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Top Gear gives us a short and straight to the point review of the ALPINA D3 Lux edition. “Due to the complicated way Alpina orders …

Top Gear gives us a short and straight to the point review of the ALPINA D3 Lux edition.

“Due to the complicated way Alpina orders its cars from BMW – well, not ‘orders’, ‘gets’, because Alpinas are actually built on BMW’s production line – it’s impossible to spec BMW extras on an Alpina without paying a £1,500 ‘bespoke order charge’. Then you can specify to your heart’s content, and many buyers do.

But until now, the Alpina D3 Biturbo only came in one fairly basic 3-Series spec inside, with no nav. To get the nav, you had to pay for the system itself, and also pay that darned bespoke order charge. Which is why Alpina has introduced this ‘Lux’ version of the D3, which includes nav, Bluetooth, climate control and black high-gloss trim, but with no extra fee attached.
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As I said: complicated. But the message is this – at £33,950, £3,300 more than the standard D3, this Lux is the one to have. And this is one of the very best ‘real’ cars in the world. Remember it has the superb twin-turbo diesel from the 123d under its bonnet, fettled by Alpina to 211bhp and 332lb ft. The standard 3-Series doesn’t get that motor.

A tremendous machine then – fast, efficient, good-looking, big enough for most people and now with kit. Comes as an estate and a saloon. For complete ‘best car in the real world’ status, go for the wagon.”

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3 responses to “TopGear: ALPINA D3 Lux driven”

  1. bunker says:

    Dear BMWNA. Thank you SO much for discontinuing wagons, and putting the small engine in the last wagon you will sell here (E91). You’re too worried about satisfying the most niche-y of niche segments that you refuse to send cars here that people will actually purchase and drive.
    I hate you all, and I’m probably moving to the Audi brand.

    • Laszlo says:

      right behind you budy. Last “real” sport wagon was the E39 528iT. The E60 is better to left alone as that one was with 4wd only.
      Wagons are pretty cool and had they be available anything else but the smallest engine we would be buying it.

      • bunker says:

        I actually wrote to BMWNA last week asking them why I couldn’t get the twin-scroll turbo in the E91. I got some canned response back like, “please see our website for the models available” and then directing me to my salesman. I replied that their canned response was not helpful, in part because it wasn’t a sales issue but rather a marketing issue. BMWNA had no response to that either. Oh well. At least I was able to vent to the source. Made me feel a little better. But only a little…

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