Audi A1 heavy discounts for previous MINI customers

MINI | August 22nd, 2010 by 17
Audi A1 Exterieur AMI 2010 011 750x500 Audi A1 heavy discounts for previous MINI customers

According to the Ingolstadt-based company Audi,  the last addition to the lineup, entry-level A1 model, is the first premium automobile offered in the compact car …

According to the Ingolstadt-based company Audi,  the last addition to the lineup, entry-level A1 model, is the first premium automobile offered in the compact car class. Despite the bold statement, we continue to believe that the Audi A1 will go head-to-head with the MINI brand, with both premium car companies targeting the same customer demographic.

Audi labels the A1 as the first and only small premium car, but with many parts shared between the A1 and its “brothers” VW Polo and Seat Ibiza, one needs to wonder what is the message passed on by the Ingolstadt-based company: are they really a MINI competitor or simply the first premium automaker to capture the compact segment?

In Switzerland, local Audi dealerships have received an internal communication that portrays, between the lines, the MINI as being their main competitor. Swiss MINI owners who are interested in a car in that segment are looking to receive heavy discounts from Audi for their A1 model. Each customer would receive 1,500 Swiss francs ($1,449 US dollars).

Audi A1 Exterieur AMI 2010 011 655x491 Audi A1 heavy discounts for previous MINI customers

Price wise, both models are competitive on the European market, the Audi A1 is priced at € 34,690, € 35,900 respectively for the MINI Cooper.

We are excited to see how the A1 will perform in global markets, and more competition will essentially drive up more choices for the customers.

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17 responses to “Audi A1 heavy discounts for previous MINI customers”

  1. wazon8 says:

    35.000 euro for Polo? They’re making a joke.

  2. Andrew says:

    Heavy discounts for MINI drivers is a cheap way of trying attract buyers.

  3. FreudeKing says:

    I am sorry to say but this is BS! Why the hell is this car even called a premium car? A VW Polo is definitely not a premium vehicle and is slapping a “so called” premium badge on it does not make it premium at all.

    For all I care, Audi (which is not a true premium brand anyway as they just use VW products and add some cosmetic changes to make it look less cheap) should not be counting the sales of the A1 as part of their sales contributing to their premium sales count. If BMW makes a Tata Nano competitor, will you count that as a premium car as well? I guess NOT.

    For those of you who are thinking of comparing the Mini with this Polo A1, you ought to remember that a large part of the Mini is based on the 1 and 3 Series, and they are both pedigree premium vehicles. As for comparing the VW Golf A3 with the 1 Series – the 1 Series is based on the 3 Series and the A3 is based on a cheap VW Golf – how can you compare the two? In my mind, Audi is one hell of a cheater. I for certain will be buy a VW at premium prices. No wonder Audi makes so much profit per car…. because they customers are STUPID.

    • wazon8 says:

      Totally agree! A1 shouldn’t be counted as premium car, but the problem is not only that VW thinks of it as premium car and prices it as premium car, but some people also consider Audis (whichever model you take, inlcuding Golf A3 or Passat A4) as premium cars. If BMW thinks about increase of sale in MINI, they need to lure potential customers of A1 somehow.

      Bit out of topic: Vw’s way of thinking about premium brands is terrible. They think that they can use bagde with great history behind it, put VW parts under the hood and get premium car as a result. Of course, my complain doesn’t concern Audi – it lost it identity long time ago when some of their models literally became VWs in disguise – it concerns new project for Porsche, result of which will be small roadster on the same platform as future VW and Audi roadsters. I cannot believe how easly they gonna destroy uniqueness of Porsche. Wait the moment and some future Porsche supercar will share platform with R8. That’s disaster.

  4. Boris says:

    A1’s price start from around 18.000 €, not 35.000.

    And I agree – Audi is rebranded VW with better interior and finish.

    “Premium” cars without RWD…

  5. JakeM says:

    You guys are completely clueless. What a bunch of fanboys.

    Audi’s are not rebadged Volkswagens. They use VW platforms and share transmissions and engines, but they are not badge engineered VW’s. Platform sharing is something that is quite common in the industry nowadays. It saves on costs and there is absolutely no problem with one platform being used for different cars/models.

    You want to talk about rebadges? Acura and Infiniti are rebadged Honda’s and Nissan’s respectively, and some Lexus cars are rebadged Toyota’s. At the same time, some Lexus cars use Toyota platforms and parts, but are still highly differentiated from their mainstream siblings.

    The Audi-hate on this site amazes me. I can’t believe some people here consider a 318i a luxury car and an Audi S4 a “rebadged VW”. You guys are serious badgewhores/fanboys. People like you give true BMW fans a bad name.

    And if you folks were the “BMW fans” (more like fanboys) that you claim you are, you’d know that BMW also offers a discount to former Audi/Jaguar/Mercedes etc. owners who are now buying a BMW.

    • 1Mc says:

      What does BMW share it’s platform with then?

      • FreudeKing says:

        @JakeM: Sharing platform, using the same parts, engine, chassis with just a small percentage of original parts such as the exterior body pannels and badges constitues faking, especially when you are using something that is of a lesser quality like VW and Seat stuff, selling and marketing it as a premium product like BMW.

        BMW is pedigree and it does not share any platforms with any other car manufacturers becasue they know very well that they cannot compromise on quality and driving dynamics just to make more buck from customers. The BMW brand is not just about making profits, it is also about making something that is remarkable and original.

