Fact: Thirteen different BMW 7 Series variants available at U.S. dealerships

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Thanks to a choice of two wheelbases, normal and long, and a variety of engine offerings, among others, there are currently thirteen different BMW 7 …

Thanks to a choice of two wheelbases, normal and long, and a variety of engine offerings, among others, there are currently thirteen different BMW 7 Series variants at your local U.S. BMW dealership.

Others factor driving the variety in 7 Series offerings include two drive configurations, rear and all-wheel-drive, and the B7 offering from ALPINA.

For the North American market, BMW introduced four gasoline twin-turbo engines. The entry-level powerplant is an inline-six powering the 740i models, followed by two V8s found under the hood of 750 models, and a high-end power unit, V12, that puts in motion the 760 models.

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The first-ever built 7 Series Hybrid comes to complete the extensive 7er line-up.

Sharing all options and amenities minus two extra cylinders, BMW’s 740Li returns to tradition with the engine configuration BMW’s are most famous for: an electric smooth inline-6, and in our opinion, will become the first choice for U.S. customers.

BMW has placed their N54 twin turbo inline-6 under the bonnet, tuned to produce 315 hp and 330 lbs-ft of torque in 740Li guise, plenty for the needs of most customers.

With an M.S.R.P. of $71,025 for 740i and $75,425 for long-wheelbase, we call these two a “no brainer”.

10 responses to “Fact: Thirteen different BMW 7 Series variants available at U.S. dealerships”

  1. Giom says:

    Man, this car keeps getting more beautifull everytime I see it!

    We have a lot less variants here in SA. I’m just greatfull for the ones that are available and for the substantial number of sales.

  2. bob says:

    The idea for this story probably came from the October 2010 issue of Automobile, p. 64, sidebar: “So Many Sevens”.

  3. ///M5Manny says:

    I can say that for all the years I’ve been with BMW (15+) the current 7 series line up is THE BEST ever. And I own(Daily Driver) what I thought to be the best(2001e38 740i Sport), but the current F01 really is the best. We’re selling tons of the XDrive 750li with ///M Sports package.

    • Laszlo says:

      I agree. yours was the best of its time and during the bungled e65. the F01 is a clear elevation from that horrible shape and finally in its elegant suite.
      The driving pleasure never missed, even the butt ugly e65 was a great car to drive, just a shame to look at.
      The F01 is a great car, still a bit nose heavy on the style but a huge leap away from the bungleism.

  4. Laszlo says:

    2 different v8 ? how ? the only difference I see is one is with a hybrid transmission (hybrid unit is between engine and transmission) and the other one is without.

    nevertheless there is a 7 for every needs and taste…. the European selection is even wider and they really have a no-brainer the 735d which is a great engine. 299HP and loads of torque with a 8 speed transmission its both economical and fast enough to be a BMW 7.

    The hybrid as usual is the pointless exercise, nor does it saves any money nor does it make the car better. Expensive, heavy, very complex and tacky imho. Sure to be a dead end compare to the diesels. it is more of a status symbol then any other cars from the BMW. The sole existence of that car is to show that BMW is on the green idea, but it fails to actually prove anything.

  5. Bill says:

    Why did BMW make the 550i the exact same as the 750i. What is the added incentive to buy the heavier and more expensive 7 if the 5 is the same – give or take an inch and a minor styling cue. I should trade in my 7 for the 550i. Give me a reason why I should keep it over the 5.

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