Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept vs. Mercedes-Benz CL

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BMW 6er Coupé F13 Mercedes CL Bildvergleich Interieur 750x500

News of the week come from BMW with their latest unveiling: the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept. Set for debut in less than two weeks …

News of the week come from BMW with their latest unveiling: the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept. Set for debut in less than two weeks at the Paris Motor Show, the new, redesigned, revamped 6er Coupe strives to conquer once again the high-end segment of premium, luxurious, sporty Coupe vehicles.

The competition is fierce at this level. Mercedes-Benz offers the highly acclaimed CL, Jaguar brings the XK and Lexus SC43 is the competitor from Asia.

With the new BMW 6 Series, BMW has another opportunity to outline the new design language under chief designer Adrian Van Hooydonk. Escaping from the sometimes radical and adventurous Bangle design, the new 6er Coupe is softer and “safer” than its predecessor, but continues to emit a strong presence across the exterior design lines.

BMW 6er Coupé F13 Mercedes CL Bildvergleich Front 655x217

At the front, the car heavily resembles the Gran Coupe Concept revealed earlier this year in Beijing. The front-end is dominated by an all-LED setup, including the main lights, daytime running lights, foglights, and signal indicators.

The sides bring back memories from the CS Concept, in our opinion, BMW’s best concept in the past ten years. From flame surfacing, to concave and convex shapes, the design offers substance, dynamics, sportiness and an agile allure.

But where the Concept 6 Series Coupe really shines is the rear-end presence. The trunk lid runs into the L-shaped LED taillights in a fluid, harmonious way. The rear bumper resembles closely the one seen in the CS Concept and the trapezoidal-shaped exhaust tips come to confirm this.

BMW 6er Coupé F13 Mercedes CL Bildvergleich Heck 655x148

Moving inside, as seen on the new 5 and 7 Series, the interior design becomes more luxurious, while still maintaining its sportiness. BMW remains true to its core design elements and the BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe continues to feature the driver-oriented cockpit, which underlines the sporty character of the 6 Series. The center section of the instrument panel, featuring the iDrive Control Display, the central air vents and the audio and climate controls, is inclined slightly but visibly towards the driver.


We could safely say that the interior is dominated by the large 10.2 inch display that reveals the latest infotainment system from BMW. The ConnectedDrive system plays an important role in the new 6er and provides even more integration across devices within the car, but also a synergy with the driver and the passengers.

Moving onto its main competitor, Mercedes-Benz. The CL model is being advertised as a full-sized grand tourer automobile. Originally derived from the SL-Class roadster, it has since been based on the S-Class sedan. Known at first as the SEC and later S coupe, it was spun off into its own, current name in 1998. The CL continues to follow the same development cycle as the S, though riding on a slightly shorter wheelbase.


The new W216 model was also officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, back in 2006. The 2011 facelift version of the Mercedes CL-Class made its world debut in July 2010 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The new CL-Class comes with an improved exterior and interior, but the biggest changes are found under the hood. The exterior gets a new grille, bi-xenon headlights with LED technology, LED fog lamps, revised fenders and hood, and new exhaust pipes. On the interior the biggest change is the addition of a new wood trim.

Since the motoring options on the 6 Series have not been revealed, we will focus at this point on the usual photo comparison, showing the two cars side-by-side and from different angles.


[Photos: BimmerToday ]

46 responses to “Photo Comparison: BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept vs. Mercedes-Benz CL”

  1. wing chun says:

    the interior of that cl and the current s-class looks like it was derived from the bangle 7-series interior.

    • Laszlo says:

      exactly ! that dash originated in the 80’s Lincoln Continental, which must have been mr bangle’s favorite car.

      BMW is finally on the right track , both interior and outside looks fresh and clean, , totally bungle-free.

      from now on, we have a new phrase …. if something looks totally wrong and stupid, lets just call it bungled… see he actually got famous !

    • FreudeKing says:

      Merc interiors are disguisting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. plaxico says:

    unless american government makes Roswell case official and we can see the actual spaceship live ,examine all high tech technology in that craft, examine smooth ride quality ect …ANY COMPARISONS WITH S CLASS AND CL CLASS ARE RIDICULOUS

    its gonna be a nice car but cl is just unbeatable, Good to see bmw finally doing something worth of notice

    • Laszlo says:

      while the C and E classe looks good, the SL looks very good and the SLS looks the best of any cars, the S and CL are a bit of a bungled cars. The interior is horrible and outdated while the outside just looks a bit too hard to impress. The new one will be most likely much better. Its not fair to compare a 4 year old car with a -1 year old ( 6 series will be introduced in 2011)

    • Billy says:

      Did you even read the article? Its only comparing the two cars because they have similar body shape and style, hence the article only talking about the design of the cars. There is no mention of smooth ride quality or anything to do with the way it drives.

      besides, if you noticed, there is a huge difference in price for the two models.
      It’s sad that the Mercedes interior looks like crap compared to an interior of a car worth $200,000 less.

