or Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG T-Modell.

It is not the first time we hear about the M3 Sedan being phased out in the next generation, but it is certainly a premiere that an M3 Gran Turismo is thrown into the mix. We have already learned that the company will be producing a 3 Series Gran Turismo vehicle when the new generation 3 Series launches.

BMW M3GT 0222 655x436 Yet Another Rumor: Next BMW M3 Sedan Replaced by Hatchback M3 Gran Turismo?

Just an unrealistic rendering by InsideLine

Despite being published and republished by respectable automotive magazines, we still advise you to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

InsideLine goes even further and creates an atrocious looking rendering of an M3 Gran Turismo, using as the starting point the current M3 Sedan bodystyle.

P.S. Ignore the license plate on the car.

[Source: Roundel via m3post ]
  • M6 fan

    Omg, that’s ugly!

  • Omar

    OMG.. that car is a crime to human vision

  • BMW_135_M

    Wtf? So ugly my eyes start to bleed.

  • jimmy

    this is the most stupid rumor I’ve ever read

    • Mateo

      hahahahahaahah, you got that right

  • n8n

    Damn it’s ugly hahahaha xD it was rendered by some blind guy or what? :D

  • Badger


  • Jacek Czmer


  • Marco B

    UGLY! BMW should just stop doing the hatchback thing…. the 5’er GT was weird enough but this takes the cake.

    M3 should be what it should be: a sedan/coupe.

  • osXcode

    BMW would never make something that ugly, that’s just a photoshop massacre of the current 3.

  • Vaybach Khan

    thats just some really bad render,how stupid u have to b to think this is the real thing…
    and im suprised horatiu ,u could put some better render come on…
    about rumor,its very good decision ,there just no need of sedan m3 if we have gt,which will be much more sporty then 5gt…that would be a great car…but theres big chance for m3 sedan too…time will tell

    • wazon8

      Well said, 3-er body plus 5GT rear end cannot be real thing. Someone could at least play better with proportions. The worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Horatiu B.

    Here is what I wrote guys: “InsideLine goes even further and creates an atrocious looking rendering of an M3 Gran Turismo” The emphasis is on “rendering” and “atrocious”.

    It’s just a rendering people, even if it comes out, it will NEVER look remotely like this. You guys know BMW can do better than this

  • Simon Dai

    The last 3 letters on the plate sum it up nicely! LOL

  • Efoza

    Perfect choice. Having already seen the 5 GT M idea being floated within BMW circles. the 3 GT M is only a natural move for those who cannot afford the 5 GT M. This would be perfect move by BMW given the standard 5 Gt’s huge success.

    • Doug


    • Wooo hoo.

      LOL, you and the 5GT,,,,

  • T

    Seriously , it is something being considered.
    The next GT variant for the 3er follows the design formula by the 5er GT, individual from the regular 5er but still has the DNA of the 5er.

    With the 3er GT This is BMW’s opprtunity to introduce something entirely different for the Premium entry segment. A facsimile of the 5er GT would not translate well for the 3er as Premium Entry customers like their sedans , coupes and Tourings more dynamic and more sporting. The 3er GT becomes much sleeker and lower than the 5er GT.
    It is based on the extended wheelbase 3er that will arrive in the Chinese market offering more space than the regular F30.
    The overall look of the car is similar to the outline of the original CS Concept Car bringing a new model to the 3er but enhancing the image of the 3er .

    3er GT and the 5er GT share the same bloodline so there is simularities in design details- such as a high belt line and headlights which flick up at the corners .
    The 3er GT loses the twin-trunk idea from the 5er GT and becomes a simple fast back with conventional hatch.

    When you see it (in Concept form) You will actually see why BMW are considering the M3 to realise this form,
    There will be no M5 GT.

  • Ben

    So BMW decided to compete with the Audi RS4 avant and Mercedes AMG C63 T but not the 4 door RS4 and C63? How lame is that. It is the same as admitting that it can’t compete in the 4-door segment against the competition.

    The last thing BMW needs to do is to add weight to the M3 such as in the case of the Gran Turismo.

  • ToddJames

    Leave the performance hatchback stuff to Subaru…..

  • Stanislav Nachev

    this reminds of the E36 3-series ti models they had back in the 90s

    • Doug

      Yeah, but that was just a 2-door hatchback, it was still low and sporty. This is not low and sporty. Actually, it’s good that you pointed this out, that’s *exactly* what they need to do here, not crossovers or clubmans or shooting brakes.

      • Stanislav Nachev

        hmm don’t the M cars have lower/sportier suspension anyway ? plus im sure they’d have a two-door version as well ?

        • Doug

          Sure, but the car itself is taller, from accommodating taller occupants and from the higher seating position. The result is more weight and higher center of gravity and just a larger car overall. It would have been great if the crossover models were unchanged aside from ride height and cosmetics.

          • Stanislav Nachev

            yea i hated porsche when they came up with the cayenne


    Owh my GOD that’s a NO from me! Look at the license plate (the three last letters) LAWL!

  • Tom

    Just a rendering everyone

  • Wooo hoo.

    Why WHY WHY?! WTF is BMW doing to themselves?!

    This vein that BMW has tapped into is a direction that I hate to see. More focus on ‘compact’ and hatchbacks? WTF is going on Here!?

  • using jquery

    the licence plate says it all, OMG WTF!

  • viper

    anoter crap designed bmw , that will probably come to life

  • Jaao

    HA, that is just HILARIOUS! Look at it, what a rendering, what an idea ROFLOL

  • StraightSix

    This has to be the ugliest rendering I have ever seen.

  • Kenee

    There is a lot of talk about the 5 GT and whether it was just a test run for BMW or not within the car engineering sector. many are now talking about the buzz created about a possible 5 GT M. Perhaps this is why this photo is appearing on a hype site such as this blog. I don’t know. What I have heard from some within BMW is that they are seriously considering the 5 GT M BUT it is unlikely to go ahead for reason of the current economic problems all over the world. Perhaps the plan is to save the fun bit for the 6 GT or GC whichever it will finally be called. As to a possible 3 GT M, it is more likely than not. After all, the feed back from all sale sectors of the 5 GT so far has been very good despite its photo looks.

  • kday

    its doesn’t look bad actually.

  • tweer

    Please do this just to annoy viper and his alter ego troll buddies.

  • Guest

    Looks like a potato bug

  • Viper

    well it doesnt look too bad