BMW M5 wrecked while at dealer for service

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An M5board member took his 2007 BMW M5 to a Texas-based dealership for a regular service appointment. A few hours later, the owner gets a …

An M5board member took his 2007 BMW M5 to a Texas-based dealership for a regular service appointment. A few hours later, the owner gets a call from the dealership which informs him that the M5 went through an accident. They stated that their tech took the car for a test drive and slid into a curb at 20 mph.

The wheel cracked, tire blown, front end needs a new paint job and the strut was cracked open. This was the official story.

The owner took the liberty to go check the accident site and found out that the 20 mph test drive was most likely a…fast drive that turned ugly.

Without taking any sides here, we will continue reporting some of the facts as described by the owner. The dealership estimated the cost for parts at around $2,500, without the paint job. Lawyers and insurance companies got involved, but the owner decided to take this matter a step further.

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He took his M5 to another dealership which after carefully inspecting the car, they found a broken strut, borked inner brace, bent steering gear assembly, damaged rear suspension many instances of body damage, in total about $14,000 in parts and another $16,000 in labor.

The story is still developing and the owner continues to seek legal advice, hoping for a favorable result. We decided to hold off on the name of the dealership, but we reached out for an official statement and we will update the article as we learn more.

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34 responses to “BMW M5 wrecked while at dealer for service”

  1. Sam Kramer says:

    Free repair, and 30% off an F10 M5 built to the owners specs. What a fool (mechanic).

  2. Dede says:

    That would be a Texas-sized F-up!

  3. Alex says:

    Free repair? How about a replacement car? idiots.

    • FreudeKing says:

      Absolutely. who would want a car back that has been accident damaged before. Those dealships will be the same guys telling this owner that the trade in value for his car will be heavily knocked due to the accident history! So they have to pay up right now and for the lost trade in value in the future. In fact, they should buy the car at retail value right now as if it was not in an accident before.

      As for those service guys at these dealerships, this is exactly what happens when these guys do not know their responsibilities. They are dealing with customers’ property and should look after them with care and love! So often you leave your cars at the dealership for a service or fault repairs and they take your car out and drive wrecklessly. These idiots must be taught a lesson. BMW should employ more professional and responsible persons. I understand that accidents happen but to lie and cover up afterwards??? 20mph? I don’t think so

  4. Billy says:

    It sucks that dealerships still try ripping people off, even with a well-respected brand like BMW…

  5. Kocen says:

    The only fair thing wopuld be to give him a new bmw M5 (e60)

  6. badger says:

    okay BMW should take this into their own hands. The dealership or BMW should pay for a new vehicle because the damage on this car seems a bit on the heavy side to repair and drive again. I would say either re-fund him with another BMW with equal amount of the guys M5.

  7. Shane W. says:

    Based on the photo I knew immediately that the dealership doing the inspection is Classic BMW. That is where my car went to die about 6 months ago…

  8. pimeto says:

    Obviously some dumb ass jerk worker in the garage, decided to give a test drive of a car that hi will never drive and crashed it…. maybe thinking hi is Fast and Furious ?!?!
    Ffs, i hope the owner gets a brand new M5 plus years of free service!

    • bogdan says:

      pimeto, a new M5, I agree. but years of free service? at the same dealer? :D the name of the dealer should be made public because it’s not just the driver’s fault. the entire management should suffer the consequences. no one should leave such beautiful cars in the hands of such unprofessional people

  9. Giom says:

    The dealership should pay a heavy penalty for this blatent client abuse/scham deal. Obviously the management is as much at fault as the driver, cause they went ahead and tried to bs the client over.

    I’d revoke their license to trade with BMWs!

  10. Soofdawg says:

    This type of behavior is no surprise.

    I’ve left my car at a dealership and had two incidents:
    -I note the mileage everytime, came back to pick up next day, car had 125 miles. Could not prove anything and they said I probably wrote the wrong mileage. They checked what the service guy wrote when I drove in. Also had exact mileage as I did. No would take accountability for someone taking a long joy ride.

    -Left my car for service, walked across street to get a drink and wait for my ride to pick me up. My friend was 15 minutes late, so I was standing outside waiting. Watching traffic, I saw a car come speeding down the road and hit the brakes after the driver noted he wouldn’t make the light. He skidded for 50 feet, burning tire marks down the lane. Windows down, music blaring, and guy just tapping the steering wheel to his favorite song. Meanwhile, I’m staring at the license plate. It’s my car. Again, couldn’t prove anything and all the service manager said was sorry, my guys don’t do that kind of stuff and made me feel like I was imagining things.

    I’ve seen how some of the irresponsible service guys ‘test’ drive and I’m lucky my car was never demolished like this M5.

    These guys are screwed and I hope it gets national attention for all BMW dealers to take note and learn from it. We can only hope positive things come out of this experience for all.

    This guy deserves mint condition replacement or better M5. Dealer knows a lawsuit will clean them out.

  11. InternetPI says:

    If you read the article, the guy took his car for a second opinion where they removed body panels. By looking at the picture I’d say it’s at the second opinion dealer. So that would make the pic above NOT Classic BMW.

