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BMW UK releases new photos and details on the new 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring. The first car in the world to offer a four-cylinder …

BMW UK releases new photos and details on the new 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring. The first car in the world to offer a four-cylinder power unit with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, BMW 520d Touring, gets a special mention, and brings back once again the nostalgia of more diesel-powered BMWs in the U.S.

Key facts

  • This is the fourth generation BMW 5 Series Touring to be sold in the UK.
  • Eight-speed automatic transmission and Auto Start-Stop available.
  • The BMW 520d Touring is the first car in its class to offer both features.
  • Seven engines available from launch.
  • Highest ever level of standard specification.
  • Largest ever luggage capacity at 560 litres (1,670 litres).

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The new BMW 5 Series Touring is an uncompromising synthesis of power, handling, versatility and elegant style, delivering an experience that suits business and pleasure in equal measure. A BMW 5 Series Touring has always existed to be the perfect estate car for a premium car buyer who wants it all. Clearly it is a package that has global appeal as since the first ever car was introduced in 1991, more than 670,000 have been sold.

Now in its fourth generation, the latest BMW 5 Series Touring comes with a choice of three petrol and four diesel engines and a number of innovative packaging solutions for all manner of loads. And to ensure that the dynamic driving experience of all BMWs is offered in this most useful of models, all variants feature double wishbone front suspension while a self-levelling air suspension at the rear ensures that heavy loads do not affect the Touring’s ability to deliver first class agility and composure.
The BMW 5 Series Touring, which comes with Dakota leather upholstery and automatic air conditioning with two-zone control as standard, goes on sale in the UK on 18 September, 2010.

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The new BMW 5 Series Touring has been sculptured to be more sporting and dynamic looking than its predecessor. The dramatic styling and sloping rear roof line create an elegant silhouette, but function follows form as the latest Touring is even more practical.



All models feature innovative storage solutions such as a 40/20/40 near flat-folding rear seat backrests, a luggage load cover that retracts and lowers automatically with the tailgate and an independent self-opening rear window for ease of loading smaller items – a unique feature in the market. Luggage capacity is increased by 60 litres to 560 litres (1,670 litres) from the previous generation.

As an integral part of the optional Extended Storage package, the rear seat backrest can also be adjusted to a more upright position through seven lockable stages. This gives a reduction of the back seat inclination by 11 degrees, which increases the luggage compartment volume by a further 30 litres.


The BMW 5 Series Touring line-up offers three petrol and four diesel engines, which utilise a range of innovative technologies including turbocharging and High Precision Direct Injection, as well as award-winning EfficientDynamics technologies.

With CO2 emissions of 135g/km for the manual version and 55.4mpg on the combined cycle, the BMW 520d Touring’s fuel economy and emissions are class-leading for the sector. To improve efficiency of the 520d Touring’s drivetrain, manual versions come with an Auto Start-Stop function – a first for the sector – which cuts down the amount of time idling when stopped at road junctions or in traffic congestion.

The BMW 520d marks the entry point into Touring ownership and the 523i is its petrol-powered equivalent. It’s nomenclature might indicate a four-cylinder engine, but this model actually uses a 3.0-litre naturally aspirated powerplant with a High Precision Direct Injection system with a focus on efficiency. Meanwhile, at the other end of the scale the flagship BMW 535i Touring is the first to combine BMW single turbocharger technology, High Precision Direct Injection and VALVETRONIC, the variable valve management system, in the same package. Its diesel equivalent, the 535d, offers twin turbocharging and common rail direct injection technology to provide the go.

Sitting between these appealing Touring models are the straight-six engined 3.0-litre all-aluminium powerplants in the BMW 525d and 530d Tourings that now deliver greater performance than the models they replace, both in terms of sporting performance and fuel consumption and emissions. A 3.0-litre six-cylinder powered BMW 528i Touring completes the range.

A six-speed manual gearbox is fitted as standard on all models. All BMW 5 Series Touring models can be fitted with a new eight-speed automatic transmission as an option except the 535d which has an automatic as standard.

The BMW 520d Touring is the first car in the world to offer a four-cylinder power unit with an eight-speed automatic gearbox to create an estate with unparalleled levels of refinement.

The new BMW 5 Series Touring comes with an array of EfficientDynamics technologies. Innovations such as Optimum gearshift indicator, Brake Energy Regeneration and Active Aerodynamics. Auto Start-Stop technology also debuts on the manual transmission BMW 520d Touring – a first for the sector.


