Electric BMW E30 3 Series racing a Tesla

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vst bi moto ev 630

Croatia-based shop VST Conversions took an 1986 BMW 3 Series E30 model and turned into a super fast electric car. The 1986 E30 323 BMW …

Croatia-based shop VST Conversions took an 1986 BMW 3 Series E30 model and turned into a super fast electric car.

The 1986 E30 323 BMW that serves as the test bed for VST Conversions has already seen its motors swapped and batteries upgraded. The current configuration features a pair of power packs using Headway cells sending their juice through a Zilla controller to a Netgain WarP11 HV series DC motor capable of pumping out over 500 horsepower at the wheels.

The car runs a quarter mile in just 12.1 seconds and unfortunately no details are available on the 0-60 mph run.

To measure its agile sprint, the fellows at VST Conversions put the E30 electric bimmer against a Tesla car. Surprising to some of us, the E30 took the win.
vst bi moto ev 630

Some cool videos show us what the car is being made of…

[Source: DIY Electric Car via Autoblog ]

7 responses to “Electric BMW E30 3 Series racing a Tesla”

  1. Malcolm says:

    That…. Is…. Awesome!

  2. Low pollution, high mileage, money saver vehicle are always hot cake demand in public. Electric car is one of them. Current generation prefer electric cars because it is low cost, fuel saver and eco friendly green cars with affordable price and also they can enjoy luxurious ride in it. Electric cars are plug-in battery powered vehicle which is easy to use and there is no need to worry about fuel. Electric vehicles reduce pollution and save ozone layer, which is the big headache for current environment situation.

  3. pimeto says:

    This is awesome, bravo! BMW rulez again!

    But for the electric cars… its not their time yet, i think!
    With the current cars, that will start going out, you save only the gas fuel money – nothing more!
    You have batteries that are unreliable and expensive, so on every few years (lets hope that they can at least hold to 5 years lifespan) youll have to change them. Thus the dealers will skin you alive, and that car will get very expensive.
    Also the environment pollution. OK, its clean untill you drive it but this raises the electricity consumption. Other thing is the batteries disposal, how about that ?

    Its kinda hard for me to believe that its the moment for electrical cars to get in. There is a need for a new concept for technology for electric cars, this – batteries, have been around for a century!

    And again, this is My personal opinion!

  4. Marko says:


  5. […] believe me, you can just go ahead and try it for yourself to see what happens. However, the E30 3 Series range wasn’t limited to the iconic M car as it had plenty of other offerings for enthusiastic […]

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