USA Today: “For 2011 BMW builds a better 528i, 535i, 550i at a lower price”

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Mainstream news outlets have caught up on test driving the new 2011 BMW 5 Series and reviews are starting to flow in. Last one to …

Mainstream news outlets have caught up on test driving the new 2011 BMW 5 Series and reviews are starting to flow in. Last one to deliver their impressions on the new 5 Series is USA Today.

Let’s have a look.


“BMW does a dandy job of complicating its cars, but there’s a simple summary for the wholly redesigned (“all-new” in breathless auto industry parlance) 2011 5 Series sedan.

Bigger, looks better, priced less, gets better mileage.

Bigger. But not much more room inside where you want it. More headroom in front than the 2010 5 Series had, but otherwise the interior dimensions are comparable, and the 2011 winds up with only about 3% more overall passenger space.

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The biggest beneficiary of the 2-inch-longer body on the 3-inch-longer wheelbase seems to be the trunk, leapfrogging from sub-par to among the best, even if compared with larger sedans.

The new size has added several hundred pounds, too, which can hurt agility, though the test car was definitely nimble by any reasonable standard.

Looks better. Reasonable people often disagree on matters of taste. Still, the new appearance eschews the troubling raised-trunk look — BMW apparently is moving away from it just as mainstream brands are adopting it.

The new vehicle has a smoother silhouette than its predecessor, which is the sort of change that pleases most eyes. True, there’s still a lot going on visually, and some details seem gratuitous.

Priced lower. The 535i has a starting price that BMW says is $1,650 less than last year’s 535i. The 550i V-8 version is $900 less than last year’s.

But until last month, there was no less-costly 528i, as was offered in the 2010 line. The lowest 2011 price for a 5 Series since launch last spring had been the 535i’s $50,475 (including $875 in shipping).

Now the 528i has been added to the 2011 model line and starts at $45,425, which BMW says is a price cut of $1,400 vs. the 2010.

The part about using less fuel is uncomplicated. Drive farther, spend less. The 2011 BMW 5 sedans are rated as much as 4 miles per gallon better than their 2010 counterparts.”

Full review at USA Today

11 responses to “USA Today: “For 2011 BMW builds a better 528i, 535i, 550i at a lower price””

  1. Daniel Hoang says:

    Many comparable luxury comapnies offer 300hp for the same price as the 528i. The 535i should be the base model and be priced more competitivly with other RWD Luxury cars like the Infiniti M37, Lexus GS350, and the Cadillac CTS 3.6 V6.

  2. Laszlo says:

    many cars offer 300HP and yet their acceleration is less then or equals the 528.
    HP isn’t everything. The torgue and specially where it happens in the rpm range matters more. The new 8 speed auto transmission makes sure even the 528 accelerates fairly good and easily equals the performance of other with higher HP. Look at the weight of the others and their drive-ability. The BMW’s hands down the best handling cars. Some MB and Audi comes close but they are also much more expensive.
    The GS350 is a nice car but not a BMW. Not handling nor steering input, nothing.
    I suggest you to drive them all and decide. No, not in a dealer test drive session but in real life with no person next to you. Drive it like you would in an everyday situation. No pampering, no tapping the brakes. When I test drive a car at a dealer’s lot, they are ready to call the cops or at least the supervisor. I always explain to them that I want to know what the car will do in an extreme situation.
    I always offer them to drive the car alone, but they want to tag along to chit chat about their wife and kids. They usually go quiet at the moment I reach maximum rpm in 1st and 2nd gear and then I slam the brakes at 50mph. Both are important factor to me. Acceleration must be linear and smooth, no harsh shifting at the red line and no jerkyness. The brakes… well I don’t need to tell you about that.
    I drive the test cars to the extreme as I want to make sure if I pay for it, then it will handle, brake and accelerate the way I want my car to be. I might be crazy but I never bought a new car that I did not like.
    no, they do not like me at dealerships, Hyundai dealers probably have a picture of me in their do-not-let-him-drive folder. Their new RWD cars failed most of my test in a past year. I did my best to like them but they were boring and extremely vanilla cars. No passion, no real life feel, sort a like driving a computer on the road.
    on paper they were awesome, in real life they failed to even remotely entertain me or give me a feel or security. The cars ABS overheated after 3 panic stop at city limit. (35-40mph) the shifting which was smooth in low rpm become extremely jerky once you started pushing the pedal and the brakes faded badly on a street after 10 minutes of spirited drive. I doubt they will be any good after a panic stop on a highway when they are halfway worn down at 20-30k miles.
    a new car can be good, you need to think what will happen in 20-30k miles or just even a year after you bought their crap car.

    • RayS says:

      I second your opinion. BMW performance engineering is top notch. It is about driving. I have a 1999 540 wagon and it still runs great! Still love it just like when it was new. No degradation at all. I can tease the newer audi’s and MB with no problem, the car pulls and snaps your neck like no other:) Love it!

  3. Wooo hoo. says:

    Let’s see if BMW continues to “decontent” their cars to make them more Affordable…..

    What is their intent here? I DON’T want the Bimmer to be like VW( a car for the people). Bimmers are “for the driver”…IF you can afford it.

    PERCEIVED exclusiveness is what draws Joe Public to them

  4. Babken says:

    “Bigger, looks better, priced less, gets better mileage”. They should also add: “Much slower”

  5. wazon8 says:

    Slower than what?

  6. Patrick Lien says:

    Can someone please point out where the raised trunk (Bangle Butt) is on the E60? I’ve never been able to see it.

  7. ed says:

    I used to hate e60 but now I love it. I think it’s really masculine and distinct unlike the new F10 which is beautiful but just like a small 7.

  8. JackSteel says:

    I have just got the new F10 as I have 3 kids and need the space. I was dissappointed when my daugther told me the middle back seat is uncomfortable. When I checked the middle seat backrest is an unpadded arm rest. Although my previous E60 had the same issue the plastic of the armrest was well padded.
    This is a bigger car and I had been told would fit 5 adults, but with the limited padding in the middle arm rest you don’t want to go too far sitting in the middle at the back.
    Big disappointment!!

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