InsideLine: A Test Drive Of The Classic 1988 BMW M5

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Erin over at InsideLine, who we joined during our trip at Pebble Beach, gives us a review of a classic: 1988 E28 BMW M5. Our …

Erin over at InsideLine, who we joined during our trip at Pebble Beach, gives us a review of a classic: 1988 E28 BMW M5. Our own review and photos are underway, but in the mean time, let’s find out her thoughts on the car and also to learn more about the E28 M5.

The first BMW M5, based on the E28 5 Series, made its debut at Amsterdam Motor Show in February 1984. It was the product of demand for an automobile with the carrying capacity of a sedan, but the overall performance of a sports car. It utilized the 535i chassis and an evolution of the engine from the BMW M1. At its launch, the E28 M5 was the fastest production sedan in the world.

InsideLine review:

“This 1988 BMW never left the care of the BMW USA fleet, and it has only 12,5XX miles. It has the only option available on ’88 M5s — heated seats.

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A few BMW officials thought it would be a good idea to let members of the media drive this rare and desirable car up portions of the California coast this week. The car received a thorough checkup at the hands of top BMW USA technicians before setting out on the journey from Los Angeles to Monterey, California.


By the way, light doesn’t mean overboosted or imprecise or flimsy. This car just doesn’t weigh much nor is it coping with modern-day performance car torque loads, so it doesn’t take as much effort to change direction or change gears. Response to inputs are direct in a way that modern BMWs can’t (and maybe wouldn’t want to) replicate. When you turn the steering wheel or lay into the (cable) throttle, you know deep down that you’re taking responsibility for what happens next. It’s a neat and liberating feeling.

88 bmw m5 r34 655x436

At the same time, we can’t help but think how far BMW has come with its M cars and everything else when we drive the car. Torque is meager below 2,000 rpm and redline hits around 6,500, so you’ve got to make sure you’re working in this operating range — which is OK with us because we dig heel-and-toe downshifting.”

Full article continued

Our friend Tom at BMWNA telling us more about the E28 M5.

5 responses to “InsideLine: A Test Drive Of The Classic 1988 BMW M5”

  1. wazon8 says:

    What a car! I wish I could drive one.

  2. Ed says:

    Tom from BMW NA says the M5 has 286hp?  Didn’t the US models come with 256hp?  Shouldn’t the guy from BMW NA know this?

    Aside from that.  I want that car.  Bad.

  3. ryan says:

    i’ve had one for 21 years :)

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