DontBlogAboutThis – What secret is BMW “hiding”?

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If you want to keep a secret, one should keep the number of accomplices as low as possible. However, if you want to trigger speculation …

If you want to keep a secret, one should keep the number of accomplices as low as possible. However, if you want to trigger speculation and rumors, a mysterious veil needs to be laid down. This is what BMW wants to accomplish with, and we are in this case the accomplices that will try to reveal the mystery as well.

The name itself will trigger the call to blog about this, exactly the opposite of its intention…or is it? Almost every blog with reference to BMW will link to the page and speculate about what you see here, and this will add even more to the mystery before its final unveiling.

So, we will get the ball rolling and take part in this speculative game.

2012 bmw 6 series coupe teaser photos 12

The obvious first. A prototype based on the BMW 6 Series Coupe (E63). As you will see in the videos below, the rear-end of the 6er stands out first.

However, some things do not fit well with this BMW 6 Series. First, the wheel arches are different from the standard bodystyle, and the vehicle unmistakably sits on another chassis than the 6. Second, the very narrow 195 tires certainly don’t fit the profile of a sporty 6er Coupe.

Third, also notice that the vehicle has only one tail pipe on the left.

2012 bmw 6 series coupe teaser photos1 655x436

With these facts laid out, let’s try to solve the riddle. The wheels are similar to the aerodynamic ones seen on other concepts, from Vision EfficientDynamics to ActiveE. Could this point to a high fuel efficient car?

A pure electric car is unlikely due to the tail pipe already outlined above. Therefore, a hybrid with a relatively small internal combustion engine is most likely the prime suspect here.

Since BMW draws attention to the project now, we can think of an idea that the vehicle will appear at the Paris Motor Show later this month. Could be this be the second episode of Vision EfficientDynamics, first presented at the IAA in the 2009?



If a vehicle with this characteristics goes into production in the next few years, we can hope for a relatively unusual sport car from BMW. World-class performance on a par with a BMW M3 will be combined with very low fuel consumption. Thanks to consistent lightweight parts, the car will weigh well below 1,500 kg. Whether this car with 195 wheels can tolerate the power and weight, it’s something we can’t assess at the moment.

The front of the vehicle, while sitting in the shadow, is very similar to the Vision EfficientDynamics. The roof line seems to be designed like in a standard car and very conventional.


We will have more information and more reveals in the next days, despite the DontBlogAboutThis warning. Speculation will spread in all directions in the next few days and we are excited to see what the final curtain will reveal.



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53 responses to “DontBlogAboutThis – What secret is BMW “hiding”?”

  1. WPaige says:

    This is totally G4Y. Trying to force something to go viral is the lamest thing blogs do these days.

  2. 1Mc says:

    All virals are ‘forced’. You’ve been living on a different planet if you haven’t worked that out by now.

    • Doug says:

      I think the ones that work are finessed, not forced.

      • 1Mc says:

        You want to play semantics? How about I define this BMW effort as being finessed. Now what? How about I choose successful and unsuccessful virals and define them as forces and finessed, As I Please? Now what?

        Less nonsense thanks.

        • Doug says:

          So your argument is that there’s no difference between “finessed” and “forced”, and it’s all just totally subjective?

          More to the point, you don’t think that this tactic is unusually obvious and will tell people that BMW thinks they are morons that can be easily manipulated?

          Ok, with that in mind, back to finesse:

          • 1Mc says:

            No, we all know there’s a definition between the two. But whether a particular campaign and all the elements behind it amount to a certain definition is subjective.

            But since you’re so keen on proving your point – you have our full attention. Show us a list of virals that were forced, and those that were finessed, and the data that shows a strong positive correlation that finessed virals were more successful as you said.

            Also, make sure to provide conclusive authority that each viral you cite was after judging, decided to be either forced or finessed.

            When you’ve done that, we’ll no longer thank you’re full of quality turd.

  3. 1Mc says:

    Definitely a hybrid/electric/KERS test mule of some sort

  4. ///M5Manny says:

    Could be a front wheel drive “Attempt at a record” car. Going for most miles per gallon record.

  5. ///M5Manny says:

    The Solid Rear Axle and no offset wheels says it’s Front Wheel Drive.

  6. Giom says:

    So, obviously, the body is a cover – as stated in the article.

    Question is… why dress it up so neatly if only a prototype? Awareness, sure, but for what? I doubt it’s the VED. Must be something else… something like the future city car project. Yeaaaa.

  7. ///M5Manny says:

    Why would they make a prototype of the VED car when it’s already a prototype?? This is something entirely different. It’s obviously FWD, it’s a small displacement engine, and the wheels/tires are to narrow to handle any high HP numbers.

    And it’s definitely not an ///M of any sorts!

    • Hugo Becker says:

      What’s odd is why is the track so wide if it’s a hybrid? AN I really can’t see BMW doing a twist beam rear axle on a FWD, that’s so Chrysler Town & Country. D’oh!!! DAM, it’s the new BMW minivan!!!! ; -)

  8. Skye Day says:

    I think with the way BMW is going these days (more efficient), it could be a new prototype of the VED that is also FWD. FWD will help with efficiency. And no I don’t think it’s “Town and country” to use FWD. Its a very smart idea if you ask me. I just don’t want BMW to suddenly change all of their cars to FWD, which is very unlikely, i’m only stating my opinion on it. The wider track on this “Ghost” car makes me think its a new proto of VED even more because that says BMW wants this car on the track. I agree with m5 manny on this car being an “Attempt at a record” car, but it might just pull it off depending on what info we get in the next few days if any.

    • Hugo Becker says:

      My tongue was firmly planted in my cheek when I said ‘minivan’. ;-)

      That said, the straight silver piece seen below the rear valence is intriguing, I’m not sure if it is the rear axle or possibly a battery case.

