New Rendering: 2012 BMW M6

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Jon Sibal and LeftLaneNews bring us a new rendering of the next generation BMW M6. Most of the known details at the moment can be …

Jon Sibal and LeftLaneNews bring us a new rendering of the next generation BMW M6. Most of the known details at the moment can be found in our previous report, so far now we will focus on some insight provided by the usual BMW agent Scott27.

“M6 Coupe like 1M is a Segler car (Dr. Kay Segler, M boss). The forthcoming M5 was initiated before he took over the reigns. The M6 features sharper edges within the aerodynamic packet of the 1M Coupe and M6 Coupe.

The M6 also brings a new sharper visual appearance to the M cars with the M3 and future 1M, as well as Z4M all set to benefit from the new edgier look.

m6 illo 1035 655x479The brief for the next M6 Coupe is to make the car less an M5 Coupe and make it stand out more from within the shadow of the M5.

The reason for this is the Gran Coupe which will arrive as an M variant in early 2014, so to have two four-doors vehicle doing the same thing is entirely confusing to the customer.

The new M6 Coupe will have its own attributes and characteristics in order to challenge established rivals from Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz.

The new M6 Coupe will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. The M6 Cabrio will follow later in 2012. M6 Gran Coupe will arrive in late 2013.

A Possible M6 Shooting brake is on the cards.”

Here are the latest rumors and as always, we advise you to take them with a grain of salt.

29 responses to “New Rendering: 2012 BMW M6”

  1. michael says:

    it looks like the lovechild of a 6-series and a Lamborghini :-/

    it looks far too kit-car or russian tuner to be a true BMW ;)

  2. Thought maybe people might want to take a look at our M6 renderings which were posted last week on

  3. plaxico says:

    bmw always had great doodlers , but real life masterpieces ,as we all know , are reserved for the almighty Merc

    • Daniel Hoang says:

      BMW makes cars and concepts that inspire other companies to make there own.

      They started with supurb handling cars in the 1960s while most cars were huge peices of steel. Then in the 1980s with the M535i, they introduce the high preformance sedan. Runflats, Idrive(ish) Nav system, and many other of these stuff that many companies are now using was originally developed and introduced by BMW.

      • X5SoB says:

        Woof! I just looked at that Mercedes pickup, and what an ugly piece of shit. It certainly wouldn’t appeal to either traditional pickup buyers or Mercedes buyers. Is that best MB can do?! Sad.

        • wazon8 says:

          Maybe some owners of vegetable stall in Asia would find it appealing, unless it was as expensive as it surely will be.

        • Laszlo says:

          isn’t that chris bungle at the desk ? I can only think of him as a possible person with this ugly stuff. oh, no, he would have made it even uglier, convex and concave forms, flame surfacing, blah blah blah and he would have called it a masterpiece of automotive design.

          • wazon8 says:

            You raised the point again and the answer is “No”, this thing is one of the ugliest car ever designed. BTW, Bangle made few great BMWs whether you like it or not: e46, e53, e60, e61, M3 e90, e92, e93, new X5, new X6 and his last concept GINA was masterpiece of work, clues from which we can find in great looking Z4 2009. Do you suggest that all these cars stay in the same line as this MB Reporter? I am afraid that you need glasses.

          • Laszlo says:

            you listed all that was made while he was at BMW. He did nothing with the E46, as the matter of fact he called it a worst progressed BMW from the previous gen (E36)

            the rest talks for itself. He did not do the new Z4 only the Gina. He did not do the X6 finish only the X5 which before face-lift was a bit plane and boring.