The wheelbase of the new BMW 5 Touring is now the longest in class, at
2,968 millimetres, and 82mm longer than its predecessor, to provide greater interior comfort.

The new double wishbone front axle and a multi-link rear axle ensure that occupants are provided with a composed ride while the rear air suspension ensure loads are kept level. Models specified with Variable Damper Control or Adaptive Drive incorporate the Drive Dynamic Control (DDC) chassis configurator to enhance ride and handling still further. DDC allows for fine tuning of the chassis with the choice of Normal, Comfort, Sport and Sport+.


BMW UK expects to sell circa 4,000 BMW 5 Series Touring models in its first full year with approximately 40 per cent of buyers opting for the BMW 520d Touring. The latest Touring comes with the highest ever level of standard specification to ensure strong residual values and make for the highest specification car compared to rivals. All models come with Dakota leather upholstery, BMW Professional Radio, Bluetooth telephone preparation, Dynamic Stability Control +, front and rear Park Distance Control, Cruise control with speed limiting function, automatic air-conditioning and partial Black Panel technology.

Optional equipment highlights

These include an eight-speed automatic gearbox, Park Assist (a self-parking car feature), Adaptive Drive (active suspension), Integral Active Steering (four-wheel steering), Surround view camera system (an advanced parking aid), Head-up Display, Night Vision with pedestrian recognition, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Warning and Speed Limit display.
Four optional equipment packages are available. The BMW Business Advanced Media and BMW Professional Multimedia packages include BMW Navigation, BMW ConnectedDrive – Assist and Online and Voice Control. The Dynamic package includes 19-inch alloy wheels, Sports seats, Anthracite headlining, Sport leather steering and High-gloss black exterior trim. Finally, the Visibility package includes Adaptive headlights, Xenon headlights, High-beam Assistant and headlight wash.

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16 responses to “New Wallpapers: 2011 BMW 5 Series Touring”

  1. Tom says:

    Way too much plastic under the hood. If it were solely up to BMW, they would probably prefer that the engine compartment/bonnet/hood be completely sealed.

    • FreudeKing says:

      They could have made the BMW letters and strips silver as well to make it look better – but no, they want to make it look cheaper…to save cost!

      • wazon8 says:

        Do you find it really important what kind of materials are used to cover engine? Come on, I don’t want to pay extra for such things as silver strips on engine covering plastic panel. What about silver trims under chassis? Maybe someone will like to see it and it will look cheap.

        • FreudeKing says:

          It is not important, but it is attention to detail and how the looks can be enhanced. They do it for the other covers, so why not this one? If we take your argument, then what’s the point of spraying the bumpers, having an engine cover, having wheel emblems etc. Afterall, this is the premium segment and customers are not buying VW’s or Seat or Skoda or Audi’s here. This is a BMW!

  2. Shincai says:

    The M Sport package looks awesome!

    • FreudeKing says:

      Sorry bu the car still looks sleepy with a lack of sharpness. It’s like it has been woken up during the middle of the night. What a shame that this is what adrian vH regard as a good looking car.

  3. 1Mc says:

    That black 5er Touring looks amazing. Problem with doing that style of vehicle in black though is that it can look a bit like a hearse which can be off-putting.

  4. Laszlo says:

    hearse or not, all we are going to see is that butt-ugly useless creep 5GT. I bet that car was designed by bungle… no other man at BMW designed something so ugly.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Sorry, but I think the front of the 5GT looks much much better than the 5 Series sedan and touring.In fact the 5GT is designed by a person called Chris.

    • wazon8 says:

      Useless 5GT? Man, this car is getting more and more popular. In my neighbourhood family guys love this car, since it combines spacious interior with sportiveness. BTW, both 5-er and 5GT look a way better in real world circumstances than on any photo. I like them both.

  5. Awesome post, its very comfortable to drive 5 series BMW touring, Please share more wallpapers of BMW>

  6. T says:

    Actually in the US Market since introduction. The BMW 5er Gran Turismo has sold over two years COMBINED sales of the previous BMW 5er Touring E61 since it was introduced late last year. Overall 5er Gran Turismo sales world-wide have surpassed 20,000 units this is significant for a low volume model ,with the European markets leading the demand.

    BMW are now working on the 3er Gran Turismo.

  7. Kenee says:

    Th 5 GT is a much much better car than the touring. No wonder it is now the best in sales within the 5 series range.

  8. FreudeKing says:

    Why would anyone want a black interior with silver trims, it looks so common and degraded as compared to the beigh and wood trim

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