Rumor: BMW X4 Concept to be shown in 2011. Production model in 2014

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Newest rumor from Munich brings forward the idea of a BMW X4. First news around an X4 model came around in 2007, but they amplified …

Newest rumor from Munich brings forward the idea of a BMW X4. First news around an X4 model came around in 2007, but they amplified earlier this year when other several automotive outlets reported on a future, smaller version of the X6 Sports Activity Coupe.

According to our sources, the BMW X4 has moved from an idea to the Concept stage and will be first shown in 2011. The production model will be launched in late 2013, early 2014. We learned that the X4 would share most hardware and interior parts with the X3. The X4 will be exclusively build at the Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. The Spartanburg plant have increased its capacity from a previous 160,000 to 240,000, and the expansion was presented today to automotive journalists. (We will report on this later this week).

Along the same lines, AutoWeek reports today that the X4 is a smaller and more agile four-seater. The X4 is set to receive individual styling in a move to give it a more sporting image and enable BMW to position it higher than the SUV upon which it is based.

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According to AutoWeek, those who have seen the latest design proposals suggest the X4 differs from the X3 in much the same way the X6 is removed from the X5, with a bullish front end, curved coupe-style roofline, four doors and heavily angled tailgate.

“The design is not finalized, but we know the direction and it will likely surprise,” a source told AutoWeek.

As with any new product, expect to hear more news and rumors in the near future, and of course, the much-hyped renderings.

[Source: Autoweek ]

19 responses to “Rumor: BMW X4 Concept to be shown in 2011. Production model in 2014”

  1. bob says:

    Anyone recogize the signature? Also, what (X3) message is being sent w/ license tag?

  2. Bryce says:

    …the license plate and headlights make me wonder if BMW is finally accepting the fact that the newly released X3 isn’t interesting enough, so they’re going to redesign it

  3. bmwFan says:

    will bmw ever built a true sports car that can have the same wow factor as an R8 or SLS ? all i see is bmw releasing or wanting to build more crap cars.

  4. viper says:

    it will never say never but surely wont build a wow what car for at least 10-20 years.
    remember bmw aint the daddy like Mb
    remember bmw donz have balls and not inovative like audi

  5. L. Hamlton says:


    • wazon8 says:

      In what respect is it good new for MB and Audi? Is this X4 replacement of 1-er, 3-er, 5-er, 6-er, 7-er or any of M-car? Rather not. Or maybe you refer to the fact that BMW still won’t have supercar? Yes, it’s indeed great new for Audi and MB to not have a competition from BMW side in non-profit segment of car. Or maybe it’s better new for BMW from the economical point of view. Setting aside two facts: that VED is comming and that in few years after releasing X4, Audi and MB will recognize the need of product their own rival for it. Exactly, the same story took place with X6. Enthusiasts complained that car is senseless, people bought it, other car makers started to work on their own rival for it. It’s senseless to make more profits by making a car with new body, when chassis and powertrains are already avaible. What’s your point then?

  6. Ted Spahr says:

    BMW has turned into a niche auto maker it seems… An X4.. A SAV smaller then the X6… Really???

  7. Flash says:

    Go BMW! X6 is a bit big for me, but i’ll take an X4. And L. Hamilton at least BMW aren’t crashing and burning like your namesake lol!

  8. Kenee says:

    I saw this exact image in 2007 as the pic which was then rumoured to be the coming X3. It seems that someone on this blog site is trying to hype something up which is nothing to do with reality. Yes, it is correct that BMW is considering a X4 entry into its X range but this pic has nothing at all to do with those considerations.

  9. Vaybach Khan says:

    well this could be the great car,for me x6 is the dream car,but i like smaller cars so this would be great…but i think it would be a 2 door car like the new range evoque competitor …great news…and soon bmw will have supercar model…bmw is thinking forward…

  10. Woo Hoo says:

    The X4…for those who couldn’t AFFORD a X6. Once again…pandering to a demographic that the modern executive ownership loath to see in a BMW. Compacts and one offs will overtake the big ticket Bimmers, creating a different ‘face’ of ownership. Why do I want a brand that Joe dirt can afford?

    BMW, Please stop this! There used to be a sense of exclusivity that came with ownership.

    • Flash says:

      BMW are in business to make money, there is obviously a market for it based on X6 sales. They are not in business for the purposes of pandering to your ego! If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it. It won’t stop other people buying it and more than likely making it a success. If this affects your opinion of them, then go to another brand who will more than likely to the same this in the future, to increase profits.

  11. T says:

    Actually the whole portfolio of X vehicles have been highly profitable for BMW.
    If you look at the X6 it has sold almost three times it’s initial projection by this time period. The X3 in E83 form sold over 600,000 units in which with the new generation F25 according to projections we could be celebrating the millionth X3 model in 2012. The F25 X3 has a complete order book in Europe the 20d model is sold out until April 2011. And then there is the X5 segment leader in both E53 and E70. And finally the X1 since introduction in late 2009 , X1 sales are moving into 70,000 units , that is before the car is launched in the US Market next year and also an M-sport Package will increase it’s appeal , as it will for the X3 too.

    There is a gap in the market and demand for a smaller X6 type vehicle that is why the X4 is moving quickly to bring a new sport Activity Coupe to the premium entry segment.

    X4 is entirely viable due to it’s close proximity in sharing with the X3 in which it will do so except in body shape and how it drives , X4 will also be available with the latest Dynamic Performance Control stability system.

  12. T says:

    BMW’s wow! car will be the MegaCity Vehicle. There has never been a car like this…

  13. Hugo Becker says:

    A similar sketch is also on a postcard BMW handed out at the X3 launch. It’s a prelim sketch of the X3, as has been noted.

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