BMW U.S. Sales down 1.6 percent in August

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The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported August sales of 23,965 vehicles, a decrease of 1.6 percent from the 24,343 vehicles …

The BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) reported August sales of 23,965 vehicles, a decrease of 1.6 percent from the 24,343 vehicles sold last year. Year-to-date, the BMW Group also reported a sales volume of 168,940 vehicles, up 5.6 percent from the 160,044 units sold last year.

“As predicted, we are seeing a slowdown in the market and do not expect the second half of the year to be as strong as the first half,” said Jim O’Donnell, President of BMW of North America, LLC. “Despite this, building momentum throughout the year and narrowing the gap with our competitors is still our plan. The new 5 Series is now part of our model lineup complementing the segment leading 7 Series, Z4 Roadster and 3 Series. We are also seeing continual growth in the SAV segment with the X5 and X6, as intended.”

BMW Brand Sales

Sales of BMW brand vehicles increased 1.6 percent for a total of 19,540 vehicles from the 19,232 units sold last year. Year-to-date, BMW sales were up 7.8 percent to 139,236 vehicles from the 129,176 units sold last year.

In August, the best performing vehicles included the 1 Series, up 52.5 percent to 1,394 units and the 7 Series, up 42 percent to 1,224 units. The X5 and X6 continue to perform very well with an increase of 21.4 percent and 34.4 percent, respectively.

BMW Pre-Owned Vehicles

Sales of BMW’s used vehicles (including certified pre-owned and pre-owned) increased 3.2 percent to 14,266 vehicles from the 13,830 units sold last year. Year-to-date, used vehicle sales were up 5.5 percent to 113,061 vehicles from the 107,137 units sold last year.

MINI Brand Sales

MINI USA reported sales of 4,425 automobiles, a decrease of 13.4 percent from the 5,111 cars sold last year. Year-to-date, MINI USA also reported sales of 29,704 automobiles, a decrease of 3.8 percent from the 30,868 units sold last year. The drop in sales was again affected by the Cash for Clunkers program that took place in July and August of 2009 and boosted sales volume.

MINI sales will gain momentum as the year progresses due the updated 2011 model year vehicles arriving at dealerships in two weeks. Additionally, the brand is seeing significant customer interest in the Countryman as MINI dealers have just begun taking orders for the new model coming out in January 2011.

[Source: BMW ]

61 responses to “BMW U.S. Sales down 1.6 percent in August”

  1. wazon8 says:

    MINI is down 13,4%, not up.

    Good news are: strong sale of 7-er (42% up = 1224 units), crazy sale of Z4 (119% up = 1201 units (compare with 57 units of MB SLK), 1-er is 52% up (= 1394 units). Bad news are: 5-er is 13,8 % down (=3047 units).

    • Tom says:

      BMW is selling as many 5 series as they are producing. There’s a wait if you want one.

    • Babken says:

      Yeah, no chance for the 5 series, because there is E-Class.

    • LJKelley says:

      The SLK is not selling because only idiots would buy when you have the new one around the corner. Same I think with MINI, alot of upgrades are comming in the 2011 model year, some are delayed till what January. So I know people waiting to buy MINIS.

      • FreudeKing says:

        Sorry but the SLK is not selling becasue there is the Z4, which is clearly a much more attractive car in all aspects. I have to diasgree with the Mini sales drop reasoning – the reason why Mini sales are declining is because they look the same since 2001. There is no incentive large enough to move people from their old Mini’s to new Mini’s. Also, we have other cars out like the Fiat 500, Alfa Mito and the Audi Polo A1. So what the hell did they expect? Those are all fresh cars yet we have a Mini that looks the same as the one in 2001 (a decade ago).

        • LJKelley says:

          Well I know a friend who is waiting till January for his MINI, as he wants all the new tech and there are delays to the new MINI Connect. 2011 which are just not shipping come with more standard than 2010s as well. Also, if you would notice. This Is USA sales… there is no Audi, Alfa, or FIAT. There will be a FIAT, but it is still not here and as such has no bearing on current USA MINI Sales.

