BMW’s secret hybrid concept surfaces again

Concepts | September 14th, 2010 by 8

BMW is teasing us again with a new video of the secret hybrid concept that has first shown up on website. If the first …

BMW is teasing us again with a new video of the secret hybrid concept that has first shown up on website.

If the first two videos were showing the back of the car, this time we’re getting closer and we get the chance to see more clearly the front of the car, and to notice its resemblance with the BMW VisionEfficient Dynamics concept and the aerodynamic shape, especially around the distinctive look of the headlights combined with the LED technology.

As we’ve said before, due to the narrow tires of the car and the presence of just one tailpipe, we can think of a hybrid with a relatively small internal combustion engine.

The prototype running under a the BMW 6 Series Coupe (E63) bodykit, has a roof line that seems to be designed like in a standard car and very conventional. Based on our sources, the car uses a fully functional hybrid platform, in contrast to the VED concept.

If the rumor stands, the car will be displayed at the Paris auto show. In the meantime BMW will probably continue to publish more teaser photos and videos, and encourage speculations about the new concept.

8 responses to “BMW’s secret hybrid concept surfaces again”

  1. Nick says:

    So if that makes it to production it will be a different vehicle from VED?
    How many tailpipes VED has? I assume 1 as well?

  2. Bryce says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about the Camaro, I mean Vision, front end… I hope BMW has more to offer in Paris than two designs we’ve already seen glued together into one vehicle.

    • Giom says:

      It’s funny… I always thought Camaro borrowed from BMW…

      • Bryce says:

        I think it will look less Camaro-esque when there’s color on it and we can see more definition of the kidney grilles. If BMW is making a supercar I hope that the hybrid version isn’t the only option, there needs to be an M version with a massive engine stuffed into it as well.

        I really do believe that if you put a Toyota Prius engine into an Aston Martin it would ruin the point of owning an Aston; the same goes for BMW.

  3. Vaybach Khan says:


  4. Andrew says:

    haha reminds me of the intro to Lost – but with cars instead of people and in Germany instead of a deserted island – so it’s pretty similar!

  5. sharkhunter635 says:

    This again. Freaking Scott27 from or whatever it’s called now. Obvious troll(s?) are obvious.

    As a 6 Series fan, all this does for me is clog up the tubes of the interwebs with this junk when I search for 6 Series F12 related stuff. I think this is just a distraction–the real Efficient Dynamics concept won’t be like this when it happens, and maybe they have a surprise or two with the new 6 Series. Just a thought.

  6. pimeto says:

    I thought that it looks like AUdi but when i read what people here say, looks like Camaro – i agree more! Lol… Well, lets wait and see it all…

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