Top 10 Reasons Why The 1M Will Rock Your World

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One of the most hyped and rightfully so upcoming BMW, is the new 1 Series M Coupe. Recently semi-unveiled at the Oktoberfest 2010, the 1M, …

One of the most hyped and rightfully so upcoming BMW, is the new 1 Series M Coupe. Recently semi-unveiled at the Oktoberfest 2010, the 1M, as many of us calls it, has moved up to the number 1 spot in the wishlist of BMW enthusiasts.

The new car takes us back to the “M roots” when the company focus mostly on lightweight execution, coupled with incredible driving dynamics and extreme handling.  Based on what we have seen or heard through official and unofficial channels, the 1M is built for purists and its true value will be appreciated by those that live and breathe BMW. The car goes to the soul of every BMW driver that became attached to the brand, not because of the image or status, but rather due to the “Ultimate Driving Machine” experience.

This last group includes the folks at BMWBLOG and we decided to give our top 10 reasons why the 1M will rock our world, and why not, yours also.

BMW 1 Series M 1M car 655x434

1. BMW M went back to its roots

2. It’s a manual (or so we say…)

3. It was built under the codename Pyrate. Shall we say more?

4. First turbo inline-six M engine

5. It’s a smaller, angrier M3.

6. Because the 135i is already amazing.

7. …and we thought 135i was a baby M car

8. Because a loaded M3 is $73K and this will be sub $60K

9. Because the 1///M represents a new direction for ///M in advance of the new ///M1

10. Because BMWBLOG says so and we are rarely wrong.

Update: To make this more interesting, we asked our Twitter followers for their own input, we will update the list below as tweets come in.

@arisemedia I have faith in M that they will produce a nothing-but-balls 1M. It’s in their bloodline and I would expect nothing less.

@m5manny It’ll be awesome because it brings ///M back to a formula that made it LEGENDARY!

@mavric35 1M will b the closest thing we have seen to the original E30 M3 and its driving experience. Wheelbase, engine, handling all winners

@LPscuderiaSV Light(er) and nimble with good power.

@hugo_atr Rear seats in the 1M are useless for adults, which saves weight.

45 responses to “Top 10 Reasons Why The 1M Will Rock Your World”

  1. Laszlo says:

    WELL, HARD TO SAY. its lighter but marginally then the 3 series, also smaller but marginally. The 6 cylinder with TT is a good engine but reliability ? its hard to say and the turbo engine tend to produce more issues then normally aspirated engines.
    The V8 sounds better and have a more masculine sound, and the inline six was a delight to rev.
    I wish they would have worked the inline 6 to make it a close to 400HP engine. The S54 was strong and reliable engine. A 3.4l size and direct injection and some additional tweaks – valvetronic, etc. could have made it into a 385-390HP engine which would have been awesome.
    Sure the V8 is lighter and has more power but we need more nimble and smaller engined cars in a future.
    So back to the 1 series… it will be good of course, hasn’t really seen a BAD product from the M guys, but will it be the best M yet ? Hard to say, I think not.
    Styling is one thing that does not really a strong point, the other is life cycle. The 1 series is due for replacement in year or maybe two years. Will the new 1 series FWD ? If so then this will be a 2nd shortest M production vehicle as the platform will die with it. A FWD 1 series M will be a real shocker for many, but as the 4×4 M product is awesome, I’m sure it will be great for the posers who cares about bragging rights and the electro techno gizmos in a car anyway.
    So I thin we will see in about 6-7 months how it actually stands up to the big brothers.

    • wazon8 says:

      @Laszlo: where did you get your opinion about unreliability of 35i engine? This engine is really different from the ordinary turbocharged pethrol engines. It has pretty low pressure generated by turbo, so it’s not so loaded as turbocharged engines used to be and hence doesn’t suffer on typical problems for turbocharged pethrol engines. What kind of other issues do you have in mind? The fact that turbo is not ethernal?

