New Rendering: BMW Z4 Coupe based on Z3 E36

Rumors | August 22nd, 2010 by 20

Renderings of a possible BMW Z4 Coupe, E89 platform, continue to surface on the interwebs. Our sister-magazine BimmerToday and resident graphics artist, McQueen, are giving …

Renderings of a possible BMW Z4 Coupe, E89 platform, continue to surface on the interwebs. Our sister-magazine BimmerToday and resident graphics artist, McQueen, are giving us an E89 Z4 Coupe based on the design style of the older Z3 Coupe, E36 and E37 models.

BMW has denied the claim of a possible Z4 Coupe many times before, but the same as with previous models, the Z3 or Z4 Coupe, a new variant may still be on the table at a later date.

In 1995, BMW presented the BMW Z3 roadster and a few years later, the BMW Z3 coupé was launched in the marketplace.

BMW introduced an M version of the E85 Z4 in late 2006, both in Roadster and Coupe variant. Despite having many fans and admirers, the sales of the Z Coupe models have always been modest and with the new generation E89 Z4, BMW only offers a roadster.

New Rendering: BMW Z4 Coupe based on Z3 E36

The Z4 Coupe renderings give us an interesting angle of the car, the front end remains identical to the Z4 Roadster, while most of the changes took place at the rear of the car where the coupe-lines are fitted to the current roadster. One of the car in these renderings also gets the ALPINA treatment, identified by the signature wheels and colors.

New Rendering: BMW Z4 Coupe based on Z3 E36

In our opinion, a Z Coupe continues to remain at the top of the list of a BMW enthusiast, but the economic climate and long-term strategy at BMW, limits the chances of a seeing a Z4 Coupe in production.

[Source: McQueen for BimmerToday ]

  • Axel MeTallone

    this one is really terrible, the other rendering (the red one) is much better.

  • 1Mc

    Yes to a new Z4 coupe!

    • bob

      Repeat after me: “Clown shoe”

      That’s what some of the critics said about the E36/8.

  • efoza

    It looks strange in a nice way and I also like the further use of the 5 GT design lines on this rendering.

    • wazon8

      I can’t read your posts anymore. Where do you see clues from 5GT’s design here? I see only parts of recent Z4 design (which became before 5GT) and clues from Z3 coupe. And the result is much worse than previous rendering of Z4 coupe.

    • plaxico

      omg but i agree with waz here , just buy the frickin 5GT and shut up about it already. Jesus Christ, every post 5gt this 5 gt that

  • plaxico

    more like frankenstein Z4 station wagon, ugly beyond words

  • Rio

    best way to destroy something beautifull

  • Axel MeTallone

    The previous one (in red) looks much better…

  • viper

    check out new cls (the most beautiful car in the world)and upcoming B class.
    MB rules the world.

    • wazon8

      Yes, I did check it out. First of all, it’s ugly! This righ-angled face is outdated from the very beggining, headlights are mixed of not fitting ideas: take some clues from S-class headlight and try to employ some features of previous CLS headlights. Result? Ugly headlights with no agressiveness one can expect from four door coupe. Setting aside the fact, that one can see clues from BMW GC in this new CLS – clues that MB designers screw up, rear end shows no spotiveness also. Only side line is not bad in this car. But much more interesting is interior design. Far from what one can find in E-class and close to what one can find in 5-er: dashboard is especially similar – trims, navi display, high end line, vents and so on.

      What’s the worst thing about new CLS? It’s built on the same poor platform as E-class so nice handling shouldn’t be expected.

      Nothing need to be said about FWD, mommy car B-class.

    • plaxico

      B class renderings are marvellous, looks like baby cls
      cls- OH MY GOD, EPIC…pure sex

      • Billy

        The new cls is terrible from a design aspect. they’re attempting to imitate the success of the sls but the execution is terrible. In my opinion the original cls was way better.

        go look at the comments section on autoblog. the majority tend to agree

      • http://n/a JoeDoe

        @ plaxico: Funny how you don’t reply to wazon8 now that he said something sensible and used Real Arguments.

      • Daniel Hoang

        The B class looks decent but the FWD killed it. Why would people pay so much for something that drives like a Kia?

        The New CLS, We wait and watch.

  • bob

    For the love of…can we please(!) stop giving undeserved attention to these talentless renderings?!

    Oh, and, for the record, the Z3 Coupe = “E36/8″. Carelessly throwing in “E36″ + “E37″ is just as meaningless as the renderings themselves.

  • Daniel Hoang

    Theres a reason they didnt carry on that design over to the Z4, it looks like a hatchback rather than a coupe.

  • XC

    It does look terrible. This Z4 has the potential to become a beautiful coupé, à la Ferrari 250GT SWB, or any current Aston-Martin… It already is a beautiful car. Terrible looking rendering indeed.