Exclusive: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics “Full Runner”

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With the latest videos coming from DontBlogAboutThis, supported by insider information leaked on several forums, we decided to reveal some of the information we have …

With the latest videos coming from DontBlogAboutThis, supported by insider information leaked on several forums, we decided to reveal some of the information we have known for a while on BMW’s hybrid concept that created some impressive online buzz, and not only.

On September 30th, BMW will unveil to the world their BMW Vision EfficientDynamics “Full Runner”. Even though not confirmed through official channels, we learned that the project “Full Runner” is a continuation of the concept introduced at Frankfurt Auto Show last year, but this time, in a form closer to production status.

This time around, the Vision EfficientDynamics concept is a fully working prototype that will showcase its underpinning platform, from the three-cylinder diesel engine, to the two small electric motors and battery technology. The car has gone through intensive testing behind closed gates, including field tests at Miramas BMW test center outside Marseilles, France.

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A second source confirmed what the usual BMW insider Scott stated a while back: the car has been tested by a hand-full of journalists at the French race track, but an embargo has been placed on these articles. We expect to see a series of reports coming on September 30th when BMW will unveil the car.

It continues to remain a mystery whether the car will make it to the Paris Auto Show showroom for the press days, or it will be presented as a preview to a selected audience. Today, we learned that the hybrid concept will not be at the show, but we are waiting on the clarification on whether it is was not meant to be shown to the general public, or only to accredited journalists.

The project name comes to confirm previous assumptions and a “Full Runner” naming convention pretty much tells the story.

Please stay tuned next week for a series of exclusive news and extensive coverage!

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8 responses to “Exclusive: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics “Full Runner””

  1. AutoCritical says:

    I am getting nervous in my pants, with excitement…

  2. Tom says:

    cant wait to learn more!

  3. Giom says:

    I think BMW is putting a lot on the line here… maybe that is the reason for the long run-up to revelation.

    My thoughts are, while other manufactureres run pretty much old school type supercars, ie. R8, SLS etc. BMW is to enter that market (or maybe not) with something completely different.

    The concern, for me is, how will a 3cyl electric supercar ‘feel’ compared to ‘real’ supercars? Or are we not to compare the VED with the mainstream supers? Is this something totally new? A first of its kind? A four seater ‘supercar’ with M3 performance and feul economy to make a Prius blush?

    Can’t wait to see!

  4. mpower says:

    giom bmw to my knowledge have one once in resent years released one model with one power train option and that was the z8. bmw will have other engine opitions, the ved will appeal to the hollywood prius set. i think bmw will build this car with an option other then a 3 cyl engine. i think there might use the new m5 engine somehow, alot of cities around the world will limit the co2 output for cars, so supercars could not be a sight in heavly built up areas, bmw will insure this will not happen

    • Giom says:

      The only hole in your theory, mpower, is that the construct of this chassis is way different to a normal engined car. Hence, the room for four.

      I think, in order to fit other engines in here, they’ll have to build another car. Maybe the long awaited M10 or so. It would make sense to build the VED first.

  5. L. Hamlton says:

    Diesel?? Dieuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Wooo hoo. says:

    Looks like this is where BMW should be investing instead of wasting it on some compact car with a BMW badge on it.

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