      It’s not the first time you maintain that V8 from M3 is lighter than 35i and that’s false. The first one weights 202 kg (which really impressive as for 4.0 V8), but the last one is lighter about 9 kg. Of course, such kind of difference is innoticable. But what’s gonna be interesting feature about M-refined 35i engine is that 1M will get higher torgue than M3 e92 from a way lower rev. speed and that will affect performance positively. I will be less powerful, that’s right, but on curvy roads power is not the most important thing. Both engines are great, car equipped with them are great also.

      • Laszlo says:

        I said the V8 engine is lighter then the S54 6 cylinder in the E46 M3. I loved that engine and I think it would have been wiser to enhance that instead of designing a new small M3 engine.

        The x35i’s reliability issues are widely documented. The fact that they are still under warranty, hides this for a while. BMW had lots of problems with it and the long term reliability is very questionable.
        Cooling issues, bearings, cracking manifolds, various sensors, high oil consumption, valve train noises, etc. all present in the x35 line.
        Wait till the majority of the every day cars hit the 100k marks and it will be trouble on trouble.
        The early ones had no oil coolers, those were constantly running in high temperatures, those will have more issues then the rest.
        We’ll see in a few years.

        • wazon8 says:

          Siriously, there were no other problems with 35i engine than problems with cooling of 5th and 6th cylider in engines from the very beggining of production as noted by Steve Dinan. And even whose who had this early version of engine hasn’t noticed any problems with cooling. BMW on their own made some modifications in order to deal with problems reported by Dinan and some of usuers, so repeating that 35i engine still has cooling problems doesn’t refer to any actual thing. I’ve got 2008 335i e92 with 160.000 of milage and I haven’t noticed any problems, including cooling, but according to you, I should order new engine. Am I lucky one? I don’t think so. Some of my friends have the same engine in sendans and have never complain on anything. The only issue I heard about was mentioned cooling problems, but rest of what you listed are rather incidental things.

  2. Cheng says:

    The 135i is great so this should be good… as long as the M guys don’t ruin it with useless marketing gimmicks like the ‘Tiger’ edition!! *shudder*

  3. BMfan says:

    @Cheng, cut the crap! Whats really wrong with these editions for different markets? Its important the company gives different markets a sense of identity and ‘pride’ and as a corollary, sells its products for the good of every one.
    All these ‘purists’ rant is almost becoming irritating.

    • 1Mc says:

      Cheng thinks that an M car isn’t an M anymore if it has different coloured versions of it or different headrests.

      Go say that to the M engineer’s faces Cheng. I’d enjoy watching them laugh in your face. Childish idealism/moronic nitpicking.

      The guy’s probably just annoyed because he can’t afford one.

    • Beermann says:

      It might be good for your career at BMW if you pay more attention to what your boss is saying about ‘purists’:
      BMWBLOG: Could you describe M in one word?
      Dr. Kay Segler: Pure.

      In the article above:
      “the 1M is built for purists and its true value will be appreciated by those that live and breathe BMW”

      • 1Mc says:

        Purists appreciate the car’s engineering and feel, they don’t have some ridiculous childish idea that M is diluted because of headrest stitching. LMAO, utter garbage.

        • Cheng says:

          It’s not the stitching, which actually looks decent… It’s the use of cheap souvenir shop symbols on a great car! The tiger would probably have been acceptable to me if it was designed properly and less cheap looking…

  4. plaxico says:

    11. its 6 years to late, but knowing that 1er has mostly kids-hairdressers fan base ,we reckon it ll sell

  5. paul says:

    i dont know….this thing will cost more than a 2nd hand CSL in the Uk. who would u rather have? a new 1M1 or a cheaper, lighter, faster better sounding more exclusive M3 CLS???

    • Laszlo says:

      that’s a USED car. Don’t compare apples to oranges. You can also buy a 4 year old M5 which has more legroom almost the same acceleration/handling. Or you can buy a 14 year old 355 Ferrari which has more prestige and similar performance…. etc.

      Used car prices and new car prices are not the same. Sure I would buy that car too, but I’m not a typical BMW buyer person. In the US most people would not buy a used car if there is a similar new car for the similar price range. A new car has this special prestige for them. God bless them I say, otherwise where and how would I buy my 3 years old, off-lease gems ?