  3. Zoryan says:

    agree, new 6 model looks worth attention but but cl is unbestsble

    • Lariv says:

      You mean unbeatable however I do agee and think the CL is the better car.

      • Zoryan says:

        It’s true. It gets hot here! ))) But it should be like this otherwise the manufacturer think in terms of marketing study which is not necesseraly true! For instance, the previous 7 model was uglly in design and many bmw fans were havily critisizing it far before the premire but nothing happend. I think this model was unsuccesfull. At least I never bought one. So, I think we also have right to choose the design of the car which we are going to buy!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zoryan says:

    unbeatable )))

  5. wing chun says:

    i wonder what you are considering to be unbeatable about the cl. is it the design, the engine, the driving dynamics, the interior? please elaborate

    • wazon8 says:

      The problem is that there are no details behind these slogans, so you shouldn’t expect answer from them.

      IMO, CL is horrible: exterior desing is outdated; interior looks as if someone was inspired by sideboard during designing its dashboard.

      • XC says:

        Come on! If you threw a comparison between a potato and a BMW, these bunch of idiots (you know who) would praise the streamlined design of the potato, along with its superb handling.

        A waste of time trying to reason with these… ah, whatev…

    • FreudeKing says:

      probably he means unbeatable in terms of appealing to an old man

  6. Daniel Hoang says:

    Both cars just look great on the exterior but the interior has to go to the 6 series. the CL/ S class front console just look weird, even after 4 years. The 6 has a more sporty touch and conservative interior. Lets just wait and see how it preforms before taking sides. I hate to see that the electric steering might impail the handling of the car.

  7. Tiberiu says:

    The 6er looks nice, but what’s with those VAG style LED’s in the bumper??!!

  8. T. says:

    H. Clear your GCF Inbox.

  9. Zoryan says:

    just to clear the situation, I am the graet fan of BMW. My father’sfirst car was the BMW model of 1945. Since 1991 we had on total 15 different BMW cars. Now I drive e60 and consider f10. Nevertherless, under unbeatable I ment that harisma and feeling of suprimacy of CL is always present when you see it or drive it (It is not about speed or engine). It is about big and solid car that in fact bigger then 6th model and thus the 6th model can not be a competitor. About 6th model – I love the interior very much – that is realy fresh breath but exterior says – that is something that we saw already many times. It may sound like a little bit exaggerateв but it is so!

    • FreudeKing says:

      CL is probably got he charisma of a big blob of fat, just wobbling around – i.e. big but no substance, it cannothandle properly, it doesn’t look great, it is technologically behind and worse of all, the distuisting interior reminds all thier old passengers of wooden coffins. Look at how ugly and tasteless the wood is slapped onto the interior cabin. I thought the x1 and X3 was bad until I saw this ugly interior.

  10. Lariv says:

    I think the 6 Series looks incredible but the CL is in a different league. A fairer comparison would be one with the 6 Series and E Class Coupe. I think the 6 Series is about 9 times better than the E Class coupe though.

  11. Schnitzer says:

    Hello, I’m french and i’m totally disagree with these comments : The 6 series is not a competitor of the CL and the E Class coupe is also not a competitor for the 6 series. The 6 series is between these 2 benz cars.

    The 6 is situated between both at the price level and at the length level :
    – the CL measures 4,99m.
    – the 6 measures 4,89m.
    – the E coupe measures 4,69m.

    ==> Thus the 6 serie is closer to the CL, than to the class E coupe. And this comparison is similarfor the price.

    These 2 cars (6 and CL) are in the same category but have not the same spirit

    • Zuker says:

      Srry to inform you that 6 series is a direct competitor to CL. E coupe or CLK is competitor to 3 series coupe.

      • FreudeKing says:

        I see, no wonder the 3 Series Coupe is so much better in terms of handling and SALES NUMBERS than the E Class Coupe. not to mention the overpriced E Class Coupe compared to the 3 Series Coupe. One for the young, the other for the aged.

        I want to vomit when I see that ugly interior with tasteless woodtrim of the Merc above.

  12. Efoza says:

    What about the Gran Coupe?

  13. Zoryan says:

    francly speaking I was expacting much more from exterior design. The front is too obviouse. That’s it!!!! All discussion here is only about it. And finally, those who truly like driving style of BMW consider no competition at all – I am one of them!!!! Therefore every new model of BMW is too much expected and real fans of this brand are very demanding! P.S.: I do not think that it is necessary to compare cl with 6 model…

  14. Faust says:

    Can you really directly compare these two cars? I think the CLS is more of a competitor to the 6-series rather than the CL. The CL is just a 2-door version of the S-Class while the 6-Series is based on the 5er and also possesses a lot more sporting characteristics than the CL even though it is still described as a GT.