  9. badger says:

    why is the front of the the E.D concept??….
    pretty sure this is indeed the FWD concept or whatever.

  10. Skye Day says:

    Its like the VED prototype most likely because this is the NEW ved concept. Dont take my word for it. It just seems like something BMW would do. But who knows. They could just surprise us with a new 6 series and get rid of the VED for now, which would make me sad.

  11. Skye Day says:

    new VED prototype*

  12. XC says:

    VED production version test mule. Isn’t it clear enough?

  13. It looks like they threw random parts together for the heck of it

  14. Bryce McKenney says:

    Maybe BMW wants to release the first production vehicle ever to run on bicycle tires.

  15. Victor says:

    That´s the most boring “VIRAL”-Campaign ever!!!

    Sad for BMW….

    I´m really disapointed!

    • 1Mc says:

      Be disappointed in yourself for pre-judging a campaign before it’s even got going. We have no idea what’s next or what direction it will go.

      Thankfully we don’t work together because you’d have to get fired for being useless.

    • Dan Frederiksen says:

      that’s because you are ignorant. this is actually their best campaign ever by far because of the implications. if they actually decide to go this direction with their cars, and they will even though they are probably still obtuse from all the shitheading they did since the EV revolution started in 2006, then this will be a game changing car. no more stupid heavy wasteful primitive cast iron combustion engine cars. some actual intelligent engineering will happen for a change. the first time in 100 years. if BMW gets behind this which can be seen from availability dates and pricing (soon and normal price) then it will change everything. While Nissan’s Leaf and GM’s token Volt are interesting they don’t as of yet constitute critical mass. BMW shifting to lean tech would make critical mass and all the other shitheads will follow in a panic because it will be immediately apparent how superior light electric drive is. even to you.

      IF BMW gets behind this. because they are shitheads just like the others. they just panicked first : )

  16. Vaybach Khan says:

    its something between the 6 and ved concept,thats what they telling us… what could it be?or maybe its somethin all different and they are fooling us…or we could wait the paris show and find out:)

  17. 1Mc says:

    Is the 6er going to be the first Bimmer to debut a new tech, or are the 6 parts just a disguise to throw us off the scent?

    *strokes chin*

  18. Dan Frederiksen says:

    the only thing I don’t like about this car is that BMW is not behind it. they have been consistently obtuse about intelligent car design, holding back from teh obvious which is a light weight battery electric car with a tiny range extender. contradiction you might say? well no. while this car seems to embody most of what I’m calling for, you can’t yet buy it, they have not promised to make it in a way you can hold them to and it could easily be dragged out forever as one should expect them to from their past very poor behavior. they want to hold on to the illusion that their conventional cars are good but they are not. they are archaic old crap, massively overweight, slow and wasteful.
    this car is only good if they actually are behind it.
    it’s not long ago that they said the combustion engine will be the choice of engine for the future. are we to believe they finally woke up? I’ll believe it when I see it from BMW, the arch enemy of reason.

  19. Artmic says:

    ok why should we be excited? Front wheel drive system? or another idiotic electrical car concept?

  20. BMfan says:

    Why cant you all see this is a metamorphosis kind of. The new 6-series evolving from the front gradually transforming till it gets to the back. Honestly the front looks like the VED.

  21. Tom says:

    this has totally caught my attention. cant wait to see more!

  22. johny says:

    could be Wankel-based???

  23. X5SoB says:

    This is obviously a development mule for the car that will come from the Vision ED. BMW is trying to generate buzz by posting this.

  24. JD says:

    Photos taken inside the FIZ (BMW research & development terrain). You don’t see that a lot. Basically, you don’t see that at all.

  25. dan says:

    I think it looks crap, why do BMW have that horrible bulge on the boot lid, sort it out, it looks silly. I have an M3-2004, it doesn’t look as dated as some of the new cars with the boot bulge !!

  26. viper says:

    while people drive the sls and slrs around the world and enjoy the life like I do driving merc , I really pity the bmw guys for being so narrow minded and bringing such fuss about nothnig.
    who cares about this non existing ugly car anyway?
    bmw makes ass ugly cars. lost the hp war ten years ago.
    lost the ‘track times’ to alfa gta. the exact 147gta fwd is faster than m3 previous gen. on the track. oh and I can go on an on.
    nothing special about bmw anymore. pity

  27. Skye Day says:

    Why do you all talk bad about BMW when your on a BMW Blog site? I don’t understand it. And track times and HP really aren’t the most important things. Especially to BMW with the “Efficient Dynamics” saga going on right now. This car will not disappoint, i’m sure BMW knows what they’re doing. We just need to relax and wait for the Paris show.

  28. fadi says:

    looking to the first photo., i see there is no differential……this is a FWD car.

  29. Ted Spahr says:

    So it’s a 6er… With a VisionDynamic front… And it’s FWD… In other words a bastard love child…

  30. The front is magnificiant… but the roof (shape) and back is exactly the sam as in 6-series… they should change it… :/

  31. dan walsh says:

    It is so pig ugly at the rear, they have never got better, my old 2004 M3 is better.

    • Giom says:

      @ Dan. You must not be from around here… earth, I mean.

      It’s obviously a mule – VED front mated to a 6 series rear. As I understand it, they use a 6 series body duo to the interior size similarities to it and the VED.

      Oh, thats VED for Vision EfficientDinamics. Look it up on Google, (if you’ve missed out on the tonnes of articles and pictures on it), it really is a gorgious design.

  32. dan walsh says:

    I wonder when they will make a new Triumph Stag and ruin the shape of that ? I bet it is on the cards, don’t do the boot like the BMW please !!!

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