      So don’t compare it to a used car now, make the same statement after 3 years when the market will be getting the 1st line of off-lease 1M models. I bet their price will be lower then the CSL but much higher then the 135i which is tanking in most markets.

  6. jude says:

    Love all the previous & current M cars do I’m sure the 1M will be equally spectacular. I know you really shouldn’t compare a new car to a used car, but I can get a slightly used E92 M3 for under 50K vs “sub 60k for a new 1M – I don’t know. If I can buy a light optioned 1M in the low 50’s then I will jump.

  7. jan Bottcher says:

    I want to take the issue of 1M convertible. If you have any news please share with me. To date I have been unable to find any informations. I drive a loaded 2008 M3 coupe which I am thinking of selling and gettting the new 1M coupe or better still a cabriolet. . If you have any comments I would appreciate if you share with me what you think. I want a car for everyday driving. Most of my drivin is in the city. My ideal car would be a Diesel powered cabriolet whiich is not available in North America. I am frustrated at the limitations imposed by BMW Canada and BMW USA on the cars available in Euroope and elsewhere. I am very disappointed.

  8. aChinese says:

    Top 1 reason to a 1M is …………. You can’t afford a M3.

    • Wooo hoo. says:


      This compact car shouldn’t even be in the lineup. No better than a Mazdaspeed3….just with a roundel on it. I hated the 1er since it’s introduction…. slap an m-badge, a body kit, and it’s still a wannabe… The “enthusiasts” will want to say everything above, but this thing is no M3…. nor does it carry the status of one no matter how hard they try.

      It’s being released on the last year of production…. it’s just a ploy to boost sales of this pig and you all are falling for it hook line and sinker! LMAO

      • 1Mc says:

        Compact? It’s the same size as the previous generation M3. Which is the M3 we all love.

        These two comments prove one thing – that some posters here are very young and aren’t aware of any M car before the E90

        This car is The BMW of the decade. Anyone who buys this car can also buy a nearly new M3 – and they’ll choose the 1M instead and for good reason too. I don’t think there’ll be another car on the road that can match the feel of the 1M when it comes out.

        This thing is going to be a driver’s dream.

        • Wooo hoo. says:

          Car of the decade? It’s an experiment into the lower class market….

          I bought mine for some sense of status and exclusivity…. something the 1er(in any fashion) just takes away from the who BMW brand.

          • 1Mc says:

            You’re exactly what’s wrong with BMW. You think Bimmers give you social status – they don’t. Ferrari’s give you social status and exclusivity. You’re not an enthusiast, as you’ve admitted, you’re just some guy who’s trying to make himself look good with a badge. Some of us don’t care about that, we like the BMW that make good cars.

            These were the days

            Besides, you don’t even know what lower class means. I would bet my house that the majority of 1M drivers are young, professional class men with a higher than average pay packet.

          • Gnuman says:

            BMW…’The Ultimate Driving Machine’- not the,’The status Stating Machine’. Why even write something in this post if you’re not a driving enthusiast. This car is everything ‘M’ represents; BMW racing heritage coupled with the advancements in todays engine /chassis dynamics . Go bathe in cologne and iron your clothes, I’ll be at the track.

        • aChinese says:

          Only “young” people who CAN’T afford a M3 will buy 1M…..period! M3 is the king of hill and will always be. How many wannabe out there trying to beat it, they all failed. M3 is M3, will never be anything else.

          • anonymous says:

            The M3 will be easier to get a cheaper ‘nearly new’ than the 1M on release. Only 2700 1M’s to be built. If you want an M – it’s easier and cheaper to buy an E92 M3 with a few miles on it.

            That’s the reality. Everything else is BS.

    • Wooo hoo. says:

      LMFAO… great points!

