Renderings: 2013 BMW M6

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BMW M6 Coupé F13 Renderings MCQueen BimmerToday 011 750x500 Renderings: 2013 BMW M6

Spy photos of the next generation BMW M6 have barely surfaced, and furthermore, unfounded rumors were classifying the new M6 as being a dead project, …

Spy photos of the next generation BMW M6 have barely surfaced, and furthermore, unfounded rumors were classifying the new M6 as being a dead project, but fortunately, BMW M’s flagship is an active project and we expect the car to be unveiled in 2012.

The next generation F12/F13 6 Series serves as the basis for the M6, following the same design lines with the usual M treatment, both aesthetically, and under the hood. The M6 continues to carry the wider rear fenders and the usual four-tailpipe exhaust system characteristic to M models.

Details around the engine are limited to pure speculations and rumors at the moment, but the expectations are that the car will be powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine producing around 600 horsepower.

BMW M6 Coupé F13 Renderings MCQueen BimmerToday 02 655x428 Renderings: 2013 BMW M6

The power is exclusively directed to the rear wheels and should make for an impressive acceleration. A regular sprint to 60mph is not expected to take more than 4 seconds.

We expect to learn more about the new M6 as the new year approaches and most likely BMW will use the 6 Series launch as an opportunity to reiterate their plans of building a M version.

In the mean time, let’s have a look at these exclusive renderings.

BMW M6 Coupé F13 Renderings MCQueen BimmerToday 031 655x491 Renderings: 2013 BMW M6


[Renderings by McQueen for BimmerToday ]
  • Jaao

    the new 6 is going to look awesome. But these “renderings” are plain awful

  • L1ndja

    The thing with these rendering is that they make the 6er appear like a 3er.The artist should have made it look bigger,that would have made it look more closer to the real thing.


    They look like video game renderings. I hope the headlights look like that though.

  • Billy

    Someone should try rendering it in 3d. Then we would have more than the same two redundant angles that have been photoshopped off the gran coupe pictures.

  • Bryce McKenney

    The side detail looks like it came right off a Ford Focus… the 6-series hasn’t even been unveiled yet so it’s still early for any M6 predictions


      Not really, considering the model has already been spotted testing.

  • Artmic

    wow if this is the new 6, then it is nothing to shout about…….. it looks plain. boring.

    • Doug

      actually… I agree. They’ve removed “art” from “design” in this car.

  • m5 2011

    looks like they took a S6 image and manip’d it to this weak M6 wannabe

  • ///M3CSL

    Can BMW stop rapeing the front of their cars? This looks just as ugly as the newly ruined 5 series…ugh were is Bangle? He did not screw anything up..actually he did by leaving…

  • Wooo hoo.

    This thing has it all! Panache, Exclusiveness, and status…. unlike the Faux 1M

  • 1Mc

    Another big, heavy, technology laden M car. Will be amazing, but no thanks. Thank God for Segler and the 1M.

    They should go all out on the 1M in future, remove a lot of weight from it – a CSL version and market it as the top, most true M car. Price it above the M6 if need be.

  • Artmic

    This rendering reminds me of the 3-Series rendering in a german car magazine lol.

  • ipkss

    in fact nothing compares whith 6 series 2004 E63!!!

  • michel

    This car looks awesome!
    It has its unique style which only BMW has. And it also seems great in blue colors.

    MP4 to MP3