GM pursues partnership with BMW

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After the recent partnership announcement between BMW and Saab, another automaker company is pursuing a strategic partnership with BMW. General Motor has recently came upfront …

After the recent partnership announcement between BMW and Saab, another automaker company is pursuing a strategic partnership with BMW. General Motor has recently came upfront with their plans of finding partners to develop technology and new products.

The rumor on the street is that GM is courting BMW for a possible joint venture. At the Paris Motor Show, General Motors were promoting the idea of being open to everyone for future collaborations. A source close to Automobilwoche, a German automotive magazine, mentions that some contact has been made between the companies in regards to possible BMW engines being used in GM cars.

This would not be first time GM has partnered with BMW. The X6 ActiveHybrid uses a two mode hybrid system developed by a consortium formed of BMW, GM, Daimler and Chrysler. Wall Street Journal reports that BMW will likely take a more active role this time with more BMW engineering making its way to GM products. Most likely this is a reference to BMW engines being used in some GM vehicles.

bmw gm logos1In recent months, BMW Group has already completed two similar contracts with the Swedish subsidiary Saab Spyker and the U.S. special vehicle manufacturer Carbon Motors. In both cases, the buyers and the BMW Group benefit from the partnership. BMW takes advantage of higher volumes sales, thus reducing production costs by moving larger quantities, while the partners benefit from the German craftsmanhip.

We will update you as we learn more.

[Source: Wall Street Journal ]

14 responses to “GM pursues partnership with BMW”

  1. Sam Kramer says:

    Possibly for small diesel engines, or emission reduction technology? (particulate filters, urea, etc)

    • Hugo Becker says:

      GM does a pretty good job with gas engine tech so I think you hit it on the head – small diesels (certainly not the in-line diesel). The only gas engine tech may be some of BMW’s cylinder head stuff like Valvetronic.

      But, this has the potential for serious volumes unlike the Saab & Carbon deals.

  2. Woo Hoo says:

    Those that have base-model automatic bimmers should very well know that GM makes crappy transmissions….

  3. Wooo hoo. says:

    Don’t do it BMW! Stay true to your roots! I want to see the ‘Made in Germany” lables on all your vehicles!

    • wazon8 says:

      Why not? All they gonna do is to sell some technologies? What bad in making more profits? Do you really believe that BMW engineers will be under GM influence? I find converse relation much more plausible.

    • tweer says:

      They aren’t all made in Germany now.

  4. BIMMER1 says:

    I seroiusly doubt GM will be using any of the current hybrid drivetrains from BMW. Just based on the fact that BMW loses tens of thousands of dollars on every hybrid they sell, I don’t think GM could afford it. But then again GM has been in the business of losing money on car sales for the better part of the last decade. Guess we shouldn’t put it past them! Maybe future tech, but I don’t see anything coming from this anytime soon unless it’s diesel technology that they want.

  5. rob says:

    It can only help GM make a better car, the issue I see is that GM can’t demand the premium that BMW does, so anything GM puts in their vehicles, even if BMW designs it will be reduced to the lowest possible cost to manufacture to keep the vehicle cost down (an issue BMW doesn’t have), so it won’t suddenly make any Chevy a great handling performing vehicle!

  6. Wooo hoo. says:

    “They aren’t all made in Germany now.”

    Of course not…. Mine was made in Regensburg….

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