Update on the Death of Jack Pitney and Jim O’Donnell Statement

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Press Release: As promised, we have more information to share with you about the death of our dear friend and colleague, Jack Pitney. According to …

Press Release:

As promised, we have more information to share with you about the death of our dear friend and colleague, Jack Pitney. According to the sheriff’s department in Greene County, NY, on Thursday afternoon (August 26) Jack was on his tractor at his farm in Durham. As he was trying to pull a tree stump from the ground, the tractor flipped with him still on board.

The sheriff’s department arrived at 12:40 PM and Jack was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy is being performed today. Funeral arrangements are still incomplete and we will send you that information as soon as it becomes available.


Thoughts from BMW of North America President Jim O’Donnell:

Our words are wholly inadequate at this moment. All of us who knew Jack are still in shock and only beginning to realize how deeply we feel his loss. He was not just a creative powerhouse but a genuinely nice man who was much loved by all of us. Our thoughts of course are with his wife, five children and other family members. He loved them tremendously and they were his first priority. They are in our prayers.

The outpouring of messages from Jack’s many friends and media colleagues has touched us all and we are moved by the depth of feeling that is being expressed.

Jack had been in the office earlier this week and I know how excited he was looking forward to his new role heading BMW Group’s Eastern Region here in the U.S. Jack brought excitement and electricity to his work. And yes, he inspired those around him because of his infectious enthusiasm for BMW and his never-failing good humor. He leaves a great legacy here at BMW Group. His years in Communications prepared him for his groundbreaking role launching MINI with a style we had never seen before. As head of BMW Marketing, Jack personified the brand and the values that motivate us in this company. Being a true creative soul, Jack couldn’t wait for the next challenge and I personally was looking forward to seeing the innovations he would bring to his new role in Sales. All of us at BMW Group are in mourning over his loss. Our headquarters here in Woodcliff Lake is a very quiet place today as we all reflect on the loss of this good and wonderful man.

[Source: BMW ]

9 responses to “Update on the Death of Jack Pitney and Jim O’Donnell Statement”

  1. 1Mc says:

    Sounds like a horrible freak accident. Life is precious, can get taken anyway at any time. Shame so many of us waste it hating everything that’s different to us.


  2. Peter says:

    May he find joy in the after life.

    Freude am Fahren.

  3. Michael says:

    May he has joy in the another world

  4. lubo says:

    I am really sorry.

  5. jameshisself says:

    There are many of us may actually agree with the message you are prosthelytizing but object to your doing so in the context of a memorial to a fallen human being. Please refrain.

  6. jameshisself says:

    This site is a little clunky. My previous comment was directed to (and should have been posted as a reply to) 1Mc’s comment.

  7. Eric says:

    shame on you for starting an argument on this thread jamshisself

    RIP Jack, you wil be missed

  8. jameshisself says:

    Eric you missed my point. I was ‘shaming’ 1Mc for posting potentially inflammatory statements that would indeed trigger an argument.

    You and I may agree with his statement, but it lays the groundwork for someone to argue with him on this memorial forum.
    I feel I’ve made my point clearly enough. In honor of Jack’s memory let’s try not to argue about it.

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