Rumors: BMW Z2 Coupe, Z2 Roadster, and Future 1-series

Rumors | August 30th, 2010 by 7
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The usual BMW insider Scott26 gives us another insight into the BMW Z2 Roadster and Coupe models. Last year, we announced that BMW has given …

The usual BMW insider Scott26 gives us another insight into the BMW Z2 Roadster and Coupe models. Last year, we announced that BMW has given the green light to the new BMW Z2 Roadster which will launch in the second half of 2012. A Coupe variant will follow as well.

BMW Z2 is based on next generation 1 Series platform and it is build under the Project i umbrella and the BMW’s EfficientDynamics program. The Z2 will be a rear-drive vehicle and will feature different powertrains. The options considered are an all-electric engine, a hybrid with range extender petrol engine and a new 1.6 liter turbocharged engine developing near 200 horsepower.

The latest rumors around these new models mention that the cars are being design by BMW Designworks.

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Moving onto the new BMW 1 Series, same insider mentions that the cars will continue to “play” in the small premium compact segment which has seen important growth in the recent years. The new 1ers will bring the highest amount of innovations for a new BMW, including technology found in the more expensive 5 and 7 Series.

Frankfurt Auto Show 2011 will host the official launch of the 1 Series Hatchback. Sales will begin shortly after.

The Hatchback will be available in a 3 door and 5 door configuration. The next generation 1 Series Coupe (F22) will launch in late 2012, prior to the launch of BMW Megacity Vehicle.

For evaluation purposes, BMW will build a 1 Series Coupe (eDrive) with an electric drive.

The 1er Convertible (F23) will arrive in mid-2013.

The rumormill doesn’t stop here. A year after the introduction in the European market, BMW plans to introduce a sporty hatchback under the Tii badge. Power output will be at 240 horsepower and the cars will differ from initial M-Sport aerodynamic packets with stand alone aero packages. They will also be offered with limited colors.

To signify the importance of the small premium compact segment, BMW board approved further expansion of 1 Series-based vehicles. The main modular structure of the 1 Series will also be shared with the new 3 Series, and will allow BMW to build additional models from the same platform. Firewalls and suspension mounts can be placed to suit the model, therefore the ability to use front-wheel drive , rear-wheel drive, and of course all-wheel drive is made easier due to the engine placement. MINI will also benefit from this platform.

This strategy will allow BMW to increase it’ profit margins for both the 1er and 3er models.

The rumored BMW 1 Series Gran Turismo and Compactive Sport Tourer are still part of these plans.