2010 Rolls Royce Bespoke Phantoms for Abu Dhabi customers

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2010 Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe Shaheen 2 750x500

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced that new Bespoke Phantoms have arrived in Abu Dhabi. The cars are based on two different motifs which are inspired …

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has announced that new Bespoke Phantoms have arrived in Abu Dhabi. The cars are based on two different motifs which are inspired by the city’s rich culture and natural landscape.

The four-door Phantom draws its inspiration from the stunning landscape of the Baynunah area in the western region of Abu Dhabi, UAE. With a history that dates back centuries, the region is renowned for the majesty of its sand dunes, captured through the interior and exterior styling of the car which incorporates shades of beige and brown, further complemented by a tan ever-flex roof.

The inlay and marquetry, inspired by the traditional, vibrant colours of an Arabian camel harness, were hand-crafted at Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood plant. At Goodwood, attention to detail is paramount; as such the marquetry for the Phantom was made using individually cut pieces of coloured veneer and hand assembled, using tweezers to ensure maximum precision.

2010 Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe Shaheen 3 655x459

Swift, agile and powerful characteristics of the region’s famous falcon, called Shaheen, are mirrored in Rolls-Royce’s driver-oriented Phantom Coupé. With a marquise-white exterior, featuring a twin coach line in Tudor red and offset by a red and Seashell leather interior, the Phantom Coupé is designed to make a statement.

With a view to highlighting the falcon and also the art of falconry, all the elements feature a distinctive, falcon motif. From the falcon inlay in brass, chemically etched from a single piece of stainless steel, to the falcon embroidered head-rests, which encompass 11-thread colours and boast a staggering 21,011 stitches per head-rest, it is a true representation of the skill and creativity of the artisans at Goodwood.

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“The Bespoke programme continues to be a consistent driver for our business in the region, with four of the world’s top 10 selling Bespoke dealers based in the Arabian Peninsula,” said James Crichton, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Regional Director for the Middle East. “The first half of 2010 saw our best sales result ever for the Middle East region, having doubled our sales in comparison to the same period in 2009.”

The Bespoke Programme, which has the highest global uptake in the Middle East, is a service offered to Rolls-Royce clients for individualization beyond the option list; the client may specify features of the car, in order to create one’s own, unique model.

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9 responses to “2010 Rolls Royce Bespoke Phantoms for Abu Dhabi customers”

  1. paul says:

    and in pakistan millions are homeless due to floods. This world is all f*** up.
    I wonder what those sheiks are overcompensating for???

  2. 1mc says:

    Oh here we go with the part-time socialists. Why are you on a BMW blog if money offends you.

  3. FreudeKing says:

    You know, won’t people in the UAE be sick of the sand already as they see it all the time… do they really want to get a car that has a sand inspired theme??? I wouldn’t – I would rather have some green and blue if I was there.

    Also, that eagle is so fake! I think this cheapens the Rolls Royce brand. What is up with BMW and animals. First they come up with the Tiger M3 with a stupid tiger head on the headrests and now we have an eagle Rolls Royce decorated with African tribal strips. What’s next? A cockroach Mini??? MESSED UP!

    • Bearman says:

      I think some sales guy found a Clip-Art CD with animal heads and copy-pasted it in his Powerpoint presentation… I’m pretty sure the R&R designers was not involved because those guys have much better taste!

  4. beautiful car…nastiest interior.

  5. Lariv says:

    In Britain we would say this Rolls Royce has been “chavved up”.

  6. BMfan says:

    These guys are enjoying yheir money. Get used to it. Don’t know why you wouldn’t feel bad for the guys in the West driving Rolls.

  7. […] The landscape themed four-door phantom takes cue from the western regions of the city, i.e. the Baynunah area. Taking cue from its renowned sand dunes, the car features shades of beige and brown, on the inside and outside along with a tan ever-flex roof. The cars are upholstered with handcrafted colors of the Arabian camel harness. The other theme car takes flight of inspiration from the regions famed falcon Shaheen. The red and Seashell leather interiors of this Phantom Coupe features a twin coach line in Tudor red, set inside a marquise-white exterior. The car will also come with brass falcon inlays, falcon embroidered head rests which needed as many as 20,011 per head rest to create. [BMWblog] […]

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