DontBlogAboutThis reveals secret new car in a completely new look

Rumors | September 22nd, 2010 by 15

In the last weeks we saw some videos showing a hybrid prototype that according to BMW, we should not blog about, jokingly of course. Just …

In the last weeks we saw some videos showing a hybrid prototype that according to BMW, we should not blog about, jokingly of course. Just a few minutes ago published another video showing us a completely new look . In essence, we are looking at a typical psychedelic camouflage that we came to know from BMW spyshots.

This is leading to the full unveiling on September 30th.

The front end is still very similar to the design we know from the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics that was launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009.

We are expecting the car to feature a  three-cylinder diesel-engine and two or three electric engines. Power should be sufficient for sports car-like acceleration, but with exceptional fuel-consumption.


We have previously mentioned that the car will be unveiled at Paris Motor Show, and despite all of these teasers, we learned that the hybrid concept will not make an appearance in Paris.

As always, stay tuned for more exclusive news!

  • Lariv

    This “campaign” is getting annoying. Why can’t people just follow the instructions on this prototype or whatever it is?

    • viper

      Another member of the entitlement crowd. BMW don’t owe you anything. If they want to tease some enthusiasts then that’s their prerogative. Don’t like then go and buy Audi or Ford or whatever.

      I like BMW’s little tease fest. More interesting than the usual, here it is, okay great, now buy it. Tease me baby, ooh sexy.

  • Mitch

    is that a 1-series 5-door backing in the trailer at 0.10 sec?

    • Z3

      looks like 5-series sedan

      • Frederico Silva

        It looks the touring to me, just an opinion :X

  • Giom

    That glimps of the front-end confirms that it will look almost the same as the prototype. The front, at least.

    My feeling is that the production car, is going to be very similar to the VED. Design and mechanicals, that is.

    Only then, they might launch a V8 supercar version. I hope…

  • Laszlo

    who cares ? its getting to a point of sandbox stories and flashing of a toy that nobody can play with. real immature. I’m guessing but the person who came up with this ad is about 20 years old and has never been laid, has a pimple on his face and 10 years ago he tought BMW stands for Broke My Window…

    • Zuker

      It sounds like u r that person

      • plaxico

        Touché Zuker! He really does sound like the person he’s describing.

      • Laszlo

        did u recognize yourself ? did it hurt ? sorry go back to wondering…

    • wazon8

      Could you finally give any reason for thinking that’s childish? I find your complaining much more childish than these ads. Actually, they are something new and good to see.

  • plaxico

    The day of the unveiling is special to me! Can’t wait!

    • Laszlo

      then don’t. JSFU and drive your focus.

      • plaxico

        What you talking about. I really am looking forward to seeing what’s coming on the 30th. If you can’t deal with someone having an interest in BMW’s progression, then that’s your problem.

        An electric / 3 cylinder diesel hybrid is looking likely from BMW, and it’s an exciting time for motoring fans!

  • Wooo hoo.

    The lights are beast! All LED tech which should push Xenons down to the standard option list.

    Halogens are so old school….nothing cutting edge about them at all, They scream ” I couldn’t afford to check the ‘xenon’ block on the options list”