Latest Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible

Spy Photos | September 6th, 2010 by 22
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By the end of this month, BMW will unveil the latest generation of the 6 Series. Due to be revealed in a concept form at …

By the end of this month, BMW will unveil the latest generation of the 6 Series. Due to be revealed in a concept form at the Paris Motor Show, the new 6 Series Convertible takes design back to its root with a slick, svelte, yet still aggressive look.

Slightly longer and wider than the current generation, with dimensions between the new 5 Series and the 7 Series, the new 6 Series features shorter overhangs and wider fender flares.

The corona ring headlights become a characteristic of new BMWs and as expected, they made their way into the new 6 Series as well. The taillights continue to sport an L-shape and LEDs.

First reports were claiming a hardtop 6 Series Cabrio, but all the information leaked from the company and the latest spy photos, are pointing towards a soft top mode. The latest rumor states that the hardtop could be offered as an option, but we’re inclined to believe that it won’t be feasible for BMW to offer both options.

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Engine wise, the new 6 Series will feature a combination of diesel and petrol offerings. The high-end diesel model will be the 640d, powered by the N57 turbocharged straight-6 common rail diesel engine outputting 306 horsepower. The 650i will be the highest offering powered by the 4.4 liter V8 Twin-turbo engine found in the other 50i models.

The first U.S. 2011 6 Series model will debut in March of next year in the form of BMW 650i Convertible. In July 2011, the 650 Coupe will follow. Later in September of 2011, the BMW 640 Coupe and Convertible will launch, along with the xDrive variant of the 650.

[Photo source: Germancarforum ]

22 responses to “Latest Spy Photos: 2012 BMW 6 Series Convertible”

  1. plaxico says:

    looks so cheap with this soft top on. Eww

  2. pimeto says:

    Thank god they made it look like Grand Coupe Concept!!!
    Thank god they didnt make some shity design like the new X3!!!

  3. wazon8 says:

    Thanks god it has soft top. I hope that BMW will back to soft tops in whole future line up.

  4. Lariv says:

    It looks aggressive but elegant, this probably will be a brilliant looking car when unveiled. The interior will probably be brilliant too but will it have a dashboard identical to that of the 5 Series?

  5. Laszlo says:

    yuck, that soft top is just like the current model. horrible.
    even the smallest convertibles are hard top, why can’t bmw make it with hardtop ? weight ? don’t start me on that… this light weight soft will be at around 2Ton anyway.

    • wazon8 says:

      2T? I don’t think so. And yes, it’s lighter without hardtop. There is around 100kg difference, so it’s hard to be ignored. I love soft tops and this one is great rather than horrible.

      • Laszlo says:

        but what does 100kg means at around 2Ton ? Nothing. strong engines, 8spd auto, who cares of extra 100kg ? it won’t change a thing and would make the car a 4 season long term car. a canvas top is always a secondary car status only.
        look at the MB SL hardtop. Not only the car looks better, its a real 4 season safe and secured car.
        I think the SL is still the king in that segment by a long shot. All the necessary goodies along with beautiful styling and a folding hardtop.
        by the way a good aluminium or carbon fiber hardtop would be an extra 50-60kg or so not 100kg. I looked it up and many companies tested both before switching to a hardtop and the difference was not 100kg.

        Peugeot Renault Fiat Alfa Mitsubishi etc.

        • Alex says:

          100kg means a WHOLE lot, in car of any weight. Oh, and SL will never be a king of the “segment” (whatever that means) because of the way it drives, and looks…

      • Laszlo says:

        ahh, the power of the internet. I just looked it up – the 2010 650i convertible weight is 4277lbs or 1925kg. base model ! The new model will be longer, wider and uses a twin turbo engine, so expect weight to grow slightly to about 1940-1950kg. That’s pretty close to 2T which is 2000kg. so I was right.
        Also the hardtop on the 3 series made the car 118lbs heavier then a canvas top would have been. So thats 53.1kg… make that 60kg for a 6 series size (almost same cabin size as 3 series) and that would have even out to a round 2T.
        I can choose between a ragtop with 1940kg or a hardtop convertible for 2000kg, I know that trimming 60kg off will not going to change anything.
        The X5M is a monster in weight and size, still handles like a dream. So weight is not something they can not overcome with some fine tuning. If the car weight would be 350-400lbs or more then it would be the issue. At 60kg its just not.

    • Lariv says:

      It would make the car heavier and would compromise the boot space.

      • Laszlo says:

        pleaseee…. the platinum amex still fits in perfectly :-)

        packing is the key. They can pack the hardtop to a same space as they can the ragtop. Its all in a past, hardtops have same space as ragtops. Look at the Mazda Miata for example, that hardtop is a one of the latest design, folds to a same place as the ragtop.
        so this reason is faulty.

  6. viper says:

    looks nice to be honest , dont like the soft top tho.
    the m6 is most likely to be copy and paste m5

  7. FreudeKing says:

    The bottom of the fron bumper is HELL OF A BORE! What is wrong with them??? Can they not make something remarkable? It looks like the standard bmper on the 1 Series hatch…. absolutely no fun/wow factor. They will probably make you pay extra for something more remarkable like the sports package, otherwise you get get an ordinary looking car. what a shame.

  8. Jaao says:

    this car is going to be FULL of WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN

  9. Janet says:

    They built this as a softtop to cheapen out. Really ridiculous. I am very upset with BMW. I own the 6 series coupe and wanted to buy the hardtop version of the new 6 convertible.

  10. pimeto says:

    The reason not to make a hard top is the same reason they never made 5 series convertible…. Its that simple!
    This is a strategy for selling… i dont see the point thought! But this is the way it is…

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