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6 Series Coupe | September 23rd, 2010 by 9
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As we approach the world premiere of the new BMW 6 Series Coupe, new photos of the concept continue to surface. The car will be …

As we approach the world premiere of the new BMW 6 Series Coupe, new photos of the concept continue to surface.

The car will be officially unveiled on September 30th at the Paris Auto Show and the first production model will arrive at Geneva in 2011.

The redesigned 6er Coupe will continue to fight for the crown in the high-end segment of premium, luxurious, sporty Coupe vehicles.

The 2+2 coupe inherits some design cues from the regrettable CS Concept and it aligns itself with the design language seen on the new 5 and 7 Series. The 6 Series retains the two door design with the forthcoming Gran Coupe carrying the 4-door coupe design.

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As with the new 5 and 7 Series, the aesthetics of the interior design have moved up the luxury scale, with fluid lines and higher quality materials. BMW remains true to its core design elements and the BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe continues to feature the driver-oriented cockpit, which underlines the sporty character of the 6 Series.

The interior is dominated by the large 10.2 inch display that reveals the latest infotainment system from BMW. Framed by a chrome plated frame, the flat-screen takes a more upright position, in contrast to the built-in approach we have seen in previous models.

To learn more about the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept, click here.

9 responses to “More photos BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept”

  1. Auday says:

    E46 kinda yeah, but I’d say more E31. Both interior and exterior lines seem to have E31 in mind. IMO, this car should’ve come right after the E31, the E63 was just a big fat ugly thing that didn’t fit the elegant line of the 3.0CS, E24, and E31.

    This is first car I see from BMW that I like right away (well except the CS concept).

  2. Jonas says:

    God no, not those cheap LED things. Ever since Audi uses them I cannot NOT see the christmastree in any Audi.

    • viper says:

      They’re called daylight running lights. A requirement throughout much of the EU and other parts of the world.

      Form follows function, like it or not.

      • Jonas says:

        The angel eyes are the daylight running lights for a BMW. Which are cool and typical.

        • viper says:

          Angel eyes aren’t exclusive to BMW as much as we wish they were…

          The lower lights gives the car bulk and dimension in the front, something that’s missing if you’re not running spot lights, especially in the dark.

          I love angel eyes, but the led drl’s give the car extra appeal.

  3. Wooo hoo. says:

    You all with your ancient car references.

    These new LED Halos are sick! I can’t decide which one to get! the X6 or this!

    Either one will make Joe Camry green with envy as I snicker at his eco-tech ride…pfffffffft!

  4. Retdoc says:

    Dosen’t anyone see a problem with a glass roof and nowhere to store an interior cover to block out unwanted light ?? There is no room fore or aft for such a device….perhaps this is the nature of a “concept” car.

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