          As for the SLK.. I think the exterior is better looking than the Z4. Interior is outdated, and I give the Z4 points there. However, it will be more interesting to see sales numbers from the new SLK which is heavily inspired in both its interior and exterior from the SLS AMG. This has been widely reported, I can’t imagine why anyone would choose the old SLK, knowing they can get a car inspired by the SLS shortly.

          • FreudeKing says:

            Customers know what cars are coming out. So it is not unusual for them to delay purchase in anticipation for the new Alfa and Polo A1.

            You think the current girlish SLK looks better than the Z4? Oh noticed now from your name that you must be a woman. but then again, most women aspire to drive X5’s now a days. Also I think the SLS is one ugly piece of crap that takes shape from Merc cars decades ago. I cannot help drawing links and comparing the exterior design of that car to some starving African people and showing their skeleton (ribs and bones). Z4 is just beauty in a non-girlish way.

  2. Babken says:

    Just statistics. August 2010 sales.
    BMW 5 Series: 3047 units (-13.8%),
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class: 5882 units (+25.9%).
    Nearly twofold advantage. Fantastic. It means that even those who used to buy 5 Series now buy the E-Class. Why? Because the E-Class is superior with all respects be it luxury, comfort, performance or handling. ANYTHING.
    Now I’m sure I didn’t make a mistake by selling the crap called 5 Series and ordering my new E350. Like I said in several months BMW will discontinue the 5 Series production totally.

    • wazon8 says:

      I heard that numbers of US drivers wait for 535d which will be avaible in October, then we will see.

      Sorry, but number of sold units tells nothing about the car. Only someone with disability to compare data about cars can claim that new 5-er has worse performance and handling than previous 5-er and than new E-class. How long do you gonna claim that E-class hanldes better despite the fact that their E500 is slower by 2,1 mph than 535i when slalom speed is considered? Not mentioning about well known difference in acceleration between 550i and E500, of couse in favour of 550i. I provided you all links you need for compare data of E500 and 535i from which clearly follow that 535i hanles better, but you don’t seem to understand what they state. If you like luxury (setting aside fact that 4-zone ac is avaible in 5-er not e-class), then go and take boring e-class. But surely, E-class won’t provide you sportiveness of 5-er. You’ve never been clever, even when you were hardcore bmw fan, right now your assessment of situation is stupid eighter. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised about that from the very beggining, since you consantly maintained that something is the case despite that data suggest otherwise. Have a nice time in your Alice Wonderland!

      • Babken says:

        Another stupid comment of yours. At least I’m more clever than you. If the sales numbers mean nothing to you, than you must be a mere dreamer. The E-Class is one head above the 5 Series in ANYTHING, hence its twofold leadership and humiliation of the 5 Series. If you read the reviews you would probably know that the new E-Class gives up nothing to the 5 Series in the handling and engines department. That’s why nobody buys the new 5 Series, and THE WHOLE WORLD BUYS ONLY THE E-CLASS.

        • Shincai says:

          I simply love the new 535i.
          Just the facts:
          The 535i is more powerfull and faster then the E class.
          535i has 306 hp and 295 lb-feet or torque.
          E350 blue efficiency has 288 hp and 269 lb-feet or torque.
          535i: 0-60 mph: 5.6 seconds
          E350: 0-60 mph: 6.3 seconds
          Braking: 60-0 mph: 535i: 109 ft, E350: 123 ft

          So if you’re driving your E350 you have to deal with the fact that lots of 5 series will overtake you and you cant keep up with them. good bye :D

          • wazon8 says:


            Babken, who is the dreamer then? Any word about being clever? You claim, not me, that MB is faster and you do it against number. Yes, sales numbers mean nothing. People bought e-class two generations back, even when they knew that it’s rosty garbage.

