DontBlogAboutThis: BMW Vision Concept on the road

3-Series | October 1st, 2010 by 13
bmw vision in motion DontBlogAboutThis: BMW Vision Concept on the road

It’s September 30th and still not much from BMW in regards to the hyped DontBlogAboutThis campaign. The last video uploaded to Youtube gives us a …

It’s September 30th and still not much from BMW in regards to the hyped DontBlogAboutThis campaign. The last video uploaded to Youtube gives us a quick glance at the Vision Concept in motion and for a brief second, the drivetrain can be heard.

To further explain the campaign and the idea behind the concept, BMW said the following:

“Extracting maximum driving pleasure from every drop of fuel: this is the aim of EfficientDynamics. With an array of intelligent technologies, it is able to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while simultaneously enhancing your vehicle’s dynamic performance.

bmw vision in motion 655x336 DontBlogAboutThis: BMW Vision Concept on the road

The array of leading-edge technologies that are part of the EfficientDynamics philosophy are as diverse as they are innovative. From new fuel combustion technologies to lighter construction materials, low-friction components and improved aerodynamics all the way to comprehensive and highly sophisticated energy management. However, the aim of each of these innovations is the same: to deliver maximum driving pleasure from a minimum of fuel.”

Lots of big words, but no facts yet, so we’re asking this from BMW: can we please see the car already, or at least share some technical details that could create further buzz, if that’s what the campaign is after.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive report after the interview with BMW Vision EfficientDynamics FullRunner project manager.

  • Kyle Leclair

    Are they nuts?! All this buildup for that? They had better unveil more today or this is a massive gaffe on BMW’s part. This was more than long enough of a waiting game for some solid information.


  • Bryce

    Yeah, I’m disappointed that we haven’t seen more yet. However, at the 16 second mark you can see the rear pretty clearly and it looks like they’ve done away with the 6-series rear end.

    • Kyle Leclair

      Yes, that’s true. It seems that they seem to be sticking to more or less the same look as in the concept, although I’m not sure if this is more representative of a production model. I would assume so, given the camouflage. I’m excited to see what they’ve done for the doors, one of the most striking elements of the concept.

      • Kyle Leclair

        Wow, “it seems that they seem”. Chalk that up to my being in progress of a molecular biology paper. Brainfried.

  • Auday

    Isn’t that enough with this social media marketing nonsense BMW?

    there used to be a time when BMW was above all that cheap marketing. If they have something they should talk about it directly, show it, or just shut up

  • wazon8

    This campaign seem to reaching its end: “DontBlogAboutThis.come Drive it”. That’s suggest that something gonna change in strategy of making noice around VED. BTW, we get pretty much in that video. Much more then we used to get from spied photos of test mules covered with plastic panels. Right now, we know it will have VED Concept front end, including hood, very similar tail lights and trank shape and how roof and side line will look like. That’s pretty enough to imagine whole car.

  • Roland Renno

    LOL@Kyle regarding “it seems that they seem”.

    Patience guys, patience. Everything is arranged in a timely manner. Just be patient and wait for the chronological unveiling of the F13 6-Series first.

  • paul

    as much as i like this viral lets face it. this is just a way for bmw to try enter the game sooo late after audi brilliant job with the R8. And they already have that stunning middle engine R4 – a diesel hibrid too – almost production ready. I cant wait to see how this car will do against the R8 and R4.

    • XC

      You don’t know what you are talking about.

  • viper

    Turned out to be clever with the .com(e drive it)

    Really would like to actually see something new and special and in production from BMW soon. The brand feels a bit dull, we only have some heavy M’s based around family cars, which was fine before as the cars weighed less in the 90s. Much of the future line up looks like small family cars, or big family cars.

    Need a youth injection, the 1M will partly relieve that, and hopefully the Z2 will see the light of day. Maybe a Z4M will put some cool back into the brand too. Pray that this VED thing leads to something competitive and forward looking.

    Maybe the guys who say BMW should do a supercar are right..

  • Auday

    Is there anything in the Video or the photos to suggest that the car looks anything different than the VED concept? I tried to compare every photo on all angles and it seems to be 100% compatible with the VED concept. I could be wrong though.

  • XC

    The car really looks stunning on the road. Sorry haters, we have a winner here…

  • Bryce

    I thought we’d get another update today… I guess I was wrong