      1. The 1M brings the M brand downscale.

      3. It is coming at the end of the E82 lifespan.

      4. Outdated before it hits.

      8. This model represents BMW abandoning its principles for profit and volume.

      9. Just will not be a true M, no matter how hard they try to convince us it is.

      10. This car will be superb, but it marks the end of an era. It marks the end of an era where M’s were rare and special.

      • 1Mc says:

        1. The 1M brings the M brand upscale – a return to M’s roots.
        3. We all wish it could have come sooner. I’d have one in my drive today.
        4. It’s not even out yet so no it’s not outdated.
        8. The car will be produced in only 2500 models around the world. So no.
        9. Your dogma doesn’t dictate M. This will be the best M aside from the CSL.
        10. The car will be rare, like the Z4M Coupe. And yes it will be superb, and the start of a new era where M return to their roots.

        • Wooo hoo. says:

          1. Upscale?! How do you justify that assumtion?!! You can’t be seriuos… a 1er upscale? I suppose it’s on par with the F10…. pshhhh, riiight.

          3. We all wish it was never even conceived…

          4. it is outdated, why release it on the LAST year of production of that body

          8. Riiight….. A collectible compact entry level BMW…… Perhaps because the discerning BMW fan will see it for what it is…. BMW is dipping into the ricer market….

          10. BMW Status, exclusivity, craftmanship, precision…..Everything the 1er isn’t….

    • Auday says:

      Yeah unfortunately your 10 points closer to the truth about this car. and let me add 11 here
      11. It has nothing to do with the E30M3, it is still a very heavy car (almost as heavy as the E46M3), It has a torquey turbo engine versus an extremely peaky rev happy engine. These two differences would make the car very different in characteristics than the E30M3, and IMO the E46M3 or even better the CSL would still be closer to the root.

  9. 1Mc says:

    1. Yes upscale. Heavy tech laden M cars have been the woe of M enthusiasts – you know, people who actually enjoy driving.
    3. It’s only months away now and it will pave the way for the future of honest drivers cars. Better late than never.
    4. It’s not outdated if it can compete in it’s segment – it will be top of it’s segment and redefining. You don’t even know what outdated means.
    8. The E46 was a ricer market? The CSL was a ricer? The M3 GTS is a ricer? You’re the wrong sort of BMW driver.
    10. The 1er has all the things you listed. It will be more exclusive than the average mass produced 3 series. And more expensive too. You don’t even make sense.

  10. Wooo hoo. says:

    Driving Dynamics are a bonus…. yea, mea culpa….

    Joe Public yearns to own a BMW they know enough to distinguish the status difference between the 1/3/5/7..etc… AFAIK a 1er just does nothing to stir him. The badge alone make them envious, following that it’s the number on the trunk…1 is a lonely number…..

  11. Wooo hoo. says:

    Besides… I’d rather shell out for an M3 GTS if I was looking for an “enthusiats” car. I suppose that USA consumers are stuck with this abomination as a consolation…

    • 1Mc says:

      No you wouldn’t. That’s a track car. No-one will buy an M3 GTS for a daily driver. I think you need to seriously rethink your perspective.

      • WIth all due respect, I would buy an M3 GTS for a daily driver. The fact USA consumers don’t even have the is ridiculous.

        • 1Mc says:

          Maybe you would, maybe you just talk out your rear end. We only have your word for it.

          What we do know, is that the M3 GTS isn’t designed to be a daily driver as it tailored towards the track. We also know that the buyers will have it at least as a second car.

          But you can say anything you want, it’s the internet after all and you have an axe to grind. Go you.

    • wazon8 says:

      Come on, it’s not indifferent for most of people whether they’ll spend 50k euro or 110k euro for car. 1M gonna be great car for all those of ethusiast who miss e46 M3 (it’s smaller than M3 e92 and singnifcantly lighter) and also for those who cannot afford M3 e92. I would still take M3 e92 over this car, but I don’t find it difficult to appreciate 1M. Taking into consideration its mass and high torgue avaible from very low rev. speed it will be really pleasure to drive.

  12. Artmic says:

    too little too late, the styling of the car is way too dated. Perhaps it would have been alright in the year 1999, or 2000 , but now it is the ugly duckling.

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