    • FreudeKing says:

      the 5 Series is based on the 7 Series!

      • Faust says:

        You mean it is based on the same platform? I highly doubt this.

        • FreudeKing says:

          It is, go do some research. Whyelse do you think the 5 Series drives so poorly? It is becasue the platform was actually for the 7 Series and they just made it smaller for the 5 with minimal changes to save cost. BMW management confirmed this and they made it as if it was something to be proud of as they are cutting cost! They were also giving it some wierd names like backbone…. So I would not be surprised that the 6 is also based on the 7 Series.

  15. jmlbmw says:

    … you know… I have to say… the new BMW 6er makes the new CL Coupe look out-dated… really. Finally… BMW has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!

  16. X5SoB says:

    The detailing of the front end of the Gran Coupe is much better than this iteration.

  17. JakeM says:

    What’s up with the hate against the CL? Oh wait, we’re on BMW-FANBOY-Blog here.

    What really amazes me are the comments about the CL interior being “cheap”. Let’s get something straight here. First, the CL cabin is far from cheap. It’s one of the best interiors in the business and has been rightly acclaimed so. Second, NOBODY here has seen the new 6er interior in real life. So making a fair comparison based on these facts at this moment is impossible.

    Furthermore, the 6er and CL don’t really compete. The CL is a comfortable flagship CRUISER with few sporty pretentions. Nobody buys a CL for serious track driving of handling fun.

    I also find it disgusting how people here claim Mercedes is crap because they don’t handle as well as BMWs. It’s actually funny how this is so often spewed out here. I guess BMWs are crap because they’re not as comfortable as a Mercedes, eh? Do you see the stupid logic behind these two statements? Probably not, fanboys.

    • plaxico says:

      spot on man!

      • Phantom says:

        You call that as one of the best business interior? Are you from the 80’s? What do you mean it has been rightly acclaimed so? Maybe in your view. If you want to see what a classy luxurious cabin with business feel should look like, you should have a look at the 7 Series. That’s the benchmark in terms of design, colour combination and QUALITY!

        If you didn’t notice, BMW tends to bring their concept models straight into production with minimal/no change – look at the M3, M5, 5GT, X1, etc. The only thing that they will prbably change are the side mirrors.

        The reason why you are failing to understand why all cars that don’t drive well are classified as crap is because you and all others demand different things from a car. For BMW fans, a car is for driving pleasure. For you Merc, Toyota, Kia drivers, you probably think a car is to get you from A to B. That’s why you value things like whether the car is good enough for you to get in and out of easily without breaking your bones first.

        • JakeM says:

          1) Every car in the class of the 7 series has a GREAT INTERIOR. The 7 series in no way sets the benchmark for quality materials etc. when all other cars here have great cabins. Claiming the 7 series has the best interior in every possible way here is a personal opinion, not a fact, or a plain old fashioned bias.

          2) I drive a BMW 325i and my family has a W211 Mercedes E320 Sport among others. Claiming a Mercedes drives like a Kia or Toyota is a nice try at degrading the brand, something everyone seems to enjoy doing here.

          3) I’m a BMW guy at heart. I’m just open-minded and objective and not narrow-minded and biased. BMW has plenty of weaknesses, just like everyone else.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            The W211 is the best looking and most sporty E class that benz made. With a couple of BPUs, it can be a really nice car.

            The new E class however, doesnt share the same feeling that the old one had. Benz is just trying to make it less of a drivers car with all these drivers aid and assist technology and it impairs the cars ability to have fun in.

          • JakeM says:

            I’ve driven the new E350 and it drives worlds better than our W211 E320 Sport. There’s more steering feedback and the suspension is sturdier, yet I got the impression that comfort has also improved, which is hard to best since the W211 is already very comfortable. The E class isn’t a serious sport sedan to begin with. It’s main emphasis is comfort and it does this very well. I can drive my BMW 325i for an hour and a half before having to exit and stretch my legs (I have sport seats) – not so in our E class, which you can literally drive until the gas runs out. It’s that comfortable.

            I hate it when magazines compare the E class or Lexus GS to the BMW 5er and claim that “they have to be like the 5er”. Says who? The extremely biased journalist? The average guy on the street? The typical Benz/Lexus customer? Fact is, most people want a comfortable car, not a sporty car. Mercedes and Lexus cater to these people, though Mercedes’ cars are much sportier than Lexus cars by a wide margin.

  18. viper says:

    they are close but CL is whole different world. even the previous generation looked outstanding no bmw could ever match that elegance presence beauty and style.

  19. lubo says:

    the current CL has great exterior and interior design, and very powerful engines, while the 2012 bmw is just plain, although its interior on this photo is really nice. If the price of the future 6 is much lower than that of CL, BMW will have some chance, unless MB make a new CL which surely would have an incredible design and performance

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