Top 100 Best Global Brands: BMW on the 15th place

News | September 17th, 2010 by 10

Every year, marketing agencies provide their assessments and analysis on the most valuable brands in the world. To illustrate the brand value, the unit of …

Every year, marketing agencies provide their assessments and analysis on the most valuable brands in the world. To illustrate the brand value, the unit of measurement is often expressed in U.S. dollars, even though, the actual brand value and recognition are tough to be appraised.

One of the most important rankings of this kind is the Best Global Brands (BGB), from the Interbrand agency. Same as in 2009, BMW maintains its 15th place, only behind two other automotive brands: Toyota (11, down 3 places) and Mercedes-Benz(12).

The first three position remain unchanged. The highly recognizable Coca Cola brand takes the reign, followed shortly by IBM and Microsoft. Other automotive brands include Honda (20), Ford (50), VW (53), Audi (63), Hyundai (65) and Ferrari (91).


BMW’s brand value is assessed at 22,322 billion dollars, preceded by Mercedes valued at 25,179 billion dollars and Toyota at 26,192 billion dollars. A quick survey of the 100 most valuable brands in the world – according to Interbrand – are provided in the following image:


[Source: Interbrand via BimmerToday ]

  • plaxico

    so even aftershave is better than bmw?!

    • M5POWER

      Owh my Nivea is better than Ferrari? How sad…

    • Shincai

      You’re ridiculous kid….
      Go buy aftershave and try to drive it idiot
      you’re mentally retarded boy

  • Giom

    I’m surprised at Hyundai. They’re really on the up.

    How does Toyota keep that high position after all their problems? It must have droped quite bit, unless this assesment isn’t really very accurate, or I have a misunderstanding of the term ‘brand value’.

    Good show for BMW, considering how many idiots (like commentator in first post) there are. But not even the BMW haters can bring down this great brand!

    • Lariv

      Despite the embarrasing brakes recall Toyota have a massive audience who suffer from brand loyalty. As Toyota have a reputation for making reasonably good value, reliable cars worldwide as well as good customer satisfaction from dealers most people would look past a relatively small recall and still buy from the brand.

  • ElGato

    Hmm – Lets see, entry level to these products are:
    #1 -Coke $.75 #6 McDonalds’ $0.99 #13- Gillette $1.59 shaving cream.
    #17-Apple $79 #15 BMW at $30,000 – It shows that the masses dont exactly recognize the best things in life as well as they should. A Co. with a product entry at $5.00 or less that doesnt make the top twenty – That company REALLY needs to work onits brand value.

  • Babken

    The most important thing is that Mercedes-Benz brand is valued above BMW. And that’s not good. I wonder what the criteria are for this ranking. In another survey BMW brand was No1 followed by Toyota. Anyway, BMW is the best automaker.

  • Lariv

    Lol, Mercedes-Benz are twelfth.

  • BMfan

    Would u buy a Toyota if u could afford a Mercedes because it ranks above Mercedes? Mercedes manufactures heavy duty trucks, buses and all other stuff and that adds up. That wouldnt make me buy a Merc-they’re way lower to a BMW in tech,power and handling.

    • Babken

      Good point.