How to install a BMW Performance Black Grille

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f10grill2 750x500 How to install a BMW Performance Black Grille

Many BMW fans are known for being adventurous when it comes to modding their own cars, from aesthetic upgrades to performance parts and upgraded interiors. …

Many BMW fans are known for being adventurous when it comes to modding their own cars, from aesthetic upgrades to performance parts and upgraded interiors. In the guide below, Lacster of 5post gives us a short picture demonstration on how to install your own BMW black grille.

The BMW Performance Aerodynamics Kit was released two years ago and includes a BMW kidney grille in black high-gloss look.

The black grille was installed on the new BMW 5 Series.


All you need is a Torx-20 screwdriver and about 20 minutes.

First off remove rubber strip in the center on the hood right in front of inside bumber.

f10grill1 655x438 How to install a BMW Performance Black Grille

Once done you should see two hex bolts underneath.
f10grill2 655x438 How to install a BMW Performance Black Grille

Now you can start removing the 6 hex bolts using the Torx-20 screwdriver. The 2 in the center is straight forward but the two right on top of each headlight has a cover the needs to be removed first.

There’s two clips/locks holding the cover in place. All you need to do is with you fingers just pull the center pin up ( real easy )

Below. Repeat on other side

Once all screws are removed you’ll need to pull the center of the front bumper forward to remove chrome grilles. There’s nine clips holding it to the bumper. With one hand just pull the grill out on the portion of the grill where you are pushing the clip down with your other hand.


Once both grilles are removed you’ll see this.

Now time to install BMW Performance Grilles.

Side by side comparison.

Time to put everything back. The two hex bolts on top of the headlights need to be put on first before the clips/lock pins.

Then place the clip/lock pin in and press down then put lock pin in to secure.


The center piece removed in the beginning need to snap back in.

Now the extra……. Painting silver trim near the fog lights.

All you have to do to remove the mesh is take two fingers and pull forward on each corner to remove the mesh.


Unclip the three parts holding the trim to the mesh.


Paint trim with matte black or gloss spray paint. Your choice. I used matte black then reverse process and install.

Here’s the completed look.

[Source: 5post ]

19 responses to “How to install a BMW Performance Black Grille”

  1. Giom says:

    It looks stunning… especially in white. Not usually a fan of cosmetic changes like these, but in this case, it works really well.

    I drove a white 530d yesterday, and I must say, not only does it look better than anything else, it drives better too.

    The Five is a real winner!

  2. Ruslan-Kz says:

    Ugly. From 20 m kidney grilles looks like two holes between headlights. Chrome gives a car solidity. It is concerns to Hofmeister kink too.

  3. bob says:

    Why not do for the Kidneys what was done for the lower intake area — paint just the slats and leave the surround in chrome?

  4. Wooo hoo. says:

    I WANT a F10!!!!!!

  5. ferrarifan says:


  6. FreudeKing says:

    I think the chrome looks better – this is an executive car. The bottom airdam also looks better with the silver line. It is so plane now, like an abnormally wide and ugly mouth

  7. White with Black grilles looks unique and goes well together. Looks smooth with the lower black grille as well

  8. BMfan says:

    Chrome and aluminium external finishes and accents in a car gives it a royal kind of feel and in a black-colour car it comes out lovely. I can’t just be a fan of these blackening of cars.

  9. tweer says:

    Looks miles better than the chrome, understated, It was easier on the X6 as the bonnet comes up and along with it the grille, lower bumper grilles were another story.

  10. Topianno says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have a few questions. Is this difficult to do? I am relatively mechanical but I am no mechanic and I’d hate to mess up my new 335i. I got a quote from the dealer to do it with BMW parts for upwards of $350 installed.

    Anyone have advice as to which grille set to buy and which one is the best?

    Im leasing my 335i, so would I need to revert my grille back to the OEM once I turn the vehicle back in?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  11. Martin says:

    I think it looks bad@$$

  12. Just got through putting carbon fiber grilles in my 550i. Thanks for the help!! Let me add that you should be very careful putting these in as their is a rubber bonnet behind each grill that the grill should fit into. If the grill is not inside the bonnet, it could push the grills out (Won’t stay snapped into place). My tip… Carefully use a long screwdriver to push the bonnet outside the grill while snapping into place.

  13. datboidroc . says:

    I just did this but why do we have to undo the screws and things when they are not attached to the grill itself? From my understanding the grill came out with nothing being attached to it but the 9 clips which had nothing to do with the 6 screws! Can u tell me why we had to remove the screws and things when none of it is attached in anyway to the grill?

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