LA Lakers Andrew Bynum showcases his BMW M6 – 820 hp

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andrew bynum bmw m6

LA Lakers superstart Andrew Bynum takes the time to showcases his pimped out BMW M6. Furthermore, he goes on camera sharing his love for BMW …

LA Lakers superstart Andrew Bynum takes the time to showcases his pimped out BMW M6. Furthermore, he goes on camera sharing his love for BMW and how he came to appreciate the brand.

The two-tone painted M6 went through some cosmetic changes, from the black and white paint to carbon fiber roof, lightweight performance wheels, customized Brembo Brakes, redesigned fenders and many more.

To impress even further, Bynum chose to go with a G-Power Stage 3 kit exhaust system and 200 extra horsepower. The same G-Power Supercharger we have seen before was installed in his car, taking the overall horsepower count to 820.

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To show his love for the German brand, the car sports the national flag, a nice touch overall.

But here is where it gets interesting, a 7 ft tall person will certainly have a hard time getting into the low-sitting M6, but he shares with us his tricks.

Bynum was drafted 10th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2005. He became the youngest player ever to play an NBA game later that year, breaking Jermaine O’Neal’s record.

17 responses to “LA Lakers Andrew Bynum showcases his BMW M6 – 820 hp”

  1. Joe says:

    Just awesome. That M6 is a beast!

  2. bimmer says:

    very nice choise…..M6 is a grate car

  3. bob says:

    Typical… And, windshield appears too tinted.

  4. 1Mc says:

    I was watching that going.. what a stupid looking exterior. Way to ruin a good car,

    Then he revved it. And it didn’t matter anymore. Oh My God.

  5. plaxico says:

    unimpressed. He s a B-gamer. Why dont we see some really sharp cats like Bart Scott or Warren Sapp driving bimmers. Nuff said

  6. Laszlo says:

    That is one tall fella…. the car is not bad. some things over the top but the body kit and wheels were actually pretty good.
    Its a bangle car so you can’t hurt it, most everything just will make it less vomit-inducing. The tension was the best of the modified cars, and this is somewhat follows that car, so not bad overall.

    I loved that were no 26″ rolling spinners on it with Nitto tires, no dice on the mirror, etc. Its still a classy car, I would take the stickers off and call it a Pension :-)

  7. blk7 says:

    hellyeah baby …bynum knows what6sup ..///M POWER

    GO LAKERS !!


  8. AMAC says:

    While driving my M3 I really do not want to be associated with tacky “pimp my ride” sports stars. Another reason to switch to MB AMG imo.

    • MyButtYoFace says:

      If that’s the truly the case then AMG also is absolutely not for you. So grab the keys to your cavalier and keep it moving….. loser

  9. Ted Spahr says:

    I’m actually quite impressed… Did NOT expect the ///MFEST stuff and the parts are legit… I was expecting something a lot more chromed out and horrible, but it’s not bad. Not something I would drive, but definitely not bad.

  10. billy says:


  11. Gowest says:

    Nice mods.. little too out there with the Mfest stickers, discolored Mbadge, etc but he can afford so why not.. questions is? Where in the world are you going to drive that thing?.. I have Dinan S2 e39 M5 with 475 HP and can barely get into rhythm at speeds over 100MPH without breaking my next looking for law enforcement. 800 HP? To fully extract the muscle of the G-Power (Supercharged V10 + added torque and hp) you need speeds over 100MPH.. My question to him again is simply.. WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO DRIVE THAT CAR?

  12. RussRamz says:

    I am happy for him and his M6. I hope he has the opportunity to expose the power and the excitement of his car.

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