2011 BMW X3 Photo Gallery from Paris Motor Show

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With less than two days away before our first test drive of the 2011 BMW X3, we wanted to bring you more photos from the …

With less than two days away before our first test drive of the 2011 BMW X3, we wanted to bring you more photos from the recent Paris Motor Show we have attended.

Along with the new BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept, the new BMW X3 made its world debut. With an overdue design and lessons learned from its first generation, BMW began working on the second generation F25 X3 back in 2006. The winning design proposal went to Erik Goplen, Director of Creative Design at the California-based design shop, Designworks, the very same designer that penned the beautiful E46 3 Series Coupe.

Starting from the idea of designing a Sports Activity Vehicle with a family-oriented approach, Goplen penned the new X3 with his own family in mind and also as an owner of the first generation X3.

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Functionality, efficiency and dynamics are the core elements of the second generation X3, and Paris Motor Show was the chosen venue to showcase to the world these new elements.

This car caters to a more general audience, but still being true to the BMW heritage – handling and sporty dynamics.

Starting with the design and continuing with all the aero dynamics elements and the more fuel efficient engines, the marketing for the new X3 will focus primarily on EfficientDynamics, coupled with increased performance and a higher level of luxury, three important facts that BMW hopes will steer away customers from the Audi Q5 or Mercedes GLK.

Stay tuned this week for an exclusive test drive of the new 2011 BMW X3.

One response to “2011 BMW X3 Photo Gallery from Paris Motor Show”

  1. Beermann says:

    This is a car of uneasy surface resolution; busy, yet with none of the rule breaking confidence or theoretical substantiation that characterized the previous model.

    The hood, for instance, feels like a case of simply too many surfaces, its fender bone lines are more than a little reminiscent of the clumsy treatment we’ve witnessed on recent Mercedes sedans and looping surface around the indicator repeater feels over-wrought.

    The corners of the car, meanwhile, are collisions of surfaces that were never intended to meet. The way the tailgate surface continues into the rear lamp cans and the surfacing at the intersection of front fender and bumper feeling particularly uncomfortable.

    Regrettably, the car gets worse the closer you get and this continues as you move inside. BMW’s return to a driver orientated IP is less successful here than throughout the sedan range, creating an uncomfortably pinched feeling in the forward cabin.

    The material and trim choice are further let-downs, with surprisingly large amounts of cheap plastics present. The exposed screw heads in the trunk floor rails and the cheap door bins – scuffed irrecoverably after one day at the show, don’t help. Finally, wood and metal fillets have none of the attention to gapping or radii that characterize Audi’s production cars and which help to create a perception of quality that is sorely lacking in this new X3.

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