        • wazon8 says:

          There are plently of other numbers that say everything about features of cars and basing on which you can assess what these cars are. And all of them are independent from sale numbers. I really wonder, why such a clever guy as you don’t understand it. But perhaps it shouldn’t be suprising taking your inability to compare data that some of us provide you. How otherwise could you maintain your shitty craps about E350 being faster, better handling than 535i f10? Perhaps, the only datum you’ve got some intuition of are selling numbers. Very clever, indeed!

          • Babken says:

            Performance isn’t the only indicator for an executive car, kid. When will you realize it? The 535i has more hp and torque, and of course it will be faster. Then what 5 Series would you put against the E63 AMG? None.
            BMW SUCKS!

          • wazon8 says:

            Upcoming M5? Isn’t it supposed to be rival of E63 AMG? I am looking for combination of performance and comfort in cars. BMW offers both, MB only the last one!

    • Shincai says:

      Hey Viper, or whatever your name is…
      Why you keep creating new names and making up fake stories?
      We all know you never had a 5 series and you will never have an E350.
      You’re just a broke fella who is pissed off because he can’t afford an E class and neither a 5 series.
      That’s why he spends his time talking crap on blogs…
      The way you talk and the things you say tell us everything.
      That you’re on the level of a child and we all know the things you say make no sense. hahaha
      Keep trying boy.

      • Babken says:

        I’m not Viper. I used to be a bmw fan, but now I woke up. I advice the same to you. At least test drive the E-Class and you’ll recognize how useless the new 5 Series is. As for my financial status, I can afford an E-Class, and I’ve already ordered my E350 and sold the rubbish called 5 Series. I will feel like a king when driving the E-Class instead of feeling an inferior slave when driving the 5 Series.

    • Wooo hoo. says:

      E class is garbage…plain and simple

      • Babken says:

        That’s why the whole world buys the E-Class and nobody even spits at your new 5 Series.

        • FreudeKing says:

          Maybe the world of fools (old?). Bear in mind that BMW sells the 5 series in other countries as well. The US only accounts for about 20/30% of BMW sales.

  3. TB says:

    Mind E-class sales numbers do not include sedan sales only, but coupe & cabrio sales are also ncluded in the E-class total sales figures! Therefore it’s not possible to say how many e-class sedans MB sold in US market in eg. August 2010. Perhaps even less then BMW 5ers being sold. Who knows.

    • Babken says:

      I know. The E-Class sedan is one head above the 5 series. Hence the sales numbers.

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        If you are implying that sales numbers mean better car, Woulnt the new Hyundai Sonata with 21,000 in sales ( 81 PERCENT INCREASE ) be better than the E class. I mean they are both Mid size cars and with an extra 10+ grand, the Hyundai can also be consided as a entry luxury car.

        • Babken says:

          Hyundai Sonata? How much does it cost? Competitor means having the same price range, kid.

          • Daniel Hoang says:

            They compared Caddillac as a competittor and its much cheaper than the German cars. The Infiniti offers more for less. If it has luxurious ammenities, its a luxury car.

            Also Babken, Sales numbers dont matter, Porsche sells less cars but the Panamera makes the CLS seem like an cheap car. I drive an 95′ ford T-bird and I love hearing the v8 charge down the highway. It offers as much space as a large sedan, very comfortable, and gets 20 MPG average. Best thing about it, Its a pure car. No driver aide like any Benz, BMW, or any other expensive prenium car. Just fun and enjoyable driving experience.

    • wazon8 says:

      Yeap, one could add 6-er to 5-er sale to get comparable result, since e-class coupe and cabrio seem to be closest rivals to 6-er coupe and convertible.

      • Babken says:

        Another unsound excuse for justifying the humiliation of the 5 Series. Then why do you say that the 3 Series is the best in its class when the C-Class sedan outsells the 3 Series sedan? You contradict to yourself. If a customer buys an E-Class coupe then they would had definitely bought the E-Class sedan if the coupe hadn’t been in production.