    • Shane W. says:

      I think you read my comment wrong…Classic BMW is the dealership doing the inspection not the at-fault dealer. If you read the forum posts the dealer doing the inspection removed a bunch of the panels to get to the insides of the car. So, based on that, you can tell this picture was taken at the second dealer.

  12. Bryce says:

    The dealer should give him a 2011 M5 and maybe something else as well. If they can’t settle with him he could go for compensatory and punitive damages in court, which could be enough to put the dealership out of business.

  13. 1Mc says:

    Seriously. Whatever dealership that was. I’d be avoiding it.

    Give the guy a new M5. I wouldn’t want an ex-repair M5 returned to me.

  14. Laszlo says:

    DEALERSHIP should buy the car from the owner. Similar thing happens every time. Its an ACCIDENT so don’t blame the service guy or this or that, it could have happened in a normal test drive. I don’t like to assume things. But it also does not matter in a way that if the damage is huge (as it seems) then they should just buy the car back. They can fix it and sell it as CPO (no damage report ever been filed) and be it. It would cost them a few grand at the end but everybody would be happy and no publicity and lawsuit.
    If they choose the stupid way then a nice lawsuit against the dealership will wake them up from their dream where they can screw customers.

    At 20mph nothing like this can happen to an M5, with those brakes you stop within a second or two from 20mph. this was their 1st mistake by telling a lie. Honesty gets you further every situation…

    • But it didn’t happen during a “normal test drive”. It happened when the tech decided to turn on M mode and drift around a traffic circle (or “roundabout” to those across the pond).

      The distance between the curb he hit and the vehicle’s ultimate resting place was estimated to be ~130′ on a road with a very low posted speed limit. Incident happened in the industrial area directly behind Autobahn.

      The circumstances just don’t line up in favor of a harmless “it can happen to anyone” kinda accident.

  15. Babken says:

    Yes, they should give a new M5 to the owner. And in general, dealerships shouldn’t hire such irresponsible employees like the guy who took the M5 to a “20mph” drive.

  16. Sajan says:

    Poor owner!! He deserves an F10 m5 and a brand spanking new shiny orange 1 series M coupe!

  17. Richard says:

    Had two wheels stolen from my M5 about 10 years ago after the car was recently serviced, when it was back in one piece collected it from the insurance repair company. And immediately notced its lousy drive, the throttle response was delayed and the clutch felt sponglike.

    So took it to a BMW dealership, who stated that when the clutch was inspected the contents fell onto the workroom floor. The repairs came to about £3000, the clutch and asssembly and some hydraulics needed to be replaced as did alll of the drive belts on the engine.

    Obviously the car was abused the BMW garage said the same, so sought advice and was told there was very little you can do.

  18. Rob says:

    It can happen anywhere. I have a friend that worked for Nissan and I used to here tons of horror stories. He is to beat the crap out of these cars he was servicing. Changing brakes for a 350z became a 1/4 mile race with anyone that wanted a piece. You have to hope you our dealership doesn’t have employees like these.

  19. Volan says:

    the fact that they lied for the actual cause and circumstances of the accident, as well as the level of damage, should be ENOUGH, for a) the dealership get sued for big $$$$$$, b) the dealership go under audit, which if found as non-compliant to customer service standards, to pay for the audit fees, and c) once b) is completed, lose their license.

    Sorry, but if we dont change the way we let QA and common sense controls go by like that, such behavior will happen again, because there are no consequences to it.

  20. Al says:

    I’ve heard similar stories before where there are written clauses in the service contract, that you sign when you leave the car, that 1) the service center can have its staff take test drives 2) they’re not responsible for any damages. all legal wordings to protect the dealership/service center. It sux, and I hope it works out for the owner. The best way is to make a big stink with the media, and have the dealership compensate out of fear of further bad press

  21. Sam Kramer says:

    Or how about a free F10 M5, with ultimate service/warranty for life LOL!

  22. Doug says:

    They should force the mechanic into indentured servitude. Sort of like Biff in Back to the Future.

  23. EG says:

    Does anyone know about the dealership? I live in Texas and I would like to make sure it is not the one taking care of my car?

  24. jw says:

    The thread has been updated with the dealer’s name and more information. The dealer is: AUTOBAHN BMW FORT WORTH

  25. D Falcon says:

    So I get this right, AUTOBAHN BMW FORT WORTH has a BMW M5 brought in for an oil change and brakes and a tech takes it out for a high speed run and crashes the car. The dealership estimates the car was doing 20 MPH and $2,500 in damage and it turns out the tech was traveling much faster after the facts were presented and did $30,000 in damage according to an independent BMW dealership. Now the dealership (AUTOBAHN BMW FORT WORTH) is not doing the right thing for the customer. Sounds like AUTOBAHN BMW FORT WORTH doesn’t know about public relations or the power of internet forums.

    • “Sounds like AUTOBAHN BMW FORT WORTH doesn’t know about public relations or the power of internet forums.”

      Bet you they do now…

      Funny thing is that Autobahn is maybe 3 miles from our shop. :D Perhaps we should change our slogan.

      Lone Star Bavarian
      We won’t wreck your ///M car!

  26. Guest says:

    15 months later…results in:

    Autobahn to pay $160,000 in damages and legal fees

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