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bmw 1m new photos 91

Yesterday, BMW has released teaser photos of the 1-Series M Coupe during an open photoshoot on the famous Champs d’Elysées boulevard in Paris. While most …

Yesterday, BMW has released teaser photos of the 1-Series M Coupe during an open photoshoot on the famous Champs d’Elysées boulevard in Paris. While most of the details remain hidden under the black veil, further details about the car have been revealed.

Today, we return with a new video of the car shown in Paris.

The 1M will sport the Life Cycle Impulse treatment we will see on all the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models beginning in January. The car will also get LEDs, a common trait in the newer models.

Our friends over at Skiddmark managed to get further details on the car. The so rumored 2,700 units production seems to be a myth. According to sources at BMW UK, no build limit has been set yet, but production will only run for a 8-9 month.

bmw 1m new photos 91

UK deliveries start end-May 2011 and colour choice will be the 3 already mentioned – Valencia Orange Metallic, black and white.

Earlier this week, a selected group of journalists had a chance to drive the final prototype and more reviews are expected to appear in the next few days.

8 responses to “Latest Video: BMW 1 Series M Coupe”

  1. Auday says:

    stripping already without some pole dancing?

    Give us a break, I don’t like that new marketing a bit. I agree that it keep the hype going and engages the audience for longer time, but it also devalues the product especially for a big respected name like BMW, plus it’s cheap.

    BMW used to do much better than that, their abstract art work of the hanging steel balls for the 5 series teaser i was a good example of a prestige marketing for a brand that doesn’t need to spam the audience every day to get their attention.

    This 1M marketing and the non-sense are really pushing BMW brand marketing down to the cheap levels.

    • Doug says:

      i agree. This is pretty silly. Seems like BMW is becoming another marketing-driven company.

      Don’t those guys have anything better to do? Seems like the model has other thing’s she’d rather be doing.

      • Bryce says:

        …while I tend to agree with you, this type of marketing has done wonders for Audi. BMW needs to continue trying avenues of creative marketing if it’s going to retake the market share that it lost to Audi.

  2. Mark says:

    What’s the point of generating hype a year before release? Do they really think that many people are going to hold off buying a car now to wait 8-12 months to get it next year? Not to mention that they don’t provide much information on pricing around the world.

    Agreed that BMW has become more marketing-driven than product-driven. They took a 135i, slapped a body kit on it, added some suspension bits, put in a tune (the Dinan tune and related hardware gets more output from this engine by the way), and called it an M car.

    I love BMW as much as most of you, but this is just bogus. This car will flop.

    • Laszlo says:

      no, in this market anything with a high HP and good handling and a blue/white roundel will do just fine. Their end goal is not much but pre-demonstrate the next gen M3. The 1 series is about to end and they needed a last hurray to boost the sales. The next gen 1 might be FWD so this last year only 135M model or 135iS will be a collectible car and people will go crazy to grab it.
      I bet the pricing will be competitive with Dinan 135i’s and somewhere in between the 135 and M3. It will be sold before you know it and they will retain value for a longest time. limited edition M logo and extra HP in a 2dr car always will be collectible.

  3. Laszlo says:

    which model ? The car or the female ?
    I agree that the new marketing is degrading. Its a childish game and not for a company like BMW. If Hyundai or Kia or any of the new small car companies would do it then it would be oke. They desperately need the attention but this makes it look like BMW needs it too. That’s not the case luckily for BMW as their brand is very strong and prestigious.
    They do not need a degrading childish marketing gimmicks like these.
    A lot of people disagreed with me here and they said they like to “WONDER” and this was keeping them busy. Well I guess some people have time to wonder and play childish games like these. I much rather jump into one of my BMW’s and drive them and not wonder what the next model look like.
    If I like it I might buy it if not then well who cares ? There is a rear for every seat…

  4. badger says:

    Here at BMW are very proud to unveil the new BMW 1 series M stupid part at a time. This is really stupid. Sure great publicity, but this is just plain retarded.

  5. gnuman says:

    I think the performance of the 1M will be astounding; the 135 has already displayed this, but I have to agree with all my fellow posters. This new “hyper-anticipation/teasing” approach to a simple unveiling is asinine. The last time I remember feeling this way was when I tried to get my first girlfriend to show some skin. I won’t lie, it was great she finally bared all, but most of us aren’t 13 yrs old with nothing but time and perpetual stiffies. Enough of the adolescent marking schemes BMW, you’re better than that.

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