Spy Photo: Rear Bumper of 2012 BMW M5 revealed

Spy Photos | October 22nd, 2010 by 14
rear bumper bmw m5

Spy photographers and regular BMW fans can get creative and nosy. Alan, one of the readers at M5board, shared with us a photo of the …

Spy photographers and regular BMW fans can get creative and nosy. Alan, one of the readers at M5board, shared with us a photo of the 2012 BMW M5 rear bumper.

The test mule were spotted at the Garching testing facility in Munich and it showcases two premieres for us: one, the Blue Monte Carlo color that will be available for the new M5, and second, first look at the rear bumper design, uncluttered and out in the open.

As we approach the world premiere in March 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show, the M5 prototypes are slowly starting to lose their camouflage.

rear bumper bmw m5The surprising spy photo reveals the typical quad exhausts with a sculpted diffuser and central intake.

As seen in all the previous spy shots (see coverage here), the front-end sports the expected M trademarks with the usual aggressive bumper and larger than normal air intakes.

The new generation M5 follows the new design language introduced by BMW in the 5 Series Sedan. The design lines continue to flow from front-to-end and they become even more substantiated on the sides where multiple convex and concave shapes give the M5 an extra-dynamic look.

While built on the same platform, F10 as the 5 Series sedan, the M5 features wider fenders, giving the car more muscular and imposing look.

In order to stay competitive in the market, we expect the 2012 M5 to follow the steps of the latest 5er with base prices set at the same levels as the E60 models.

Thanks for the tip Alan (M5board)!

14 responses to “Spy Photo: Rear Bumper of 2012 BMW M5 revealed”

  1. viper says:

    now thats one boring REAR…the pipes look small as usual , the best rear however has the GT-R..those pipes look killer ..big too
    I think this car will be good on track and thats all , all the looks and luxury will go to E63 who in My opinion looks much better than 5er , E klasse in general is a total package , as I have driven it and I know.
    the only thing I look forward with bmw is the upcoming 6series and its versions (if they make it). its just boring with bmw. much more fun with audi tho.

    • wazon8 says:

      Jesus, small pipes?! Are you a child who put huge exhaust pipes as if the normal exhaust cannot deal with fumes? I bet that you drive 2.0 litre engine with exhaust capable to deal with V12. This is first time, I see somebody noticed such point. For information, e60 had high-rev V10 and there are some fumes to expel. Exhaust was not too small, it was just accurate. The same story can be said about this one.

  2. m3overthis says:

    yeah, since the image is so clear and all, i can easily see how you instantly discredit the entire car.

    then you say another is better (including luxury – whatever that means, since we are talking M division cars), that you have driven a E class car – and know also that it’s better than the next M5 – which isn’t even out yet. then, you say you like the 6 series – and then “much more fun with audi tho”.

    are you serious? you don’t even make any sense at all. whatsoever. none.

  3. viper says:

    meaning its much more fun with audi , than bmw , because if you knew me you should remember that bmw is 3rd place , mb audi then bmw , so I meant its much more fun with audi , never more than the daddy of cars but audi has way more interesting and more competitive line up than bmw , thats what I meant and I make perfect sense , the only interesting thing Im looking forward with bmw is 6series , the m5 is based on a ridiculously boring designed dull 5 series so m5 will be no difference . as I said comparing bmw and benz is senseless as most do , E klasse let alone E63 is light years ahead.
    bmw should be compared with audi , and audi would kick bmws arse

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Dude in a preformance car, its not about looks but Preformance. What if they fix the handling faults of the normal 5 series and it even out preforms like cars a thousand pounds less. You cant be so sure right now since we havent had this car tested yet.

      • Woo Hoo says:

        MOST of the people that CAN afford this car don’t care about performance.

        You ‘enthusiasts’ are the minority and NOT the target demographic. When are you all going to get it? BMW doesn’t care about you. They are going to deliver what sells! Like the POS 1er… it SELLS!

        • wazon8 says:

          If you’re right, why’s the point in going for M5 when you can get 5-er with M-optic package and almost nobody will notice the difference? Drivers of M-cars do care about performace, perhaps more than about the look, otherwise they could buy whichever cheaper version with M-optic.

          • Wooo hoo. says:

            M-Sport package doesn’t come with the side “gills”.

            If I were shopping for status, I would know enough to buy the real deal and not the ‘M-appearance’ package. However if I couldn’t AFFORD the real deal I suppose that the ‘appearance’ package would suffice. savvy?

    • plaxico says:

      well ,not even with audi, it should be compared with VW and passat cc is better than 5er , 3er

      Audi is a whole nother upgraded ,enhanced, enriched, progressed , improved, updated level for bmw and daddy is still of course THE DADDY

  4. Efoza says:

    I think this is actually the rear of the coming 5GT M which is being considered by BMW

  5. Vodolaz says:

    This photo was made by member of BMWCLUB Ukraine.
    Here you could see all his photos from that moment

  6. Woo Hoo says:

    Thisd will sell well.

  7. viper says:

    all bmwasskissers attention ur bmw m5 will suck

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