BMW Group is world’s most sustainable car company for sixth consecutive year

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Press Release: The BMW Group has been named as the automotive industry’s Supersector leader for the sixth consecutive year, and is therefore the world’s most …

Press Release: The BMW Group has been named as the automotive industry’s Supersector leader for the sixth consecutive year, and is therefore the world’s most sustainable automobile manufacturer.

This was the conclusion of the SAM Group, published in its latest evaluation for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI). The BMW Group is the only company in the automotive industry to have been listed in this important group of sustainability indexes every year since it was established in 1999 and named Supersector leader for each of the past six years. This year, the BMW Group is also the only German company to be ranked among the 19 Supersector leaders worldwide.

“We are delighted to be recognised by the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. This independent ranking confirms once again that the BMW Group plays a leading role in the automotive industry of the future,” said Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. “For us, being the world’s most sustainable automobile company means accepting responsibility as a good corporate citizen. It motivates us to continue along this path towards our vision of sustainable individual mobility.”

bmw_group_card_f01The fact that sustainability is an integral part of the BMW Group’s corporate strategy was rated particularly highly by SAM Group analysts. The Board of Management of the BMW Group declared sustainability one of the company’s core strategic principles back in 2000. At the BMW Group, corporate sustainability is firmly entrenched throughout the entire value chain: from the development of fuel-saving and alternative vehicle concepts through clean production processes to green recycling practices. The BMW Group also accepts responsibility for its roughly 96,000 employees and is involved in social projects outside of its plants.

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  • plaxico

    excellent, ive always believed bmws gonna finally manage to get on the same level as Toyota .CONGRATULATION !!!!! Youve made it! Cheers BMW!!

    • BIMMER1

      I’m not sure you are well versed in this area, as BMW is the ONLY car company ever to be named to the SAM/DJSI list. THE ONLY ONE.

  • 1Mc

    Clearly you misinterpret/misunderstand sustainability to suit your trolling.

  • Tom

    Great, but sustainability and vehicle manufacturers really should be mentioned in the same sentence.

    • BIMMER1

      Yeah because being fiscally and environmentally responsible while running production facilites with energy from garbage dumps while building cars that are 80% recycleable are not good sustainability traits. Right.

      As stated above, BMW is the only car company ever to be named to this list in it’s history. The reason, they deserve it and the others don’t.

      If you didn’t know…
      “The SAM Group analyses the economic, environmental and social performance of approximately 2,500 companies and selects the best in each industry for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. General sustainability criteria are considered as well as industry-specific challenges such as climate change. The Dow Jones Sustainability Index was the first global sustainability index to be created, in 1999, and has since been published each year by the SAM Group, based in Zurich, in cooperation with Dow Jones Indexes and STOXX Limited.”

      Sounds to me like the people who decide what sustainability means think that BMW is more than worthy of that title. Why don’t you?

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  • Dominick Derasmo

    I’ve owned a BMW for years and have always been a loyal customer until now. I have a lease which is going back in less than 2 weeks, I have tire protection on my vehicle and they are telling me I have to pay 1400 for new tires when my lease is up in about 10 days. Can someone explain this to me? Did they take into account all the BMW’s I’ve returned well below the available miles as part of my lease deal.

    Now unloyal BMW customer