UK Survey: BMW Drivers Angriest On The Road

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bmw drivers 750x497 UK Survey: BMW Drivers Angriest On The Road

The BMW driver stereotype, techno-head, aggressive and ruthless, is once again the subject of some wacky survey. According to a study involving more than 3,000 …

The BMW driver stereotype, techno-head, aggressive and ruthless, is once again the subject of some wacky survey.

According to a study involving more than 3,000 motorists, more than half of all drivers said they had suffered a “bad experience” involving a BMW driver. Same survey says that “drivers who own the flashy German built cars are more likely to tailgate, flick the finger and speed than anyone else on the road.”

”Although the white van man still features highly on the list, he has been well and truly over taken by BMW drivers – who Brits consider rude, dangerous and bad tempered.

bmw drivers 655x329 UK Survey: BMW Drivers Angriest On The Road

BMW overtook ?white van men in the UK poll, and Audi drivers came in as second.

The survey goes on by mentioning some of the poll results and you can see the full report here.

In the mean time, we simply resemble these stereotypes, just as many others out there, and we continue to believe that temper, education and common sense are some of the factors driving “bad experiences” on the road, with less emphasize on the car being driven.



2.White van



5.Land Rover



8.Range Rover



Here is the funny series of Meet the Beckers

[Source: Telegraph ]
  • plaxico

    well …pimpled children and divorced 50something bald geezers!

    • Bradley Wint

      Who are you talking about? Mercedes drivers? Oh ok … I understand :)

    • Anonymous

      No a surprise, most BMW drivers are jerks! But I’m not a jerk.  In fact I’m pretty charming.

  • Hubert Jadczak

    Hahaha ;D JOY is BMW!!! :D

  • Terminator

    I’m surprised that Mercedes is only 10th…
    But I guess that’s because only grandpas drive a Mercedes.

    • tweer

      Most are Taxis in the UK.

      • XC


      • Bradley Wint

        Most Mercedes owners dont drive their Mercedes’ … so you can’t expect road rage…

  • StraightSix

    Where I live, jerks with Audis (If you wanna act important Audi is a must, which makes me want to vomit) are the worst.

  • m5afficio

    Kind of agree with the survey..
    Drive Bmw M5 – check
    Drive Fast – check
    Techo-Head – check
    Aggressive – check
    Flick finger – once in a while but im too usually too busy overtaking the slow driver to even worry :)
    WoW.. i guess i fit the stereotype almost perfectly.. i do however consider myself a decent person..

  • Tom

    sad to say but its completely true. especially here on long island.
    sad to say again, that i am involved in this stereotype.
    people; you see me coming – MOVE. ;)

  • Mike

    There are a lot of BAD drivers on the road, who don’t pay attention to anything else other than their friggin’ phone. I drive aggressively to get the hell as far away from them as I can!

  • E46ZHP

    Tom definitely agree. You see the bmw get out the fu**** way.

  • Roland Renno

    I’m proud to be one.

    BMW Power

  • RayS

    THIS IS TRUE — when you are in a BMW there seems to be a “devil” lurking behind your brains. Is it Mr. JOY or Mr. EGO?

  • George
  • wazon8

    “2. White van” LOL

  • humanferret

    Survey given predominantly to Volvo drivers. ;-)

    Where’s my complaint tickbox for people driving 10 under, slowing down a quarter mile _before_ entering the turn lane, watching the scenery instead of the road, or leaving two or three carlengths between them and the next car at a stop?

    I don’t like getting a bad rap because I am keenly focused on getting from Point A to Point B and will maneuver around distracted drivers to avoid getting slowed down or killed by them.

  • bmwFan

    sadly it is true, i fit this category perfectly, where i live there are many 3rd world drivers that emigrated to the big city, and their driving skills are shit. they should be driving bicycles or elephants instead of cars, oh well… i flick the finger at them, drive aggressively and make sure to stay away from this trash.

    • Bradley Wint

      Kinda discriminatory there bro. Comment not appreciated.


    Ok, let’s examine this from the BMW drivers perspective. Just take a look at the picture above as an example. First, there’s a Prius in the fast lane. There should be a law against that!! Get out of the way and don’t cruise slowly in the left lane. Second, what they didn’t tell you is the 17 year old girl talking on the cell phone while driving the Prius just cut off the M3 that was travelling at 75 MPH when she’s only going 45 MPH. I can’t tell you if that was because she was on the cell phone, just not paying attentention, has no idea how to drive, or because that’s the Prius’ top speed. Either way it doesn’t matter. Now the M3 drivers gets angry (rightfully so) and the girl tells her mom on the phone a mean BMW driver just blew past her and flicked her off. Now mom tells 30 people some maniac in a BMW almost killed her daughter and they tell 30 people and so on. Bottom line, people that really think this usually caused these situations to happen in the first place because they are terrible drivers and don’t know any better.

  • Ale

    This is a joke! Who does this type of survey? What is the point?

  • X5SoB

    Of course, I also drive assertively in my Accord as well. Sadly, as Kurt Vonnegut said in Breakfast of Champions, the world is covered with assholes, and it ain’t a pretty picture.*

  • XC

    Oh, common! The most agressive drivers anywere are taxi drivers, lol. Anyway, I would like to see statistics regarding accidents, then we will see which drivers are better, or what do they drive.

    As in the autobahn, fast doesn’t mean reckless.

    • BIMMER1

      That’s a good point. Most places that have raised speed limits have actually seen a drop in accidents and casualties. The problem is they lose too much money on speed ticket revenue.