Fifth Gear Video Comparison: BMW E92 M3 Competition Package vs. Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Package Plus

BMW M3 | October 12th, 2010 by 23
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The eternal comparison between a BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG is back. The fellows over at Fifth Gear have decided to put head-to-head BMW’s …

The eternal comparison between a BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG is back. The fellows over at Fifth Gear have decided to put head-to-head BMW’s M3 Coupe with Competition Package and the C63 AMG with Performance Package from Mercedes.

The usual flaming war between fans is expected, so be prepared for strong opinions on both sides. But before jumping into the video review, let’s have a look at the technical specs of the two sporty cars tested.

The M3 is equipped with the Competition Package that brings many cosmetic changes to the already aggressive M3. Along with the visual improvements, the Competition Package further enhances the highly responsive chassis by installing a 10mm lower suspension and 19” wheels with greater offset for a wider track. Remapped Electronic Damping Control and Dynamic Stability Control systems, turns the M3 with Competition Package in one of the best handling production M cars ever built.

m3 c63

The M3 is powered by the S65B40 engine, a naturally aspirated, high revving 4-liter V8 (based on the S85B50 5-liter V10 that powers the E60/E61 M5 and the E63/E64 M6 to date) delivering 414 horsepower (309 kW; 420 PS) at 8,300 rpm and peak torque of 400 Nm (300 lb-ft) at 3,900 rpm, which represents a power increase of 22% over the previous generation E46 M3.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG with Performance Package Plus increases output by 30 hp to 487 hp. The package also includes AMG high-performance braking system featuring composite technology on the front axle and an AMG performance steering wheel in nappa leather/Alcantara.

With the Performance Package Plus, the C 63 AMG accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 seconds and 0 to 200 km/h in 13.9 seconds. The top speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited).

The result is somewhat expected. The M3 proves to be a better competitor on track and while cornering, while the C63 AMG takes the win on a straightline.

Let’s have a look.

23 responses to “Fifth Gear Video Comparison: BMW E92 M3 Competition Package vs. Mercedes C63 AMG Performance Package Plus”

  1. Daniel Hoang says:

    It doesnt matter if you have a whole lot of power in your car, if the suspension is too weak for all that hp, Its just another Straight line Muscle car. Congrats BMW for choosing the right thing, extra handling over extra power.

  2. wing chun says:

    BMW can put a big engine on a car and make a rocket but they refuse, why? Simply because a straight line rocket is only good for drag racing. Give it a corner and you have an accident in the making. Kudos to them and their sweet engineering. Shows you that M can whip AMGs ass anytime, anyday…….

  3. plaxico says:

    M3 is probably in maintenance shop right now, dozen or more mechanics are trying to replace a simple light bulb
    and C63 is freely cruising toward Hvar and Dubrovnik for a nice little vacation, sun ,sea and girls.

    • StraightSix says:

      ….and you drive a Yugo.

    • Shincai says:

      And you must be sitting in the psychiatric hospital because you’re mentally retarded.

    • Giom says:

      Of all the insults available, this is the best you can come up with? Man, you must really hate the C63…lol!

      • XC says:

        LOL, these haters simply cannot stand the awful truth… this was a sensible, down to earth comparison. When someone just throw comments like that, it just says a lot about the person and his/her insecurities….

        And going back to the real (men’s world lol), it seemed almost to easy for the M3…

    • Babken says:

      Don’t you see people don’t give a s**t about your foolish comments? As for me, I continuously laugh at typically silly comments by a Mercedes-Benz fan boy. So go on making Mercedes-Benz a fool. You manage it brilliantly.

    • wazon8 says:

      I feel sorry for you.

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      Plaxico, MB is no better than BMW in terms of Reliability, some are good, others are bad. May I remind you about the previous S class. If you want a reliable car, get a Jap car, Hondas keep going trouble free for decades like my friends ricced out ’93 Accord coupe.

    • 400AndRising says:

      Agreed. My 3 year old E92 M3 had 3 faults in 9 months of ownership. BMW approved used which meant service was excellent but doesn’t detract from the fact that it wasn’t a reliable car.

  4. Giom says:

    Back to the real (mens) world…

    I really can’t get the C63… Its market is so obvious… So, you’re not happy with your hight, looks, wife (and need to impress the younger ladies), you obviously buy the Merc. Why would you still buy it then if it says all the above about you!?

    On the other hand, if you love driving and performance and styling and couldn’t care less about ppl think of you, the M3 is the obvious choice.

  5. Artmic says:

    the mercedes might drive like a german taxi, but the engine alone is worth having :)

    • paul says:

      and it sounds sooooo much better than the M3. Yes i agree, having driven both cars on several occasions, the M3 would be my choice anytime, but the sound of that amg puts the bimmer in a corner…even an M6/M5 !

  6. Babken says:

    As always BMW humiliates Mercedes-Benz in every possible and impossible ways. And though the M3 is the Godfather in its segment, I wouldn’t mind power increase.

    • JakeM says:

      “As always BMW humiliates Mercedes-Benz in every possible and impossible ways”

      I’m finding it hard to take you seriously with such silly comments.

  7. Marco B says:

    M over AMG any day!!!

  8. 400AndRising says:

    Quite amused how many comments here from the obvious M brigade fans. Having owned both of these cars I can simply say this – for the track you want the M3, but for any other scenario – daily driver / drag strip / cruiser – you want the Merc because it’s the more engaging theatrical experience to drive every day.
    The E92 doesn’t come alive until you’re driving it to 8 or 9 tenths, and having to scream the nuts off it on a normal road is both tiresome and eventually irritating. It’s gearbox is better and it does handle better – the Merc feels and is heavier – BUT the Merc is bigger in boot space, rear seats, and has over 100ft/lbs more torque than the M3 which means the power is always there when you need it. It also drives better in automatic mode than the M3, which is good because those of us who don’t live at the Nurburgring use that :).

    At some point all M3 owners will get beaten by a Saab turbo or equivalent on the road because they weren’t driving along at 5500rpm as the Saab approached from behind (yep happened to me, totally humiliating, nothing you can do about it unless you add a supercharger ).
    In the C63 you’ll be gone in a glorious roar of v8 that makes the M3’s engine sound like an asthmatic bee!

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