        • wazon8 says:

          What the f*ck are you talking about? If someone is interested in buying coupe, it’s rather unsual situation to go for sedan. When did I contradict myself? Almost each sales numbers stats say (in comment!!!) that BMW sales more 3-er sedans than MB sales C-class sedans. But the question remains: why should we ignore the fact that E-class coupe and cabrio contribute to sale numbers when we compare E-class sale numbers with 5-er sales numbers?

          • Babken says:

            1. Every month Mercedes-Benz clearly says that the C-Class sedan is the clear leader in its segment in terms of sales numbers.
            2. We include the E-Class coupe and cabrio sales as well, because this is the same logic applied by BMW when they say that the 3 Series is the market leader. There are included the sedan, touring, coupe and cabrio. So why can’t we include the E-Class coupe and cabrio into the calculation. Anyway, even the E-Class sedan alone leaves no chance to the 5 Series. Each month Mercedes-Benz sells nearly 19000 units of the E-Class sedans which equals to nearly 3 months sales figures of the pathetic 5 Series. Don’t you ask yourself why? If your 5 waqs so preferable, people would buy it. But nobody does, because (I repeat again) the E-Class is a century ahead of the 5 Series in EVERYTHING. Your 5 may be faster on the paper but not in the real world. By the way, besides the E350 beating the 535i, I also saw how a E200 beat a new 523i. A 4-CYLINDER E-CLASS SMASHES A 6 CYLINDER 5 SERIES. So the driver didn’t know how to drive? Too many races in the E-Class favour. Do you need any more proof? Just accept the bitter fact: THE E-CLASS IS FASTER THAN THE 5 SERIES.

          • FreudeKing says:

            Just the cheap, boring interior looks of the E Class makes me want to vomit. Only old fools like you enjoy the looks and feel of an old age home. I can think of so many things to say about why the ugly E Class is not the best. One being that it is less efficient! It drinks petrol and diesel like there is no tomorrow.

            I am not even going to mention the rest such as better build quality, better after sales service, motorplana nd warranty, don’t just compare one engine to another… BMW’s engine won numerous international engine of the year awards – Merc did not achieve a single award with that engine of theirs. Technologically, we all know that Merc is not that impressive. BMW has a host of new technology in their new 5 Series that you cannot even get in the Merc because it was launched from yesteryears. Somebody please give me the worldwide sales of these two models to shut this idiot up. US sales for the 5 is currently limited due to supply problems.

  4. Kenee says:

    The boring look of the new 5 series is affecting sales badly. I know at least 8 people who have decided not to buy the new 5 for reason of its boring looks. BMW needs to move away from making boring cars as otherwise the sharks (Audi and Benz) will bite and will bite badly in the upper sector models.

    • Babken says:

      The look is excellent. But unfortunately that’s the only good thing about the new 5 Series. All the other features including performance and handling are far below the class average. Even the old Infinity M and Audi A6 beat the 5 Series not mentioning the almighty E-Class.

      • Expendables says:

        You are retarded man…
        The 535i is almost a second faster from 0 to 100km/h compared with the E350.
        What the fk are u talking about? Can’t you even fking read some g0d damn numbers? Mentally retarded pr1ck.
        BMW was always better in performance and handling.
        Mercedes was always built for grandpas.

        • FreudeKing says:

          People who admire the E class are those who get in their cars and say to their passengers: feel the softness of my seats, it’s like sitting on a cloud of feathers. Look at the number of buttons on my dash, it shows that I am technologically capable. Absolutely disconnected with modern technology, style and fun. So Babken, you go crawl into your E Class,remember to stick to the slow lane becasue you probably have poor eyesight and slow reactions. you don’t want your ugly block of E Class blocking up the highway…. not everyone is retired like you.

    • FreudeKing says:

      I kind of agree that the 5 Series lacks sharpness.

