Breaking News: BMW wins ALMS Championship

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In an unbelievable and highly spectacular finish, BMW Rahal Letterman Team wins the 2010 ALMS Championship for GT cars. Ferrari cars were leading, but ran …

In an unbelievable and highly spectacular finish, BMW Rahal Letterman Team wins the 2010 ALMS Championship for GT cars. Ferrari cars were leading, but ran out of gas, and gave BMW GT cars the chance to win for the first time the ALMS championship.

Motorsport chief Mario Thiessen and BMWNA Motorsport Manager are celebrating an historic win for BMW on US soil. Consistency, drivers’ skills and a better aerodynamic package helped the BMW RLR team finish ahead of Ferrari and Porsche this year.

Congratulations to the team and stay tuned for first impressions, photos and lots of videos!

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19 responses to “Breaking News: BMW wins ALMS Championship”

  1. John Hietter says:

    Awesome!!!! This is a great time for BMW for many reasons.

  2. L1ndja says:

    BMW FTW!

  3. M5POWER says:

    Congratulations BMW! You guys deserved it!

  4. Shawn says:

    Incredible work by a determined team. Congrats to the whole team, the drivers and mechanics. Jack would be proud. This one’s for him.

  5. Warren says:

    Congratulations on such a well deserved win! After all the tension and grim outlook today I was in tears at the end of the race when Dirk passed the Corvette and climbed up to forth at the last minute to secure BMW the championship, absolutely made my day! fantastic performance throughout the whole series!!

    • viper says:

      Tears? Like seriously. You cry at a car race when people are dying in war, starving to death and going through horrific hardships. Yet you cry at a car race?

      Get a perspective.

      Congrats to the team, and BMW of course!

      • Warren says:

        Viper, I appreciate that your comment is coming from a place of compassion, but I believe that for lack of information you have misjudged me.

        I don’t think tears are not rational decisions, but releases of emotion that often have more to do with childhood than with current time events. For whatever reason the sudden turnaround of luck/good driving at the end of this race stirred some long unexpressed hope and longing for acknowledgment/acceptance or something indefinable in me…

        I believe it is through allowing our tears that we can become the kind of open-hearted rational beings who would refuse to shoot strangers on political dogma or deny others food and shelter while living in opulence. I can only become the change I wish to see in the world, and being proud of the tears that let the hurt out and the love in is part of this journey for me.

        Hope this makes sense! All the best.

      • wazon8 says:

        Viper, since when are you socialist?

  6. BMfan says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team and BMW.

  7. Babken says:

    Where are you, pathetic Mercedes-Benz?

    • plaxico says:

      in F1, like any other top alpha dog

      • BIMMER1 says:

        Better to be winning championships in ALMS than getting you ass beat in F1. Especially when it costs twice as much to lose all the time.

      • Laszlo says:

        bingo. and also the European touring car races. ALMS is a very small series compare to the big touring car races in Europe/worldwide. It might be important for the US because it is the ONLY professional Touring (street) car race but its a bit of a drop from the F1.

        for those who thinks that MB sux in F1, let me just remind you, this is their 1st year as a chassis builder and they have won several races in a past few years (incl the 2008 championship) with Williams.
        Their engines is still one of the best but their chassis lacks the top dogs, although the differences are small. In F1 a few tenths of a second is what separates the 1st place and the 10th place.

        I watched the ALMS final and BMW win because the Ferrari ran out of fuel. Had it not, they would have finished 2nd, which is still a great place. They ran consistent and this was a well deserved albeit a bit lucky win. Nobody will remember a year from now how it was won, the fact remains forever that BMW has won.

        I just wouldn’t want to be in a Ferrari mechanic/fuel guy after that race… they lost because one guy did not put enough fuel into the car. Its a shame….

        I always root for the Ferrari team if they are present. I only drive BMW’s because I can not afford the Ferrari’s. BMW will always be my choice because its a secondary best to me. If I win some money or it falls on my head, you will see me in a 456GT Ferrari for sure :-)

        • Warren says:

          You make some good points Laszlo, but to say that BMW only won from Ferrari’s mistake makes little sense to me. Motor-racing is about many factors such as preparation, on the spot decisions, teamwork, great driving, all of which are combined with elements of the randomness of luck.

          One could equally claim that if Dirk Müller hadn’t made the ‘mistake’ of getting in the situation that led to the controversial stop go penalty, and the random event that caused the starter motor issue hadn’t been triggered, the 90 BMW would likely have finished with a podium spot and thus won the championship for BMW regardless whether the Ferrari ran out of fuel. As it were some might argue that these two bits of bad luck canceled each other out!

          I’ve been following the whole series and I think this was a very well deserved win for RLR and BMW!

          ps- I own a BMW (318ti) because it’s an all round practical car with sure footed handling, great economy and good luggage and passenger space. Even if I had the money I’d keep it over a Ferrari which would cost the earth to run and be too much of a squeeze with the kids and gear on road-trip holidays!

  8. Giom says:

    This is truly incredible news! I didn’t expect a championship win this year – what an achievement!

    FYI, I’m on holiday in Cape Town were I went to the local Killarney races. Two 335is won over A4s in the production car series and a S1000RR won one race out of two. A truly great BMW weekend!

  9. Roland Renno says:

    Today is a very special day for BMW and all its fans due to many reasons. Among them and first is sonsistency because it proves that a powerful doesn’t stand for one race but many.

    God bless BMW.

    BMW Power

  10. Bimmer1 says:

    It was an incredible race to be at. The fans were great and the racing was very exciting. Being on top of the hill for the last hours and listening to the commentary from radio lemans was just awesome. A well deserved championship for both team and manufacturer.

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