        Another point to trash your 318i argument: at least the 318i on the roads are not based on the VW Passats like the Audi A4 and S4’s are.

        • JakeM says:

          @ FreudeKing

          Those are rather weak arguments from you.

          You’re calling VW transmissions and engines “cheap”? VW makes some impressive engines and transmissions that win awards. I’m no Lexus fan, but Lexus cars are excellent and share many parts with “cheaper” Toyota’s. Audi, unlike Lexus, has, however, done more to differentiate themselves. You know, come to think of using your silly logic, I guess there are many automatic BMW’s out there that are CHEAP overpriced MAINSTREAM CARS because they use GM AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS! See how silly your argument is?

          And give me a break about the 318i being a real luxury car because it doesn’t share a platform with a “lesser car”. The 318i embodies everything a luxury car isn’t supposed to be from the American viewpoint. It’s slow, it comes with few standard features, plastic hubcaps and has cloth seats for example. An Audi S4 on the other hand will have leather seats, is fast, loaded with features etc. And you’re telling me the BMW 318i is a real luxury car because it’s based on a BMW platform and the Audi S4 is based on a “Passat platform”? You guys are hilarious. I like BMW as much as the next guy, but I am not blind or biased. Audi is right up there with the best.

          By the way, my sister drives a Passat and it’s an excellent car. Far from “cheap” as you clowns make it out to be.

          And by the way, the Audi A4 B8 is not based on a Passat platform at all. It’s based on a unique platform called “modular longitudinal” which is also used for the Audi Q5, A5 and the new Audi A8.

          Audi has a lot of pedigree and history stemming from the days of Horch, Wanderer and Auto Union. There were Audi’s in the 1930s and these were full-fledged LUXURY CARS. At that time BMW didn’t even have any comparable vehicles. It’s safe to say that in the 1930s Audi, in terms of brand prestige, was above that of BMW.

          All this silly hate on Audi has to stop. The reasons for are pathetic and silly and frankly stupid. Audi makes awesome cars for different people just like Mercedes. In fact all three core target demographics of these German brands are completely different.

          @ 1Mc

          So the fact that BMW doesn’t use any other platforms makes them a real luxury brand? Get real. Platform sharing is financially sound and with the ever changing world of the auto business BMW may soon find themselves using the platform from another manufacturer. After all wasn’t there talk about BMW using some Peugeot platform for their upcoming FWD models?

          • 1Mc says:

            BMW’s market share has increased and profits have increased, they convince buyers through exclusivity and quality of the workmanship. There are many ways to make profits, it you want to rebadge VWs as a premium product that’s fine – do it.

            But it’s not BMW’s business model.

          • JakeM says:

            @ 1Mc

            You’re telling me that BMW’s explosive sales are due to the fact that they’re not rebadged ______? Give me a break. BMWs are bought as status symbols, just like Audi, MB, Lexus etc. Most people buying BMWs don’t give a damn about driving dynamics or handling. They care about the badge and to others the Audi, Lexus etc. badge is just as prestigious.

          • FreudeKing says:

            @Jake: The fact that you mentioned your admiration for Toyota’s Lexus and VW’s Audi being up there with the best shows that you have a lack of taste. You clearly do not know what premium, pedigree and exclusivity are. So you go buy your Audi badged VW and think to yourself that you are driving the best. I would hate to see 4 logos printed on all the parts inside the engine compartment and be recalled together with the VWs everytime there is an engine fault.

            Don’t you forget why BMW’s brand image is so good today – it is becasue of its exclusivity and independence. Why else do you think Audi is the smallest out of the Top 3 if you say there were so good back in the past. BMW owners and drivers know what they are buying and why the brand is so good, unlike you Audi supporters who think you can make the road more interesting by having more variety – but who wants to be different in an inferior way? Maybe your utility from being different outweights that. I will most certainly not buy an Audi as I can afford real premium.

          • JakeM says:

            @ FreudeKing

            First of all, I am no friend to Lexus. But they are good cars that happen to be either based off or share parts with certain Toyota’s. The public, in North America, doesn’t care. They care about value, reliability and features and Lexus just happens to offer these traits.

            Most BMW owners could care less about driving dynamics. BMWBlog isn’t representative of all BMW owners. Hell, online BMW Forums represent just a small amount of BMW owners. The majority of BMW owners care about the badge, not driving dynamics or 0-60 or slalom speeds. And if BMW offered a FWD car based on say a Toyota platform, most BMW customers wouldn’t care: it’s still a BMW to them.

            Now, I appreciate and respect Audi. I realize this is a BMWBlog so I know people here are going to be extremely BMW biased – to the point of making ludicrous comments about rivals, like Audi in this case. Whether you like it or not, Audi is a top luxury brand that clearly rivals BMW. They have their strengths and weaknesses just like everyone. No brand is perfect and that includes BMW.

            And just because Audi happens to share some parts with their parent company VW doesn’t make them any less prestigious or luxurious.

            You still didn’t answer my question regarding the 318i vs Audi S4 argument after I provided you with some facts about what makes luxury.

          • FreudeKing says:

            @JakeM: correction to your comment: Audi is not sharing some parts with VW, Seat and Skoda, it is basically the same car with a small percentage of parts being unique to Audi models. That’s why you would see that some models are rolling off the same production line as other VWs, like the coming Q3!

            Why are you comparing a a BMW 318 with an S4? try 335 and we see who’s king and PEDIGREE. not luxury!

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