  5. TB says:

    Babaken, or you indeded retarded, or just pretending?

    • Babken says:

      I’m realist unlike bmw fans.

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        A realist woulnt crap on one brand and praise the other.Merc this Merc that. Seriously, Who cares about a brand. One major screw up and its gone.

        I dont really like the new 5 or 7 series either. Too much tech controlling the car. But unlike you, I dont go screaming on the blog, E class this and that!!!

        Also, You probolly never took your car to the Country roads in America. Thousands of miles of twist and turns, hills, and super awesome sights. Turn off traction, DSC, all those other stuff and just enjoy the road.

        Lastly, you cant really call me a BMW fan or idiot, cause if you been reading some of my comments, I only like cars that are sporty, nice preformance, and just plain fun to drive, no matter what brand or class.

  6. FreudeKing says:

    Here we go again: I TOLD YOU SO. BMW USA sales declining in a growing market, this just signals a significant loss of market share. The 5 Series should be fully out by now, so what’s the excuse this time? The Mini look is getting dated and it is surely not good enough to stand up against fresh cars like the Mito, 500, and Polo A1. Although it is a better car, it will fail to attract customers in this segment who tends to like freshness and new stuff. It is getting ridiculous that BMW would expect people to want to buy a Mini that looks exactly the same as the one a decade ago. Also the introduction of all these Countryman, Clubman, etc. will not help as the Mini Cooper base model will just experience decline in sales – lost to Alfa, Fiat and VW’s Audi. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS! Back to the BMW brand, your designs are dragging the company’s sales down – esp the new 5 Series that looks like it is half asleep from the front. Drastic changes needs to be made at their design department as they clearly don’t know how to design a car that’s pleasing to the eye. They need more input before the launch of one person’s idea. This is a business, not a display of ONE artist’s art at an art gallery.

  7. Expendables says:

    I come to this blog everyday peacefully to read articles and other people’s comments
    And what I see? Some freakin idiot spamming the whole blog with useless comments.
    Mercedes is this, E class is that…

  8. Efoza says:

    The comments about the new 5 series lacking sharpness and being boring are spot on. The only 5 series which looks great and is selling well is the 5 GT. This is due to its wonderfully clever design and perfect drive.

  9. kcsnyud says:

    Dont usually bmw models become leaders after a few months on the market?
    People need to get used to them first…

    • Babken says:

      Not in this case. The E-Class is way better in EVERYTHING! So not even a single chance for the 5 Series.

      • kcsnyud says:

        Babken, didnt i tell ya to stop nagging about ur rubbish e class? We’ve heard enough. Who agrees with me?

        • FreudeKing says:

          I agree. This Babken must stop BARKING. Only this retired old an has the time to write comments on how great the E Class is on a BMW blog site. Get a life. Go visit your grandkids! I suppose they all turned away from you and your ugly E Class, which is so uncool!

          • Babken says:

            Just vice versa. They’re looking forward to my beast’s arrival. And they’re very glad I’ve gotten rid of the crap called 5 Series.
            E-CLASS RULES.

          • JasonArmstrong says:

            now you claim to have owned the new 5 series as well? go mess around somewhere else

  10. Efoza says:

    It worries me that some people seem to get very angry when the 5 series is negatively commented upon. It shows a real weakness in how they perceive what they wish to imagine about the new 5 and not the reality. We need to be realistic and look at the sales figures and the impressions of BMW fans who have driven and owned a number of 5 series in the past and have also tested the new one. It is better for these comments to be said so that BMW may just wake up and look at them rather than such comments being supressed just for reason that certain readers don’t like them!! Get real.

  11. Kenee says:

    The only problem with the new 5 series is that it is dead boring to look at and to drive. This does not mean that it is a worse car than the E class. To be totally frank, both the 5 series and the E class are not as good as they should be and both BMW and Benz should watch their back as VW with its Audi range is catching up.

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