Ooops…BMW M5 prototype gets towed off the ‘Ring’

Spy Photos | September 3rd, 2010 by 21
01 m5 trailer 750x500 Ooops...BMW M5 prototype gets towed off the Ring

Not something that we see daily and certainly not a view that one sees often at the famous Nurburgring track. Being used to seeing the …

Not something that we see daily and certainly not a view that one sees often at the famous Nurburgring track. Being used to seeing the BMW prototypes running at full speed on the ‘Ring’, the image below puts a smile on our face.

Could have been a mechanical failure? A flat tire or simply a blown electronic circuit? We’re not sure, but what we find amusing at this point is the scenery of a BMW X5 acting as a tow truck and judging by the photos, quite successfully also.

Back on the M5 subject, the new M will be unveiled next year in a concept form at the Geneva Motor Show, followed by its first world premiere on home turf at Frankfurt Auto Show.

01 m5 trailer 655x436 Ooops...BMW M5 prototype gets towed off the Ring

[Source: Autoblog ]
  • Lariv

    Bit odd but why rather than a new X5 or X5M is it an old E53 X5?

    • Lariv

      *why is it

      • FreudeKing

        I guess that is just a cost saving measure. Why use it as a tow car when you can sell the new X5 to a customer?

        It is kind of worrying that the M5 is still giving problems at this stage. The brand new 5 Series has already had a major worldwide recall so soon after its launch. Things are just not looking good.

        As for the old X5 vs the new X5. You have to admit that the new X5 is much better in terms of technology. But the car seems to be a bit hollow. I mean the build quality is not what it used to be ito the materials used. I understand that they are trying to save weight etc. but the car just doesn’t feel as solid. A good example is to tap the panel on top of the front wheels, it’s made of plastic! Lifting the bonnet is like lifting a lever arch file, it is so light and soft. It just gives me an impression that it is less of a solid car than the old X5. Looks great though. The same problem with the new 5 Series, it feels so plastic.

        • arthuro

          if it is a cost savings measure, then it is odd to use an 4.6iS tuned car, instead of a regular, okay old, but still turbodiesel!!!, great for towing… So it isnt just a saving cost measure.

          • FreudeKing

            Well, it is less costly to replace it with the new X5M or 50.

          • arthuro

            i disagree, it would be less costly to use x5 3.0d e70 instead of x5m e70 or okay x6 5.0, and why you think that it is hard to maintain an x5 4,6is, it is very less complicated in terms of electronics than the new x5’s and x6’s. So it wont say when towing traction control went wrong, drive moderately, it just goes and does what the driver wants.

        • Bimmer1

          “It is kind of worrying that the M5 is still giving problems at this stage. The brand new 5 Series has already had a major worldwide recall so soon after its launch. Things are just not looking good.”

          It’s really not that worrying. When you’re running full out laps on the most demanding race track in the world, things are going to go wrong here and there. Especially on a production car.

        • Sam

          Its called saving weight…. why have a steel plate there when it offers no increase in rigidity towards the chassis in addition to decreasing the survival rate for pedestrians while adding weight? It makes no sense. Bmw are just adopting Intelligent lightweight construction for their cars (which is espically needed in a SUV or “SAV” such as the x5.) The reason the bonnet is so light is because its made out of aluminium (which is a good thing as it is stronger, yet lighter then conventional steel.) If the old x5 was so “solid” then why is it that the second generation has a increase of structural rigitity of 15% in comparison to the first? Lightweight, ridgid construction is needed as it inflences basically everything you do in your car (braking, turning and accelerating) not to mention other benefits such as increased crash protection and fuel economy…. Being “plastic” is a good thing, why do you think all F1 cars are made out of carbon fiber?

          As for your reliability and material used claim, currently bmw make the most reliable cars they have ever produced to date. I can back this up by saying that I own a 2009 bmw x5 xdrive35d with around 45,000 km on the clock and so far, it has had no faults.

    • arthuro

      this is a pretty damn good question. i love the 4.6is and i think it is one the very best of bmw’s. moreover i love e53 hate e70. this photo gives me a smile, but in a good way. And im really impressed that bmw m techs use the old e53, u just have to admire that car, it is amazing. no offence to current x5m, x6m owners, for me current m suv’s cars aint so refined and just not that practical and proportional as the old x5m (yes i say that, i call an 4.6is/4.8is an m car, u might say that i am wrong and, it doesnt have an m engine or, strictly developed by m division) This car is a mixture of engineering precision, simplicity, accuracy. Alpina have done great job in doing the engineering, m division have tuned it up the handling very good.

      p.s. Sorry folks if u got bored, just love the car.

  • Shawn

    My guess is they’ve probably had this E53 modified for towing and kicking around for years (and never had to use it). Looks like it does the job well – why replace it?

  • Alvin Wong

    That has to be the first time I’ve ever seen an X5 towing anything. It’s quite refreshing. :)

    • Laszlo

      and totally illegal at the same time. The X5’s weight is just a tad more then the M5’s and add the trailer – a full dual axle trailer. Well over the limit of that old X5.
      When you tow, the vehicle AND trailer weight added together. What was the towing limit on the old X5 ? 3500 ? maybe 5000lbs but definitely not more then that.

      The new X5 is capable of less then the old one actually, its more of a crossover then the 1st gen was. The new X5 will probably never be used for towing an actual car…

      • bla

        The old x5 can tow 3.5 tons. I doubt trailer plus car exceed that.

        • FreudeKing

          just tow the damn thing.

  • Alvin Wong

    While your point is valid, my point was that it’s just refreshing to see an X5 towing anything in general. When was the last time you saw a BMW owner actually tow anything with an X5? I’ve never seen it happen before.

    • guest

      We tow a supercharger E46 M3 all over the states with a 4.4i E53. Tows great and never had a breakdown.

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  • arthuro

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