What women want: Female Drivers’ Top 10 Favorite BMWs

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bmw z4 female What women want: Female Drivers Top 10 Favorite BMWs

While we acknowledge that majority of our readership is male, we cannot simply overlook the fact that an important percentage of our readers are women. …

While we acknowledge that majority of our readership is male, we cannot simply overlook the fact that an important percentage of our readers are women. Therefore, we decided to turn our attention to our female BMW drivers and find out more about their preferences when it comes to a BMW.

Recent studies show that generally women demand more from their vehicles than men do and are more particular about certain features and capabilities found in a car. In a recent article for Yahoo Autos, Tim Greig, interior design manager for General Motors, said that “what I’ve noticed in our market research, however, is that women tend to not only see the big picture but pay close attention to the details as well.”

Automakers value the importance of a large base of female customers and lots of marketing research and scenario-based approaches are being utilized to determine what a female driver is looking for in a car.

amuse m3 11 655x435 What women want: Female Drivers Top 10 Favorite BMWs

But what motivates female buyers? From market research done by automotive experts, and based on our own experience from conversing with BMW owners or female fans of the brand in general, we learned that safety, comfort, practicality and best-bang for the buck are top priorities for women car buyers.

Many of our Twitter and Facebook followers seem to be driving BMW SAVs, from the entry-level X3 to the highly versatile and comfortable X5. Not enough data is available for the X1, but we expect a large number of those models to go to female owners.

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In our opinion, convertible bimmers come second. A few years ago, a survey showed that the previous generation BMW Z4 had the sixth highest percentage (60.31 percent) of female primary drivers. Despite what many might think, in the Chicagoland area, we tend to see more M3 Convertible female owners than in the smaller, more affordable and softer designed 1 Series Coupe. The Z4’s body blends convex and concave shapes inspired by a flame. Rumor is that when designing the Z4 roadster, Chris Bangle even commissioned a group of dancers so that he could model the roadster’s form in part based on their spontaneous body movement.


The new BMW Z4 illustrated here.

So we are going to take a chance here and without any official data available to us, will go ahead and list the top 10 BMWs that we believe have the most fans among female drivers. Right after our little stunt, we are going to open a survey where BMWBLOG’s female readers can list their favorite BMWs.

1. BMW 3 Series Sedan, Coupe and Convertible

2. BMW Z4

3. BMW X5

4. BMW X3

5. BMW M3 Convertible

6. BMW 1 Series Convertible

7. BMW 1 Series Coupe

8. BMW X1 (Europe)

9. BMW 3 Series Touring (Europe)

10. BMW 1 Series Hatchback (Europe)

Are we that far off in our top 10? Let’s find out.


  • wazon8

    I wonder what is the relation between number of female and number of male buyers of M3 convertible. Horatiu, do you have any datum about that?

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      I will reach out tomorrow to BMWNA and some BMW dealerships and see if we can get some hard data.

      • http://ebrake.blogpsot.com Andrew

        I live in Northeast Florida and I’ve been surprised to see that the majority of the E92 M3 convertibles are driven by women.

    • mkM3

      I would venture to guess that females buy M3’s – in any body style, whether it be the coupe, sedan, or the convertible – in far less numbers than any other BMW except perhaps other M vehicles such as the M5 and M6. In other words, I think BMWBlog as far off the mark in their estimation of M3 convertible owners.

      I suspect that less than 1 in 10 M3 convertible owners are female. Compare to the 1 series and 3 series convertible, where I could easily see it being 50/50. But even if we take cars not even on the list such as the 5 series, X5, and 7 series, I would be willing to guess those are more than 1:10 female to male ratio.

      For the M3 coupe and sedan, probably the ratio of female to male gets closer to 1 in 25. So yes, the convertible will appeal more to women than the coupe and sedan. But not so much so that it will get more sales percentage-wise than other non-M vehicles.

      • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

        So far the M3 models got three votes…

        • mkM3

          No doubt. But this isn’t scientific, right? Unless I am missing out on some way you are preventing anyone (female or male) from voting. Not to mention, preventing female non-owners from voting, vs. true owners.

          M3 convertible gets LOTS and LOTS of hate, to the point that people get neurotic and extremely defensive about it and act like total d***** to fellow M3 owners. So, I could easily see people wanting to “scientifically” back up your hypothesis that the M3 convertible is a popular car among women.

      • mkM3

        Sorry, meant X6 in that comment, not X5.

  • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

    Based on the results I see in the survey, surprisingly, BMW 6 Series and M6 are at the top.

  • tweer

    The X6, thats why I bought one.

  • Doug

    Horatiu, will there be a dating section to bmwblog?

    • http://www.bmwblog.com Horatiu B.

      Wouldn’t that be cool? A bimmer to bimmer relationship :) or between owners

      • Doug

        SWN335 seeks SF325-335 for deep, personal connection

      • Doug

        OOps… M.. .male… not nale

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1631237176 Vaybach Khan

          good idea !share the pation…bmw…..sorry joy of course!
          btw hor. you could take plaxico vote here very seriously…:)

      • wazon8

        At least, there wouldn’t be a need to explain why we should spend so much money on car, while cars for a half price are avaible and they don’t differ so much… of course, from some women’s point of view.

      • viper

        It would be a sausage fest, we all know it ;)

  • claud

    I see lots of E60 525 and 528s driven by older women in the NC RTP area. Younger women here tend to drive X3s and 325/328i sedans.

  • viper

    BMW should add that girl in the black dress as an option. I’d tick that box every time.

  • Woo Hoo

    Funny, here in Germany, I see mostly women driving the compact 1er. Makes sense it looks like a chick car, like the Fiesta.

    • viper

      Nothing wrong with your Fiesta Woo Hoo. Be content, but don’t try to bring the 1er to it’s level to make yourself feel better.

      That’s just plain twisted.

  • Federov

    What no M5.. hehe..
    Now i know why i haven’t been getting too many dates in my M5.
    Car on the list you couldn’t pay me to drive Conv M3. Saw a guy the other day driving one with a smug. The sound on my S85 V10 removed the smug in seconds.. then again the M5 is my date.. next to the wife of course..

    • Wooo hoo.

      Congratulations, the M5 is a beast…. top of the pile if you ask me

      • viper

        Yeah if you like to impress other men.

        • wazon8

          Viper, are you interested in women who are impressed by cars? I feel sorry for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rolren Roland Renno

    Amazing. My Z4 is 2nd while my X5 is 3rd. This is why I’m attractive lol.

  • LuckyBMW

    I am the woman and the best car ever made by bmw company is e31 series classic bmw 8, the most powerful 850CSI. Too expensive for me :(

  • Ceinder

    My baby is elderly, but she’s my favorite. ’91 850i V12/6
    I used to be a driver. Now I am an enthusiast! E31 all the way!