            In my book he destroyed what BMW was before. Sure the newly rich and people from the Cadillac/MB/Infiniti range ventured over to the BMW lately, but to make my point – the repeated purchase did not happen lately. Brand loyalty is very low and its all due to the designs. It is flashy and attracts people who always wants the latest the flashiest of all. It is chic to buy a BMW because they have a fresh styling and not because they are BMW’s.
            Sure it worked in financially but also the timing was great. Cheap money, easy credit all distributed to the success of BMW of 2000’s.
            As far as long term ? Look at the 2002 7 series and tell me if that is a great looking car… if you do, you are the one in need of a glasses.
            E60 being good looking ? From which direction ? From under, ,maybe… otherwise a failure.
            Great cars to drive them, I do very often , but to look at them ? Never.
            I have agree with plaxico that MB is a design king. Look at the new C classe, E classe, SLS, etc. all great looking cars and bmw has nothing to touch them.
            Sad, but the future is bright, the new 5 and 7 are a step into the right direction. Soon they will be great looking ones again. The new Z4 is great, luckily bangle parted ways before he could destroy that.

          • wazon8 says:

            Surely, I won’t say that Bangle’s 7-er was nice looking car, that’s why I didn’t list it. For the same reason, I didn’t list X3. But what my point was is that Bangle made some nice cars. E60 is one of them – the side of this car is outstanding, at least I find it to be at this way.

            He didn’t make Z4, that’s true, but it’s hard to argue that desigers weren’t inspired by his GINA, which is itself very good looking car.

            We’ve got very different tastes, since I find what you recomend as nice cars really poor looking vehicle, excluding SLS. C-class is just boring and outdated, when compared with recent 3-er. Not mentioning about E-class,which close to the worst looking car in its class. Almost each person I know and numbers of other at enternet forums notice similarity of its flat rear end to rear ends of some corean cars, and taht’s vice. Front end is too right-angled and whole car does look as if it has been lauched 7 years ago. Interior is even worse.

      • plaxico says:

        Check this almighty model from MB

        Who dat? Who dat? Who dat sayin dey gonna beat dat MERC!!

  4. Bryce says:

    I think it looks great… I wonder if the new M3 or new M6 will be the ultimate track car from BMW

    • Laszlo says:

      M6 is always a bit of a luxury coupe while the M3 is more of a track toy. M6 is larger and heavier making it less ideal to take to the track. But that’s only true because of the M3…. other cars (smaller or lighter) would love to have a handling of the M6.
      So as all BMW, if you take it to a track you will have fun and will be fast.
      At least now it will look good too. The outgoing 6 was a good drive but horribly ugly.

  5. Auday says:

    “The brief for the next M6 Coupe is to make the car less an M5 Coupe and make it stand out more from within the shadow of the M5.”

    How will they do that? If they give it an N/A V10 or V12 engine instead of a Turbo I’m putting a downpayment today!

    • wazon8 says:

      If it got different engine, it would most likely be M-refined V12 TT. But I guess that they rather refer to difference in performance, especially track performance. Whereas previous M5 was close to M6 coupe, the brand new M6 will be noticably faster than M5 f10. Just my opinion, but I find n/a eignes rather implausible concerning the recent direction of all industry, including M.

  6. viper says:

    M6 shooting brake will be mental. Do it.

  7. 8er says:

    “The M6 also brings a new sharper visual appearance to the M cars with the M3 and future 1M, as well as Z4M all set to benefit from the new edgier look.”

    What is this about Z4M, is there some new information that confirms there is going to be E89 Z4M?

  8. BMfan says:

    Another great rendering, as always, from Jon Sibal. Wishing you get it right like you did in the X6M. I will always prefer the European Specs without all those intrusive yellow indicator light front stuffs.

  9. viper says:

    wishful thoughts.

  10. viper says:

    looks russian.
    this m6 with rumored 580 will be outperformed by lets say 150hp less powerful porshe or much heavier rs or a brabus suv…..pathetic.
    a waste of power. a common thing with bmw.

  11. ToddJames says:

    Is funny how the usual BMW haters have the most to say, (all negative) on this post. I think this render of the M6 looks GREAT !
    I would like the left and right front intakes to be more rounded ala X6M but other than that my deposit is placed. Good job Sibal !!!

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