Video: BMW X5M rolling at high speeds

BMW X5 M | August 17th, 2010 by 8
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BMW X5M, Autobahn and an enthusiast owner….the three ingredients that make up for an exciting video illustrating the first BMW M Sports Activity Vehicle. The …

BMW X5M, Autobahn and an enthusiast owner….the three ingredients that make up for an exciting video illustrating the first BMW M Sports Activity Vehicle.

The video was shot in Germany and it shows the X5M in all its glory, especially once it hits the autobahn.  Revving and accelerating is what the X5M does best and as you will see in the video below, 100mph comes quite fast in this M vehicle.

“There will never be an M version of the X5″. This exact phrase was mentioned first years back when BMW introduced the high-end X5 4.8is model. Fast forward a few years and the phrase turned into “This is not a real M car, what were they thinking?”

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No really, what was BMW really thinking? Or could they have really nailed it down with this first all-wheel drive M car?

Most of the reviews have been positive, sales are on the ascending path and this niche market became more interesting, and while almost no one doubts the M athletic capabilities of this car, there are still plenty BMW aficionado that reject the existence of M core in this new model.

Is the video below enough to convince some of us? Let’s have a look.

BMW X5M from on Vimeo.

8 responses to “Video: BMW X5M rolling at high speeds”

  1. 1mc says:

    I’m coming round to the idea and think a lot of my initial apprehension was a case of, ‘I don’t want it, so no-one else should have it’ – which is a bit silly in retrospect.

    It is undeniably a wonderful piece of engineering from M, was very impressed to see how it handled on the Nurburgring. It’s also an M car with the most utility/performance, which is why I’m starting to appreciate it. For the regular 9 to 5 Joe, there’s no need for an SUV, so this will never get widespread acceptance. If you’re an SUV driver, you may as well just accept you’re a minority and turn the volume down and go enjoy yourself because you’re never going to convince those who can’t see past their own lifestyle and wants.

    Can anyone believe how fast this thing takes off? Look at the size of it and look at it shift. Really is amazing. Maybe in 3 or 4 years more of us will pick up one second hand for a second car when the price drops – wonder how much it will depreciate..

  2. Giom says:

    That speedo almost looked like the rev counter…! You can’t really appreciate how quick this beast is until you see this video. I think, who ever made this vid, did a great job at capturing the X5 M at its best.

    Can we have a X6 M now… please!

  3. Babken says:


  4. FreudeKing says:

    BMW always eat thier own words: we now have X5 M, and front wheel drive BMW is on its way.

    It’s is a pity that the BMW that with change in management, company vision changes. BMW has changed from a brand with a defined brand image and vision to one that is all about profits and cost efficiency – how can we milk every cent out of our customers.

    But nice video.

  5. fadi says:

    Freudeking………… are absolutely right….BMW management is using the 80s image to increase their sales and their decisions is based on profit only. and here i have some questions:
    1- where is the BMW supercar?….please i need an answer
    2-why BMW went out of formula1?
    3-why AUDI sales are getting higher and higher.???
    4-what is BMW need of a 5 SERIES GT;335 and 335is,6 SERIES AND 6 SERIES GT; FUTURE X4 is coming and maybe X4IS???????
    the answer is very simple: because we have a bad management, weak decisions and i think they should go home…….

    • 1mc says:

      1: coming soon
      2: their last season was poor, rule changes made it less attractive, and it’s expensive. I’m sure they’ll be back with a new team in a few years when the time is right for them. They weren’t seen at Nurburgring 24hours for about 5 years, then they come back with the M3GT2 and win it. BMW do know what they’re doing.
      3: BMW sales are also increasing, what’s your point?
      4: It’s called society. Made up of different types of people with different lifestyles and needs. Deal with it.

      • FreudeKing says:

        BMW sales increasing by less than what Audi is increasing – i.e. losing market share to AUDI. That’s a FAIL.

        The best indicator of competitiveness is market share, not sales increase of your own brand from precious periods/profits.

  6. fadi says:

    1-coming soon=hybrid supercar!! very nice why BMW is afraid from going in direct competition with audi and mercedes and they always try to do something different to prevent the competition?????
    2- Mercedes is in and is supplying few teams with engines and it is keeping its history.
    3-mercedes and audi sales are increasing much better than BMW
    4-We will check this society when BMW introduces its FWD cars.
    bmw target is to become the best selling brand worldwide so we should compare it with toyota and not audi ,mercedes and porsche

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