Rumor: Outline of possible future BMW Concepts

Rumors | October 21st, 2010 by 12
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Without a doubt, this year, BMW news lived mostly under the stigma of rumors. Most likely the fault lies with us and other automotive magazines, …

Without a doubt, this year, BMW news lived mostly under the stigma of rumors. Most likely the fault lies with us and other automotive magazines, blogs and forums, but with the always-growing Internet, BMW insiders and sources have become more active and outspoken.

One of them is the now famous Scott26/27, an online character that has provided many updates throughout the year, some of them became reality while others vanished just as how they appeared. As any other automaker or large company, BMW has very seldom acknowledged or confirmed any of these rumors, but it has always been our duty to present them forward with the appropriate warning of inaccuracy.

Tonight, same BMW insider returns with a recap of some of the future vehicles and concepts that have been rumored this year. The usual “take it with a grain of salt” slogan applies here.

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The following is a breakdown of concepts being investigated and initiated. The majority of these concepts are aimed at three important sectors. These segments are classed as the UKL-Sub Compact , Compact and Premium Entry. It is these three segments that will showcase exceptional growth throughout this decade.

Research based on interviewing present and tomorrow’s drivers has shown that customers are looking for more use from their cars and more exciting concepts that are far from conventional.

Concepts investigated by BMW that can be made a reality by sharing cost effective modular platforms and technology across a whole family.

Compact determines the 1er matrix, and Premium Entry determines the 3er model matrix.

Megacity Vehicle
The name given to BMW’s four seater electric vehicle. A head of it’s time in concept , design , function , technology and construction.
Should the car be highly successful , BMW will extend the project with a cumbustion engine possibly from the Motorrad division. If embraced ,BMW want to add a small sports car using the same idea as the MCV.

UKL Sub-Compact
The name given to the UKL class which will see BMW introduce a small stylish city car using Front wheel drive, sharing a platform with the next generation MINI.

Progressive Activity Sedan (Gran Turismo)
5er GT , 3er GT approved for production. 1er under evaluation. 3er GT will be based upon the extended 3er Li platform for China, but the look is lower and sleeker than the 5er Gran Turismo, more like a fastback. The twin hatch will not be carried over.

Gran Coupe
Plans extend to the 6er Gran Coupe Concept becoming a production reality, but also looking at the concept for both the 1er and 3er. Especially since a 1 Series Sedan is not considered.

Shooting Brake
A design concept has been produced, based on the 6er Gran Coupe with four doors and typical “Shooting Brake” Split tailgate. Seen as a more premium alternative to a Touring , in which space is not a requirement.

A possibility for a 3 Series model and an unique interpretation of the classic 2002 Touring is being considered again with two doors.

In the scheme of things the Shooting Brakes are lower in height compared to the traditional Touring variant.

Sports Tourer
Family Activity Sports Tourer aims for the sub-1er , BMW Compact which is FWD/4WD.
Compactive Sports Tourer is based on the 1er and is seen as a larger hatch/wagon with space for five.

Advanced Activity Sports Tourer is based on the 3er and is a much higher riding Touring model with space for five plus two extra rear seats for seven.

In the height scale between the Shooting Brake and Touring models – the order is Shooting Brake, Touring and then Sports Tourer.

Sport Activity Coupe
It’s where the original X-Coupe morphed into the highly successful X6. So far X4 is the only one planned, but a similar concept will be introduced with the MINI brand, although it won’t be as identifiable as the BMW Sport Activity Coupes.

“Y” or “K”
Half “Z” , Half “X” hybrid – A sporty coupe with a commanding driving position and xDrive AWD. A modern BMW interpretation of the X-Coupe concept.

A small 2dr Sport Activity Vehicle based on the Y is a possibility.

The term K is to identify half “X” , based on the 1er , likely to spawn a possible MINI variant.

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