Press Quotes On BMW 1 Series M Coupe Test Drives

1M | October 13th, 2010 by 5
bmw 1m reviews

BMW and their microsite shares with us some quotes from the international automotive press reviews on the BMW 1 Series M Coupe. “1derful M”. …

BMW and their microsite shares with us some quotes from the international automotive press reviews on the BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

“1derful M”. “A limited production run of 2700 units has been reported, with a healthy percentage of that number heading our way.”

“At the moment the signs are extremely positive. It’s the sort of car you get out of wishing you could have more time with. On the strength of what we’ve seen so far, it fully deserves the M-car billing, even if BMW made the wrong decision by not calling it the M1.”

bmw 1m reviews

“The thing that grabs your attention as you pull away is its flexibility. It will accept sixth gear at 1000rpm without any unruly shunt and continue to pull hard towards the business end of the range without any dip in demeanour. It’s under load in low gears, though, where it does its best work. Planting your foot in second induces the sort of rolling acceleration to match the 414bhp V8 M3 and it feels terrifically urgent right up to its 7000rpm limit.”

“After all, it’s difficult not to get excited about a new M car, especially one that supposedly takes its brief from the very first M3. First impressions suggest that buyers are in for a treat.”

“From the outset it’s torque that defines the new car’s performance. The straight-six yowl is accompanied by a relentless shove in the back, and pick-up from low revs is impressively strong.”

“If there’s not a waiting list already, it’s because y’all haven’t driven one yet. (In other words, place your order now.)”

5 responses to “Press Quotes On BMW 1 Series M Coupe Test Drives”

  1. Alex says:

    I want one!

  2. Joe Renel says:

    1 – I hope BMW dont make the same mistake with this Dash Board and Console – What I mean here is that I have a 2005 Oct E46 M3 and its Dash and Console is unique to the M3 it is not a generic Dash & Console as per in the other 3 Series range however in the New M3 E92 it looks similar to my wife’s 2009 X5, therefore leaving me feel although it is a M3 it’s interior is not of a Sporting Nature but more of a 4 door Salon type feel to it – come on BMW keep the M-Cars some what individual externally and internally after all we spend more time looking at the insde as a driver so shouldnt we feel as good as the public on the outside watching a BMW M car go pass (we certainly pay a premium for the M). Please put some thought to this in any New M Car – I love the E46 Dash and Console maybe use that as a template and tweak it a bit for todays modern world?.
    2 – when is the 1M & New M3 due in Perth Western Australia?
    3 – what are the specifications of each?
    4 – what is the approx Cost of each ?

    Come on stop with the teasing I am trying to make my mind up on weather I wait say 12 -18months for the 1M or the New M3 coming out or Trading my E46 M3 for a Audi TTRS or something similar – willing to wait if above info is available.

    Joe Renel.

  3. Andrew says:

    I wish everyone would stop comparing the 1M to the E30 M3. They’re similar in relative size but not in weight, power or how the power is delivered. I think that there’s too much focus being put on this car for being “old school” when it’s aimed at more of a modern performance bargain relative to the M3.

  4. Uxel says:

    Does anybody know why bmw gives media or press the chance to testdrive new cars before they have been officially launched/revealed? it seems to me that only bmw goes this way of “marketing” or advertising, but does anybody know the reason? never read an article about mercedes-cars being tested and published by the media before they’ve been revealed.

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