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BMW M3 | August 31st, 2010 by 29
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This year, BMW celebrates the 25th anniversary of its M3. With this occasion, BMW released a series of limited edition models of the popular M3 …

This year, BMW celebrates the 25th anniversary of its M3. With this occasion, BMW released a series of limited edition models of the popular M3 Coupe. One of them is the M3 Tiger Edition, a model available exclusively for the Chinese market.

Commemorating the current Year of the Tiger in China, the new limited edition M3 features the Fire Orange Metallic paintwork already seen on the M3 GTS model.

In addition to the unique exterior with numerous black accents, the M3 Tiger sports 359M styling wheels in 19 inches, black painted as the air intakes on the bonnet. Other blacked out parts include the kidney grills and chrome exhaust tips.

03m3tigerstudio 655x411Inside, the limited M3 Tiger will feature Novilla black leather with contrasting orange stitching and the headrests will be branded with an unique tiger head logo. To differentiate even further from other limited edition M3s, the door sill plates will also illustrate a Tiger Edition Logo in fire orange metallic color.

The production of the M3 Tiger will be limited to 250 units.

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29 responses to “More photos of the BMW M3 Tiger Edition”

  1. Andrew says:

    I’ll take one and switch out the head rests!

  2. viper says:

    sweet car, love that colour. wish I had money for an M3

  3. FreudeKing says:


  4. torque says:

    i dont want to see colors………… i think that the future 1M will be the victim of the current M3 . The 1M turbo engine has a very high torque and can deliver it at a low rpm so in case BMW releases the potential of this beast it will put the M3 in the shadow for sure , i think that we will see a 1M a little bit under the M3 , AND EVEN IF YOU SEE THIS IN THE FUTURE DONT BELEIVE IT (this car will be locked by BMW ) because they will be falling in real trouble and you will be paying more money for a slower car. this is why bmw should cancel this M3 GTS and start working on a l6 Turbo M3 ………………WE DONT WANT 9000 AND 10000RPMS…………..WE WANT SOME TORQUE

  5. badger says:

    iano why people in China need a special edition car. Its all cosmetics. A reg. M3 is awesome, but this tiger edition ruins it. I would be embrassed to drive this car around..

  6. Cheng says:

    There already has been a big discussion, including some (suspected) BMW guys trying to justify the tacky tiger headrests…

    • viper says:

      lmao – the best you can do to criticize this M3 is the headrests? I guess the car must be THAT good!

      well done BMW, let the haters hate

  7. andreas says:

    we will also wait for :
    duck edition
    chicken edition
    dog edition
    and then a real bmw edition , if they dont mind…. just to remeber how a real M was….

    • viper says:

      you suck. that M3 is Godmode. 8400 rev limit and immense driving response. if you think some headrest stitching changes that you fail.


  8. JakeM says:

    That title photo with the M3 in the right corner couldn’t look more FAKE. That M3 TE was photoshopped in very poorly.

  9. Hotcouple666 says:

    This is a copy of the MB C63 AMG’s burnt orange. Also wonder if we will have monkey, horse, pig editions as well?

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