names BMW 730Ld Chauffeur Car of the Year

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Press Release: The BMW 530d Gran Turismo has been crowned Executive Car of the Year in the 2010 Professional Driver Car of the Year Awards, …

Press Release: The BMW 530d Gran Turismo has been crowned Executive Car of the Year in the 2010 Professional Driver Car of the Year Awards, whilst the 530d Saloon finished second in the judging making it a one-two for BMW.

Praised for its abundance of rear leg room, command driving position and its pure versatility, the 5 Series Gran Turismo was honoured because the judges felt like it was designed for chauffeuring.  Its unique interior packaging matched with the choice of powerful yet economic drivetrains and an outstanding satellite navigation system earned the 5 Series Gran Turismo its title.

Mark Bursa, editor of Professional Driver magazine, said: “The judges voted for innovation, with the GT taking the category win. Chauffeurs have been quick to notice the appeal of the GT model, voting it above the exceptional new 530d Saloon.”

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A total of 33 cars were entered for the Professional Driver Magazine Car of the Year Awards, which were judged by more than thirty judges from the chauffeuring and private hire sector and the motoring media. names BMW 730Ld Chauffeur Car of the Year

The BMW 7 Series has been awarded Chauffeur Car of the Year by top chauffeuring website  The BMW 7 Series was commended for its unrivalled mix of luxury, comfort and driver satisfaction making it the ideal chauffer car both for the driver and the driven.

Paul Gibson, Editor of commented: “For the first time, our awards have judged the manufacturers Chauffeur Programmes which are on offer, and the BMW 730Ld is perfect for any chauffeur looking to operate a luxury vehicle at the right price.

“Along with the affordable chauffeur package, the 730Ld stood out from all the other vehicles in its class when it comes to driver and rear passenger comfort, equipment levels, technology and economy. Judges for The Chauffeur Car of the Year concluded the 730Ld is unrivalled in its class and is the ultimate choice

for any serious chauffeur company.”

Stephen Chater, BMW Group Corporate Operations Manager, said: “We are delighted to win these awards showing the 5 Series Gran Turismo, the 5 Series Saloon and the 7 Series to be class leading competitors in the Chauffeur market.  They also stand for everything that BMW believe in; building cars of the highest quality that, thanks to EfficientDynamics, are amongst the most efficient in their sector.”

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the new BMW 5 Series Saloon are now available on the BMW Chauffeur Programme along side the BMW 7 Series.  The programme offers competitive contract hire rates, for example a 530d Gran Turismo for £549 per month based on three years or 60,000 miles including servicing, enhanced specification packages and predictable running costs.

To make these vehicles for the driver as well as the driven, tailored benefits include BMW Service Inclusive, which lasts for 5 years or 60,000 miles and covers all of the vehicle’s basic servicing requirements.  As part of the programme, professional drivers are also covered in the event of an immobilisation which cannot be repaired at the roadside.  Should this occur a replacement vehicle which is PCO licensed for London, can be provided, giving operators peace of mind that clients will always be catered for to the highest standards.

For more information on the BMW Chauffeur Programme visit

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9 responses to “ names BMW 730Ld Chauffeur Car of the Year”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    Well Done. Nice to see that BMW not only drives well, it also offers the best comfort in the premium segment. So not only is it a driver’s car, it is also a passenger’s car. Who needs any other car unless you want a truck, which Merc does offer in its commercial vehicle lineup. if you cannot afford a BMW, you can also go for VW’s Audi.

  2. M.Pertz says:

    lol… VW’s Audi ;)) this was good

  3. JakeM says:

    And here we go again with the retarded Audi/VW bashing. You guys are BMW fans? More like BMW fanboys. Absolutely no respect for other brands. Pathetic.

    • wazon8 says:

      What’s more pathetic that Audi shares extensively parts with VW, Seat, Skoda and (even) Bentley or that people point it out? Since they’re planning to make VW counterpart of A6, there won’t be any single Audi without VW parts. They ruin also Porsche since they bought it. Who the hell does invent idea to make a small roadster that will shares parts between Audi, Porsche and VW?

      • JakeM says:

        Audi shares parts with VW and so does Bentley, Seat and Skoda. SO WHAT? Of these, Bentley shares the least amount of parts with Audi/VW. The only telling thing a Bentley shares with a VW is the steering wheel – and that’s from the Phaeton, the top-of-the-line VW. An excellent and amazing car I might add.

        I bet one of the screws that holds your BMW together can also be found in a Corolla. BIG DEAL.

        The BMW Isetta wasn’t even a BMW – it was a license built ISO. The BMW M1 has its heritage at Lamborghini. I don’t see anybody complaining about these FACTS.

        • FreudeKing says:

          As your examples have shown that they are irrelevant as your examples are from decades ago. The BMWs today are pure pedigree premium, not some imitation premium from other brands when in fact they are selling you sub-premium products.

          And I am not talking about screws, I am talking about the engines, the platform, the chassis, the electronics. The only difference there are the cosmetic stuff with VW and Audi

  4. Lariv says:

    I think I know why these cars won. It’s blatantly obvious too.

  5. TB says:

    Great to see BMW winning back the fleet / shuttle customers.

  6. fazal sanni says:

    the best car in my life bmw 730ld

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