BMW Group: Strong sales growth of 16.8% in September

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Press Release: The BMW Group continued its successful course worldwide in September. With 142,950 (prev. yr. 122,360) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles delivered to …

Press Release: The BMW Group continued its successful course worldwide in September. With 142,950 (prev. yr. 122,360) BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles delivered to customers, sales were 16.8% higher than in the same month last year. In the period up to and including September, i.e. to the end of the third quarter, a total of 1,062,216 vehicles were supplied to customers. This represents an increase of 13.1% from the same period last year (939,554).

Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Sales and Marketing: “Growth was encouragingly strong in September, with gains on most of our markets. We have exceptional new products and intend to maintain this upward trend throughout the fourth quarter. Here, we expect to see robust growth in the double-digit percentage range.” Robertson added: “BMW Group retail has exceeded our expectations so far this year. We are confident to deliver more than 1.4 million vehicles over the course of 2010 and to remain the clear number 1 among premium manufacturers once again this year.”

The BMW brand reported 117,467 sales in the month under review – exceeding last September’s figure (97,550) by 20.4%. The main growth drivers were once again the large model series in particular. The strongest gains were made in September by the BMW 5 Series Sedan with an increase in volumes of 63.1% to 19,184 units (prev. yr. 11,761).

The new BMW 5 Series Touring launched just a few days ago, and orders for the new model already look very promising. A total of 2,872 customers received their BMW 5 Series GT in September; while 5,491 (prev. yr. 4,336 / +26.6%) buyers purchased a BMW 7 Series. The BMW X models also remain on course for success: Last month, 10,049 BMW X1 vehicles were delivered to customers. Sales of the BMW X5 were at a similar level – climbing 48.0% to 10,807 (prev. yr. 7,304) units. The BMW X6 has also been very successful: A total of 4,491 BMW X6 models were delivered to customers in September (prev. yr. 3,849 / +16.7%); over 100,000 of these SAC (Sports Activity Coupé) vehicles have been sold since their April 2008 market launch. Robertson: “A further highlight this autumn will be the new BMW X3, which will be coming onto the market in Europe in late November. With more space and comfort, and less weight, the second generation will also set new standards. The first BMW X3 created a new segment in 2004 and rapidly became a bestseller. I am confident that the new model will continue this success story.” No fewer than 600,000 BMW X3 vehicles have been delivered to customers since 2004.

The MINI brand also increased its sales volume in September (+1.9%). With 25,222 (prev. yr. 24,760) deliveries, the brand reported its best September result ever. A major contributor was the new MINI Countryman which launched mid-month. The brand’s first crossover model has already been received by 1,760 customers. In the period up to and including September, 167,751 (prev. yr. 161,638 / +3.8%) MINI cars were delivered to customers all around the world.

In the month under review, the BMW Group increased retail volumes in its three largest markets of Germany, the U.S. and China, among others. In Germany’s still declining overall market (-17.8%), the company reported 16.6% (21,452 / prev. yr. 18,402) more new vehicle registrations and was able to expand both its BMW and MINI brands’ market share. A total of 194,708 (prev. yr. 196,311 / -0.8%) vehicles have been sold since January. Furthermore, BMW was the only premium brand among its competitors with a higher level of new vehicle registrations (171,206 / +0.6%) in Germany in the year to the end of September. Strong growth was also reported in the U.S., where the company sold 20.5% more vehicles than in September 2009 at 23,112 deliveries. A total of 192,052 (prev. yr. 179.219 / +7.2%) BMW and MINI vehicles were delivered to customers in the United States in the year to the end of September. With an 89.1% increase in volumes, China’s growth rate also remained high in the month under review – 15,379 (prev. yr. 8.131) vehicles were sold in what is now the BMW Group’s third-largest market. Compared with the same period last year, sales virtually doubled, thanks to growth of 95.3% (121,826 / prev. yr. 62,394).

Rolls-Royce sales are also maintaining momentum. Deliveries of the Phantom and Ghost models leaped 422.0% to 261 (prev. yr. 50) units in September. Between January and September a total of 1,728 (prev. yr. 461 / +274.8%) vehicles were delivered to their new owners.

BMW Motorrad reported its best September results ever with a total of 8,066 deliveries to customers. With an increase of 4.5 %, its strong results will once again exceed last year’s September results. A total of 81,508 motorcycles were delivered to customers worldwide in the year to the end of September – 11,793 (+16.9%) more vehicles than in the same period of 2009. BMW Motorrad is therefore continuing on a stable growth course despite difficult market conditions.

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7 responses to “BMW Group: Strong sales growth of 16.8% in September”

  1. Babken says:

    Though it’s nice but BMW still loses to Mercedes-Ben in the core luxury segment since both the 5 Series and 7 Series are losing to the E-Class and S-Class. I’m sure the 5 Series will change the situation in its segment but I don’t have the same confidence with the 7 Series.

    • plaxico says:

      Babken when will you learn ?!?! Bmw will never be luxury brand compared to the almighty Mercedes Benz.
      You said you bought a new e class 350, so ur gonna be just fine.
      Best or nothing!

      • Babken says:

        I bought an E-Class? Are you drunk, kid? Tell it to the troll who behaved like a woman by using my name. As for luxury, the difference made just about 1000 units, so it’s pretty close. BMW still leads the premium segment want it or not. I can’t say what will happen regarding the 7 Series vs S-Class encounter, but I can surely say that the 5 Series will bring the E-Class down to its knees starting from 2011 (as the 5er always did).

      • Babken says:

        One more thing you should know, plaxico.

    • wazon8 says:

      Man, BMW sells more 7-er than MB sells S-classes. Check stats from previous months, people buy almost two times more 7-er in U.S.

      • Babken says:

        Yes, Wason. The 7 Series is the leader in the USA, though its advantage isn’t big. But globally in September Mercedes-Benz sold about 6600 units of the S-Class while BMW could only manage about 4500 units in the world. And Mercedes-Benz stated that the S-Class is leading its segment.

  2. bob says:

    If you’ve ever wondered how BMW AG is managing its profitability, the respective September Sales Reports from NA & AG provide a glimpse. Particularly, in the case of the F10-11. Note total global sales are currently tracking at an annual rate of 250K, more or less – nearly record pace…Yet, very little in terms of sales growth from the US market. Therefore, it would appear that they’re in the eviable postion of being able to sell as many as they can build, and sell them in the preferred regional markets. Brilliant.

    A similar situation/dynamic may be happening with the other made-in-Germany products.

    Regardless of what’s truly going on, there absolutely must be a reason why BMW AG’s equity shares have been rallying…

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